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  1. efferman

    An ASFN'er Needs Our Help: Bert Jones (please donate and/or share as you're able)

    Hope that you are feeling better soon Bert. Fred
  2. efferman

    17th Game Added - Cards at Browns

    One less meaningless (IMO) preseason game is fine with me. I agree with Cheese that the game should be added to the front of the season rather than the back end.
  3. efferman

    My Wife

    Cardaholic: Best wishes to your wife and you. Keep the faith!
  4. efferman

    Subscription Opportunity

    I just signed up and it is $1 per month for 12 months. Great deal. Thanks Harry.
  5. efferman

    Mid-Life Cardinals......errr,...crisis

    For what its worth... I turned 60 this year and lost my dad, as well. I've had lots to think about along the lines that you outline. In terms of the Cardinals winning the Super Bowl, its been a dream of mine as well. I root for the STL Cards, the STL Blues and the CHI Bulls as well... Until...
  6. efferman

    Name five teams you dislike

    Cubs Whatever team LeBron happens to be playing for Seahawks Cubs Cowboys Have I mentioned the Cubs?
  7. efferman

    Your favourite teams?

    NFL: Cards MLB: Cards NBA: Chicago Bulls NHL: STL Blues College: Mizzou
  8. efferman

    What are row numbers I should look for on sideline seats?

    Thanks for the knowledge. Go Cards!
  9. efferman

    What are row numbers I should look for on sideline seats?

    Coming to the game tomorrow with my son. Buying tickets on stubhub. Looking at sideline tickets. What are the best row numbers to be at, or is closest to the field the best for sitelines? thanks! Cred
  10. efferman

    Worst QB Combo In Arizona Cardinals History

    Thanks for actually looking up the numbers Dback. Guys around our age remember those days...Don't even get me started on Billy Donkers... :)
  11. efferman

    Worst QB Combo In Arizona Cardinals History

    1991 - Tom Tupa was a punter for chrissakes! :bang:
  12. efferman

    NFL Historical Question of the Week

    I would guess B Sanders, as well. Or maybe Herschel Walker but he may not have played long enough...
  13. efferman

    Cards vs Rams -guess the score

    23-21 Cards
  14. efferman

    For all you old timers like me

    Loved Hart and Metcalf (avatar) too! Exciting offense and the team was fun to watch. Mel Gray was fast...track star in college. That O-Line really helped Hart stay upright. I think that they set a record for least sacks in a year (7?). Also one year Otis and Metcalf both gained 1000 yards.
  15. efferman

    Any ASFN'ers going to London?

    Well, it was a long way to come for such a let-down, but at least I got to spend time with my son! The Admiralty was mobbed with English and American fans Saturday night. The stadium was clearly very pro Cardinals. Good to see so many Cards fans here.
  16. efferman

    Any ASFN'ers going to London?

    My son (20) and I (very old) will be at the game. I'm in the UK for business and he got in last night. Looking forward to the whole thing, including a Cardinal Win!
  17. efferman

    Cap Capi Appreciation Thread

    I am a man of few words...and you are full of mularky! :D
  18. efferman

    Cap Capi Appreciation Thread

    Now that's funny.
  19. efferman

    FA Signing Thread

    Calais may be for Denver not the Jags Chris Mortensen ✔@mortreport Calais Campbell could take less money ($13 million per year) to go "home" to Denver; Jaguars offering more than $14m. Interesting decision. 10:43 AM - 9 Mar 2017
  20. efferman

    Cardinals @ Buffalo.... Gameday thread

    Thanks AZ S N!
  21. efferman

    Cardinals @ Buffalo.... Gameday thread

    any live streaming suggestions? In Chicago.
  22. efferman

    MadJack's Banner Suggestions - Playoff Game!

    Seize the Cheese!
  23. efferman

    RIP Oscar Taveras

    RIP. Very sad. He had a chance to be something special. Now we'll never know.
  24. efferman

    OT: Fellow ASFNers I Miss

    I never post, just lurk and learn... I miss Shogun and his draft acumen. When you are not able to follow the team closely, the folks here do a great job of keeping you up to speed.
  25. efferman

    Power Rankings thread!

    NFC West All four NFC West teams are in the top eight in this ranking. No wonder its so hard to make the playoffs...

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