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  1. moklerman

    Draft Grade for Cardinals #1 pick

    Looking at the major sites it looks like the various pundits give the Cardinals a B...B- grade for the Murray pick. Saw as high as an A- and as low as a C- but most were in the B/B- range. Not that draft grades from writers mean a whole lot but the Cardinals' pick seems to be of the solid but...
  2. moklerman

    The NFL is NOT ready for Kliff Kingsbury's Air Raid, no matter who the quarterback is

    Stumbled across this YouTube video that I thought some might want to watch.
  3. moklerman

    FFL advice re: David Johnson

    I've made it to my FFL's playoff bracket but am now in over my head. I put up a decent year but didn't exactly steam roll into the playoffs. My dilemma is that I have David Johnson in a favorable matchup @Atlanta or Lamar Miller of the Texans @NYJ. I'm leaning toward LM right now because DJ's...
  4. moklerman

    Darrell Bevell

    Has anyone mentioned his name as a possible HC candidate? Obviously, this is assuming Wilks is shown the door. But DB has had a lot of success in this league with the Vikings and least technically speaking. He's been the OC of some very good offenses but I don't know if that was...
  5. moklerman

    OT: How would you rank these young QB's?

    I saw this on another board and was surprised by the general consensus. Thought I'd present it here and see if opinions differed. I'll post what the other board thought and my list later so as not to taint the question. Not sure why these particular 6 were chosen. If one is so inclined, I...
  6. moklerman

    Dolphins vs. Texans

    Probably a jinx on my part but I've been wondering if Osweiler has found the "right" match with Adam Gase? Gase is a Martz protege and Osweiler has been pretty terrible for much of his career but since subbing for the injured Tannehill, he's actually been pretty good. It'll be interesting to...
  7. moklerman

    Cardinals sign S Eddie Pleasant

    Just came over my Trade Rumors feed. Looking for link...
  8. moklerman

    OT: Rams fans complaining

    Just to divert everyone's angst for a moment, can you believe that many Rams fans are complaining and criticizing Sean McVay after yesterday's win? I'm taken aback by it and find it incredulous. Specifically, he is being labeled arrogant and wrong for not running it enough. In a game where...
  9. moklerman

    MNF almost unbearable

    In what is a really good game, the broadcast crew and basic ESPN crapfest is doing it's best to ruin it. Oh, how I miss...well, just about any crew from the ABC days. Entertaining, insightful, commentators and halftime highlights. It's not that hard. When will ESPN learn that no one cares...
  10. moklerman

    Closest thing to the real far.

    Is it any surprise that David Johnson had 25 touches and the Cardinals had their "best" offensive game this year? The first three games he got 14, 15 & 16 touches and the Cardinals struggled to score points. Is it too simplistic and obvious to think that getting one of the best RB's in the...
  11. moklerman

    OT - scoring question

    I don't want to initially offer the particular player/game that this happened to try and keep it as hypothetical and impartial as possible. Okay, if the QB takes a direct snap, pitches it backward to another player who then pitches it backward again to a different player(double reverse) and...
  12. moklerman

    Cardinals badly misplayed preseason

    Just rewatched the Redskins game since I missed big chunks of it live. IMO, the Cardinals made a huge error in approaching the preseason to avoid injuries. This team is not in sync at all. They need a ton of work together and playing more in the preseason would have helped in that regard...
  13. moklerman

    OT: Why no gorilla (football) teams?

    I've been YouTube binging on Silverback Gorilla videos lately and it got me to wondering why there essentially aren't any sports teams named after this fierce, aggressive, powerful, intimidating creature? Especially football teams. Pittsburgh State seems to be the only one. Not sure why they...
  14. moklerman

    Rosen game tapes if you want to get to know him I've pimped this site before but it really is the best way to get to know a player. They show all the good AND bad, condense it down to just the player in question and don't add any music.
  15. moklerman

    Did anyone see the NFL Network schedule release show?

    This question is only slightly Cardinals related but there's a big conversation going on on a different board I frequent about Kurt Warner's comments about the Rams. There are some who consider him (allegedly)saying that the Rams are trying to buy a championship as proof that he is yet again...
  16. moklerman

    Winner...and still champion of best commercial of all-time.

    I still love this commercial, even after all these years. :) :) :)
  17. moklerman

    'My nightmare is your lesson': How former NFL QBs who struggled now coach top draft picks

    'My nightmare is your lesson': How former NFL QBs who struggled now coach top draft picks Lorenzo Reyes, USA TODAY Published 2:10 p.m. ET April 21, 2018 Ryan Lindley was a few beers deep. He was watching an NFL game and talking to his friends and agents at Rep 1 Sports, who were tracking...
  18. moklerman

    Why the NFL Draft isn’t as important as it used to be Why the NFL Draft isn’t as important as it used to be By Ben VolinGLOBE STAFF APRIL 18, 2018 With most teams busy trying to accumulate draft picks, the Patriots instead...
  19. moklerman

    Sleeper QB option in the draft - Kyle Allen

    This is a long segment on the Rich Eisen show but I enjoy listening to Jordan Palmer. For the Cardinals talk you have to wait for the 21:00 mark or so and it's brief. But, I found it intriguing that Allen has been working with Darnold and Allen and that he's actually better at the board than...
  20. moklerman

    History tells us the NFL is terrible at evaluating QB's This is a long article so I'm just posting the link. Since the Cardinals are likely in the market for a QB, it's something to read. To me, it just illustrates what most...
  21. moklerman

    Browns Allow Kevin Hogan To Seek Trade Browns Allow Kevin Hogan To Seek Trade April 5th, 2018 at 9:37am CST by Zach Links Browns backup quarterback Kevin Hogan has requested and received permission for his agent to seek a trade, Ian Rapoport of
  22. moklerman

    Mock: Cardinals trade up to #8 for Rosen

    Not sure what a mock is really worth but as the draft gets closer, the "feel" of where players are going seems to shake out. I thought that the Browns would take Barkley #1 overall but Darnold, especially after his rain soaked pro-day, seems to be separating himself from the other QB's. So...
  23. moklerman

    Warner's 5TD/4 Incp game vs. Packers on YouTube(official)

    The NFL's official YouTube channel has been posting a slew of classic games that can be watched for free(as opposed to Rewind). The Cardinals vs. Eagles NFCC, The Cardinals vs. Packers playoff and Cardinals vs. Steelers SB are all on there and complete. The best QB for each team thread was...
  24. moklerman

    Mike McCoy and QB/QBOTF?

    I thought I saw that the Cardinals were finalizing a deal to make Mike McCoy the new OC? Don't see any current threads about it so now I wonder. But, if he does sign, it seems to me that would make guessing who the new QB would be a lot easier too. I'm under the impression that Denver will be...
  25. moklerman

    B/R top 65 Quarterbacks As much QB talk that goes on around here, I thought this might be a fun article. It's very inaccurate, arbitrary and contradictory, but I still thought it might spark some conversation. Personally, I've...

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