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  1. az jam

    Chandler Jones requested a trade

    Never fear, Keim is surely on top of this issue!!! :bang:
  2. az jam

    WR N’Keal Harry has requested a trade out of New England

    Sad about Harry. Thought he would be a quality Wr. Needs a new start with another team. Not looking good.
  3. az jam

    NFL accepting bids to host combine beginning in 2023

    The National Football League will open bidding to host the annual NFL Scouting Combine, sources have confirmed to News 8 Sports Director Anthony Calhoun. Indianapolis has hosted the combine since 1987 and will continue to host the event through 2022. The NFL’s decision to open bidding means a...
  4. az jam

    Zaven Collins arrested

    No matter how you spin it, it was stupid. Hope it is a learning experience.
  5. az jam

    5 Things Needed to Win 11 Games

    KK has to improve his play calling especially making adjustments.
  6. az jam

    Total Dark-Side Thread

    Keim will also be on the hot seat. Bidwill will have a major role in who the next HC will be. More so than Keim if he is still GM.
  7. az jam

    Total Dark-Side Thread

    If KK gets fired I would love to see the Cards get Todd Bowles as their HC. IMO he got a bad deal as HC with the Jets. He would build the Cards defense to be one of the best n the NFL and I'm sure he could find a good OC for Kyler. Just my two cents.
  8. az jam

    When do we sign Collins and Moore?

    All signed. Nice, not like the old holdout days.
  9. az jam

    The Birdgang Groweth....

    Congrats to all of the family. Grandchildren are wonderful!!!
  10. az jam

    Cards re-sign Xavier WIlliams

    I would like to see Corey Peters back if he is healthy.
  11. az jam

    FO thinks our cornerback situation is dire

    I never heard of "Football Outsiders". Could care less on their opinion.
  12. az jam

    PP Feels Appreciated in Minnesota

    He was never as good as he was before his suspension.
  13. az jam

    Cards sign CB Darqueze Dennard

    IMO they filled a need with a veteran CB. If the pass rush is good the defense will be fine. Key will be staying healthy.
  14. az jam

    Arizona Diamondbacks @ St. Louis Cardinals. May 27 - May 29, 2021

    Totally agree, it's time to go into rebuilding mode.
  15. az jam

    Arizona Diamondbacks @ St. Louis Cardinals. May 27 - May 29, 2021

    Terrible team. Players can't stay healthy just running the bases. Baseball is not a contact sport. What is wrong with these guys? They are overpaid and spoiled not like the past when players played no matter what. Waste of time and money to watch the D'Backs.
  16. az jam

    Official Cardinals Flight Plan Video Thread - 2021

    Enjoyed the video. They always do an excellent job on them. Also very touching to see the player reactions on the draft day phone call. :clapping:
  17. az jam

    OT: Rodgers wants out of Green Bay?

    Packers should trade him after June 1 to avoid the big salary hit. Dumb to let this continue to play on as it will get uglier. They still can get some good draft picks and a decent player for him.
  18. az jam

    DeAndre Hopkins would re-do Contact to trade for Julio Jones

    I rather have the Cards pay for and trade for CB Stephon Gilmore than WR Julio Jones.
  19. az jam

    Cardinals GM: If Larry Fitzgerald is ready to play, ‘we’ll have a spot for him’

    Yeah, he got a Super Bowl ring!!!! Too bad it was with the KC Chiefs and not the Cards. :bang:
  20. az jam

    Cards to play at home against the Colts on Christmas Day

    Sorry, didn't look there. Too upset to dig into that thread. Needed my own thread to vent!! :hammer:
  21. az jam

    Cards to play at home against the Colts on Christmas Day

    Cardinals hosting the Colts on Christmas, per sources… That sucks, being a season ticket holder!! I'll be with my family not the Cards game. Why the hell does the NFL do this!!! Damn, it'll about money. :bang:
  22. az jam

    Jordan Hicks given permission by team to seek trade

    Too bad, Hicks would have been a good tutor for Collins and also a solid backup in case of injury.
  23. az jam

    OT: Rodgers wants out of Green Bay?

    I’m beginning to feel that the Rodgers story was totally overblown and made big ESPN news by Adam Schafter. He did it for the ratings so more people would watch the Draft. Now news is coming out that he really had no inside sources on this and could have brought this our weeks early. Oh well...
  24. az jam

    Kerryon Johnson waived

    Good his rookie year but injuries the last two as many have already slated. Nothing special or get excited about.
  25. az jam

    OT: Rodgers wants out of Green Bay?

    Boy, this is starting to get ugly. Packers should look for best deal and trade him after June 1st. They can then split the $38 M cap hit over two years. Why try to stick it to him when you can still get some value for him?