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  1. Bada0Bing

    The Market 2021

    Yeah there’s nothing amiss. They’re as solid of a company as you can get. Great leadership too. I’ve listened to their ceo on several podcasts. Seems to be the real deal.
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    The Market 2021

    Yep I’m an idiot that got lucky. In 2014 I sat next to this guy at work that was into investing. He got me into stocks. I moved some cash around in my IRA and bought some Shopify and some Apple. It was before the Apple Watch came out. I thought for sure Apple was gonna invent the personal health...
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    The Market 2021

    One of the luckiest things I ever did was buy 155 shares of Shopify at $34/share back in 2014. I don't remember why I did it, but I'm glad I did. lol
  4. Bada0Bing

    RIP: William Smith (1933-2021)

    Wow. My mom was a huge Clint Eastwood fan, so we watched these two films whenever they were on TV growing up. I've always liked those tank tops thanks to him. RIP
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    I need to go camping

    Hahaha. You're gonna have fun with that one.
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    I need to go camping

    Cool. Looking for a lab mix. I just a want dog that loves to swim. I miss tossing tennis balls to my boy rosco as he jumped in the pool.
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    I need to go camping

    Awesome! I had a yellow lab named rosco. Best buddy of all time. We have a couple of family dogs that are getting up there in age. My wife said I can get another dog when I turn 50, so I've been counting the days. Two more years! I've started watching the lab rescue sites. He's gonna be named...
  8. Bada0Bing

    Appalachian Trail

    One week away! Food and gear is packed. Just need to pack my clothes.
  9. Bada0Bing

    Everything RV

    As a dude afraid of heights I was jacked up! Best drive ever!
  10. Bada0Bing

    The Saints of Newark (Sopranos Prequel movie)

    He looks exactly like him.
  11. Bada0Bing

    The Saints of Newark (Sopranos Prequel movie)

    I'm on season 6 of a Sopranos rewatch. Can't flippin wait for this. Might actually draw me out to the theater, where I haven't been since Jumanji in 2017.
  12. Bada0Bing

    Everything RV

    Took the RV up to Utah and explored a few national parks. Awesome trip. Highway 12 is a must drive. Here’s a pic of Bryce Canyon. The Narrows at Zion was incredible too.
  13. Bada0Bing

    Community (NBC)

    We just watched that episode. I can't believe I never heard of this show. So funny, and you can tell that the producers have a lot of fun making this show.
  14. Bada0Bing

    Daily check-in

    Weighed in at 165 this morning. I think it's the lightest I've been since returning from working the fish processing plants in Alaska in 1994 at 19. I signed up for a 100k (62 mile) race in February, so I've been trying to drop weight like crazy and spend copious amounts of time running in easy...
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    I need to go camping

    Awesome. I love Bearizona. A hidden treasure!
  16. Bada0Bing

    What are you watching?

    So many gone too soon. Mr Wonderful just died too.
  17. Bada0Bing

    Shameless (US)

    Can't believe I never heard of this show. I'm on season 2 now. Worst family ever. lol
  18. Bada0Bing

    Crazy Rich Asians

    Yeah, I'm not big on rom-coms, but this was entertaining. It's impossible to not laugh any time Ken Jeong is on screen.
  19. Bada0Bing

    Doctor Sleep

    This was OK. Not nearly as scary as I was expecting. More than anything, it made me want to rewatch the original. Haven't seen it since I was a kid.
  20. Bada0Bing

    Little Women

    Not my type of film, but the acting was so good that I really enjoyed it. And how about Saoirse Ronan...sheesh. She is amazing. I remember her in The Lovely Bones way back in 2009.
  21. Bada0Bing

    The Current War: Director’s Cut

    I was expecting more Tesla as well. He's one of my favorite people from history. Movie was a bit disappointing based on what an awesome topic this is. Michael Shannon was great as Westinghouse. I didn't know that much about him prior to the film.
  22. Bada0Bing

    I need to go camping

    Sounds awesome. If you want a campfire you could look into a portable propane fire pit. They're still allowed when traditional camp fires are banned. We got one from costco for $75. Not as good as the real thing, but better than nothing.
  23. Bada0Bing

    I need to go camping

    Yup. Prescott opened 4 of their lakes to swimming last summer.
  24. Bada0Bing

    Train to Busan

    Ha! My son is the reason I watched this as well. He's a huge fan of anything zombie, and the reason I still watch The Walking Dead.
  25. Bada0Bing

    I need to go camping

    Wow, nice pictures. I need to check out those lava tubes. I was in Prescott this weekend too. Lynx lake. We love that area. Went on a 3 hour gravel bike ride way back thru Walker and passed Hassayampa lake. Lynx lake is even more fun now that they allow swimming. Next up is Show Low in two weeks.