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  1. UncleChris

    Battle: Los Angeles

    Just watched this again today. Damn!!! I think I liked it better this time than the last. Outstanding film! Hoo-Rah!!!
  2. UncleChris

    Bucks @ Suns Saturday Finals game thread 7-17-2021 Game - Game 5

    I did watch it again and you are absolutely right.
  3. UncleChris

    Cubbies/D-backs series thread July 16 - July 18, 2021

    Not I, said D i c k the duck....
  4. UncleChris

    Cubbies/D-backs series thread July 16 - July 18, 2021

    And a grand show from the worst team in baseball. Are we gonna lose 120 this year? Could be close!!!! :pullhair:
  5. UncleChris

    Suns @ Bucks Sunday Finals game thread 7-11-2021 - Game 3

    Ayton has concrete hands. Paul, for all the good he brings to the team, clearly is a player out of control a portion of the time. I expected the loss, but this was terrilby embarassing. I played ten years of organized bascketball in school and later in industrial league, all from 1960 to 1970...
  6. UncleChris

    F9: The Fast Saga

    Can't remember who said it or exactly how he said it, but it was something like, "If you missed F9, don't worry. You've already seen it."
  7. UncleChris

    Saric Injury

    As a doctor of Seuss myself, I thought the same thing...
  8. UncleChris

    Will be updating ASFN forum software.

    The new shell isn't responding to me very well either. I'm on a 40 Mbps line and everything else works well.... This site is devinetley sluggish for me.
  9. UncleChris

    Will be updating ASFN forum software.

    This. I'm color blind and it is very difficult for me to differentiate the two.... Dark mode for me.
  10. UncleChris

    Suns @ Clippers Saturday WCF game thread 6-26-2021 - Game 4

    No matter how hard the Suns tried to do otherwise, they somehow still managed to win the game..... I mean geez, Louise!
  11. UncleChris


    Just a reminder of how good Gonzo really was.
  12. UncleChris

    What are you watching?

    Rolling Rock? Really? Hell, you might as well drink Ortliebs....... :D
  13. UncleChris

    LAL/GSW to face PHO

    Lakers by 9
  14. UncleChris

    Shadow and Bone (Netflix)

    On episode 7. Subtitles saved our arses. Pretty much agree with what most folks are saying. Started slow and somewhat confusing but has become quite engaging. Looking forward to the ending.
  15. UncleChris

    Marvel Celebrates The Movies

    I'll have to hit the savings account to see 'em all, but it'll be worth it!!!!!
  16. UncleChris

    Marvel Celebrates The Movies

    Hooooooooooo-leeeeeeeeee chiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttt!!!!
  17. UncleChris


    THANK YOU!!!!!
  18. UncleChris


    There is a movie out there where an unknown figure sends notes signed "A. Friend." Anyone remember where that's from? It's driving me crazy(ier).
  19. UncleChris

    His Dark Materials

    Finished season 2. Holy, [email protected]*%!!! Really, really fantastic. Ruth Wilson (Marisa Coulter) should get an Emmy. Season 3 (The Amber Spyglass) is in production, with release about a year or so from now. I cannot friggin' wait! Like the books, this series starts slowly and picks up speed and size as...
  20. UncleChris

    Lord of the Rings series (Amazon)

    Is this series going to be a slog through the Silmarillion and immediately post? Gawd, I hope not.....
  21. UncleChris

    His Dark Materials

    We are about halfway through season two and are loving it. Still very true to the book... and notably better than season one. We had a bit of trouble shaking off the movie in order to really appreciate this series. When you've got A-listers like Nichole Kidman, Sam Elliott, Ian McKellen...
  22. UncleChris

    Stranger Things (Netflix)

  23. UncleChris

    Stranger Things (Netflix)

    New teaser/trailer.....
  24. UncleChris

    The Walking Dead (AMC)

  25. UncleChris

    Godzilla vs. Kong (2021)

    That is awesome!

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