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  1. CFLredzoned

    Bigger impact in 2021: Isaiah Simmons or Zaven Collins

    I think he defies his weight some due to his gymnastics background.
  2. CFLredzoned

    A novel concept

    Definitely a natural hands catcher. Doesn't fight the ball like Kirk and Isabella. If i had to come up with a physical comp though I'd struggle to come up with anybody besides Isabella.
  3. CFLredzoned

    Would We Have Selected AVT At #16?

    I think so. Freakin jets.
  4. CFLredzoned

    How Did the Cards Get to Collins?
  5. CFLredzoned

    Kyler joins FaZe Clan

    I know. I thought it was a boy band.
  6. CFLredzoned

    ESPN Louis Reddick is huge fan of Caleb Farley

    Different situation, but reminds me of when Keim just got done telling us his usual "The hardest thing to evaluate is a kids heart." "The thing we miss most on is judging a kids love for the game." "We have 2 character grades we put on them - off the field character and football character." And...
  7. CFLredzoned

    Rodney Hudson is a Cardinal

    Hallelujah! We finally have a center!
  8. CFLredzoned

    Reddick agrees to sign with Carolina

    Don't we need an OLB that can drop into coverage? It was a disaster when they forced Jones to do it to make room for Suggs. And I don't think Golden's doing it.
  9. CFLredzoned

    Keim on Cowherd 3/5 hour 1, 29 mins in Not much stands out. The better get is Neil deGrasse Tyson in hour 2.
  10. CFLredzoned

    My offensive starters evaluation

    Yup. Both of them were cheap and filled needs we're missing now. I remember saying last year that Byrd was better than Isabella. Wtf
  11. CFLredzoned

    Wild Card Weekend Games

    Yeah watching the rams OL work was making me jealous.
  12. CFLredzoned

    Cardinals at Rams gameday thread 1-3-21

    Might as well just give LA the 2 points.
  13. CFLredzoned

    Cardinals at Rams gameday thread 1-3-21

    I had no idea who 38 was.
  14. CFLredzoned

    Cardinals at Rams gameday thread 1-3-21

    Cole swim moved again
  15. CFLredzoned

    Other games 1-3/4-20

    Kevin Minter sighting playing for Devin White on covid list. Not coming off field on 3rd down.
  16. CFLredzoned

    Other games 1-3/4-20

    That looked pretty bad. Next play after celebrating his 7 year 1000 yrd record.
  17. CFLredzoned

    Jalen Thompson Practices in Full

    He does have good ballhawking abilities.
  18. CFLredzoned

    Mason Cole 4 false starts as center

    Gaillard's nastiness is exactly what was needed yesterday. There's no excuse any more for sticking Cole out there against a physical front 7.
  19. CFLredzoned

    What the Hell was That?

    Yeah the Cardinals got abused on the LOS all night - both sides. It's really that simple. I wouldn't put too much on Murray because he was running for his life on every play.
  20. CFLredzoned

    Gardeck injury

    Gardeck Light anybody? JK
  21. CFLredzoned

    Wk 16- SF 49ers @ Arizona Cardinals Pre Game Thread. 2020

    Cardinals have to win out I believe. Bears play the Jags and a Packers team that could be resting its starters.
  22. CFLredzoned

    Next weeks game....On Prime only?

    I've been slumming it this year with the $100 NFL Game Pass. It works as long as you're willing to wait up to an hour or so after the game ends. And of course you have to set it to not show the scores. And it probably helps to live somewhere where nobody cares about the Cardinals.
  23. CFLredzoned

    Initial thoughts of the game

    Jalen Hurts is a handful to deal with. I think Philly found their guy.
  24. CFLredzoned

    On the last 2 plays by Philly

    He's good at knocking down errant passes from Kyler so the DB can't get it. We've seen him do that 2 or 3 times. I have alot of respect for WRs that do that.
  25. CFLredzoned

    The Fake

    It would have been so easy to choke that one on the pressure situation and sail it.

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