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    Best available day three

    Elijah Mitchell rb Louisiana Lafayette. I believe Krang or Chopper have been suggesting him as a late round pick for a while now. At his pro day he supposedly ran under4.4 but some scouting reports say he doesn’t have speed to consistently turn the corner. Good hands. Doesn’t fumble much...
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    My thoughts on the added free agents

    I was wondering if those of you who watched a lot of Green’s games in 2020 could tell me if the other team’s best cornerback was on Green most the time.
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    Any Interest In A Two Round Draft Contest?

    Newsome ( Farley) Toney( Moore)
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    Teams that would trade up with Cards and why they would. Plus picks that would be traded.

    I normally look at Jacksonville at #25. Our 1st for #25 their first 3rd round pick and hopefully their second 4th round pick. The problem is they may use the pick to go cornerback but possibly they may want to add another wr weapon.
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    Teams that would trade up with Cards and why they would. Plus picks that would be traded.

    A lot of you know a whole lot more about other teams and what they’re needs are. Just wondering what your thoughts are on possible likely trade partners and what would we receive in return. Thanks for all of you on the board. I definitely appreciate the different perspectives, even if I agree or...
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    Georgia OLB Azeez Ojulari - Reddick replacement in Rd 1

    Just from watching highlights of Michael Carter it seems he has great field vision. I hate seeing running backs run into their blockers and then try to make their move around them. Carter seems to see what’s ahead and makes his move before he runs into the pile. If I remember correctly while...
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    Phillip Lindsay released.

    Phillip Lindsay rb released. Any interest?
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    The Official 2021 NFL Mock Draft post your own thread

    25: R1 P25 G Alijah Vera-Tucker - USC 49: R2 P17 CB Greg Newsome II - Northwestern 75: R3 P11 RB Michael Carter - North Carolina 79: R3 P15 WR Amari Rodgers - Clemson 115: R4 P10 EDGE Jordan Smith - UAB 145: R5 P1 C Quinn Meinerz - Wisconsin-Whitewater 160: R5 P16 WR Seth Williams - Auburn 242...
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    The Official 2021 NFL Mock Draft post your own thread

    25: R1 P25 G Alijah Vera-Tucker - USC 49: R2 P17 WR Rashod Bateman - Minnesota 65: R3 P1 RB Michael Carter - North Carolina 79: R3 P15 CB Ifeatu Melifonwu - Syracuse 145: R5 P1 EDGE Elerson Smith - Northern Iowa 160: R5 P16 C Quinn Meinerz - Wisconsin-Whitewater 242: R7 P16 RB Elijah Mitchell -...
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    Adding a Little O-Line Help

    Ouchie. Hoping and praying your son fully recovers.
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    Bye Week Mock Offseason

    Arkansas homer here. A couple of players to be considering is wr Treylon Burks and rb Rakeem Boyd.
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    Greatest cardinals of all time that arent usually mentioned

    Maybe not considered great but very good we’re o.g. Bob Young. center Tom Banks w.r./ d.b. Roy Greene w.r. Rob Moore w.r. Pat Tilley
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    Your favourite teams?

    Arizona Cardinals Tennessee Titans/ Houston Texans Texas Rangers St.Louis Cardinals Arkansas Razorback football, basketball and to a lesser extent baseball. Dallas Mavericks
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    Now to the 2 4th round picks

    A few other possibilities. Hakeem Adeniji t/g Kansas Lamical Perine rb Florida Deejay Dallas rb Miami
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    Simmons in Detail

    Harry. Did your sources say if they thought he could add some muscle weight and still play at the same level?
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    Who are your later round draft targets?

    Harry, would like your opinion on some of the players listed in the last few post. If you will.
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    Give your five players which you want the Cardinals to select for the first

    I'm guessing Okudah won't be there. Thomas, Wills, Simmons, Lamb or Wirfs.
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    Prayers please...

    Praying for your son and family.
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    Who are your later round draft targets?

    How about Oluwole Betiku de/olb Illinois , McTelvin Agim de/dt Arkansas and Stephen Sullivan te LSU.
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    Let's talk about trading down...

    The problem I have with trading back no further than the 13th pick is I'm greedy and want a 2nd round pick. The value chart doesn't work out for that trade to work. I don't know if there's a player at 8 that someone would overpay for except a quarterback.
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    TE- Your thoughts?

    Possibly Stephen Sullivan LSU in 5th.
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    Trade back partners

    Which teams would be willing to trade up to our spot to pick a certain player. I know I've seen where tackle and wide receiver seem to be the main positions people would be willing to trade up for possibly but it would be probably be more likely if one of the three quarterbacks fell to the...
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    Your post Hopkins trade mocks

    Last trade down draft. Gallimore probably will not make it to 3rd. Adeniji practiced at guard at Senior Bowl and supposedly looked very good.Gibson is projected to play running back in NFL but played a lot of wr in college. A big fast running back that can catch like a receiver. Hmmm. R1P11T...

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