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  1. J

    You can take Richard Sherman off your FA Wish list

    His NFL career officially over. Might even had his future hall of fame ballot torn also.
  2. J

    Cardinal UDFAs.....**crickets**

    The roster is pretty much set. UDFAs most likely are going to be camp bodies, practice squad members. Keim favors vets/cuts to churn the actual roster.
  3. J

    What if SF Would have Taken Pitts at #3

    It would have meant Aaron Rodgers coming to the NFC west!
  4. J

    I don’t get the hate

    Fact is 16th wasn’t really a good position to draft. The best players were gone before we picked and no one wanted to trade up. Just had to pick the best player the team scouts liked the best.
  5. J

    Over-hyped guys you don’t like

    I think Fitts is the real thing. Will have a very good career. No so sure about the receivers. Chase - skipped out on the 2020 season to protect his draft stock, big red flag Smith - 170lbs is bone thin Waddle - Andy Isabella except he played for Alabama which gave him more exposure Farley -...
  6. J

    OT - The legend that is Ray Lewis

    Seeing your team score a TD is great, but when the other team immediately scores on the next drive, gives up an easy score, or runs the ball down their throats in the 4th its just gut wrenching. It just deflates the team.
  7. J

    Larry Fitzgerald signs with the Seahawks

    Damn, that got me! I was like WTF?
  8. J

    Vegas Thinks Cardinals Don’t Make Playoffs

    We’re in the toughest division in the NFL! I’m thinking 8-8 with the extra game going either way.
  9. J

    Bucs want Larry Fitzgerald

    Maybe Keim isn't offering Fitz a contract or a minimum one
  10. J

    17th Game Added - Cards at Browns

    I don’t get this odd game schedule. So half of the teams will have more home games than the other half?
  11. J

    Bucs want Larry Fitzgerald

    What would suck is he goes to the Bucs and the Cards beat the Bucs in the NFC championship.
  12. J

    PP signs 1 year contract with Vikings

    So he wasn't offered to return? Was it the plan all along to move on?
  13. J

    KD32 a Raider

    That would be a very interesting trade!
  14. J

    PP signs 1 year contract with Vikings

    Not 100% sure PP will be in the HOF. #11 yes, #21?
  15. J

    KD32 a Raider

    That’s a lot of money for a backup RB.
  16. J

    Pp21 news incoming

    If PP signs elsewhere I’m worried we are gonna have to field an all safety secondary.
  17. J

    CB Alford Cut/re-signs

    Let’s hope he can make it through pre-season
  18. J

    Free Agency Rumors

    I hope we don’t overpay PP for 15m per year.
  19. J

    Free Agency Rumors

    KC and Tampa?
  20. J

    Legal Tampering period thread and Free agency.

    I don’t see how we can pay Larry another $11m this year. If he does come back I’m thinking it will be a significant cut.
  21. J

    Legal Tampering period thread and Free agency.

    As much as I like Linsley 13m was just too much. We need the money for other holes/depth. I’m ok with tier 2 Nick Martin/Reiter. We still need 2 CBs, a legit Wr, edge, RT/RG, TEs, one more safety and a RB
  22. J

    Legal Tampering period thread and Free agency.

    The CB market is really quiet though. PP probably wants 15m per, but looking like 10m max. Reddick wants 15m but other teams aren’t buying the 1 year wonder as of yet.
  23. J

    Legal Tampering period thread and Free agency.

    Reality is the cards have to overpay to attract premier free agents. Even if the bank is blown still does not guarantee a SB. Might guarantee a playoff spot but not a SB. It won't change unless we are a perennial playoff contender then maybe FAs would take a discount to come to the desert. The...
  24. J

    Legal Tampering period thread and Free agency.

    A lot of these guys are way overpaid. Linsley and Thuney got LT money WRs and TEs are way overpriced. Lawson, Dupree, Floyd, etc. Patriots blowing money. I think Keim is smart holding it in and waiting for the dust to settle. Missed on Linsley but that contract by the chargers is outrageous I'm...
  25. J

    Free Agency Rumors

    Interesting, I thought he was a solid special teamer and wouldn't have cost much to tender.

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