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  1. DakotaCardsFan

    How many times will we have to look at Pete the Cheat?

    A big match-up on Sunday Night Football and all eyes will be on.... Pete. Every time the Cards play Seattle, it seems Pete Carroll gets more air time than the teams on the field. So how many times will we be subjected to watching Pete chewing his gum on the sideline this Sunday? I'm setting...
  2. DakotaCardsFan

    Steven Jackson A Free Agent

    "We knew this day was coming: Steven Jackson is finally ready to hit free agency. The longtime St. Louis Rams running back voided his contract on Thursday, according to Howard Balzer of ESPN Radio in St. Louis. It was previously reported that Jackson would indeed void the contract."...
  3. DakotaCardsFan

    What happened to 9-0?

    I was at The Metrodome today and watched Dockett get consistently blocked by one lineman and never get off the block. All day. I know he has a reputation for taking plays off, but he took this entire game off. Ugh.
  4. DakotaCardsFan

    Pick the better OL Coach

    Russ Grimm vs Baloney Sandwich: Who would get more out of our offensive linemen?
  5. DakotaCardsFan

    Fitz supposed to be on ESPN Radio Now

    They're supposed to be interviewing him, but can't seem to get ahold of him. :shrug:
  6. DakotaCardsFan

    Pope Rant

    This has been driving me crazy all season and the emotions (and performance of one L. Pope) during the playoffs and SB only made it worse by a factor of 5X. How is this man allowed onto the field? If he's not getting called for a false start, he's late getting off of the line as if he's not...
  7. DakotaCardsFan

    Something Completely Different...

    Just to change things up I thought it was time for a little Cardinals Haiku. Remember - 5,7,5. I'll start it off: Cards versus Niners Week One is finally here Vengeance shall be ours!
  8. DakotaCardsFan

    No visits planned for this weekend.. "The Cards do not plan on bringing in any free-agent visitors through the weekend, but they do intend to bring some in by next week. Graves expressed confidence the Cards could find important new pieces without jumping into the free-agent...
  9. DakotaCardsFan

    Wilson Fined

    Don't know if this has been posted yet. I just saw on NFL Network crawler that the NFL has fined AW $10K for a horse collar tackle last week that wasn't called by the officials.
  10. DakotaCardsFan

    Has this ever happened before? Through 6 games, the Cards lead the league in red zone touchdown scoring: Now we just need to get in the red zone more often!
  11. DakotaCardsFan

    scott player to the browns!!

    Long live the Unibar!!! I don't know if this has been posted yet: This could be the final piece of the puzzle in the Brown's turnaround. :D
  12. DakotaCardsFan

    Edge gives Wells some pointers...

    "Hey Reggie - the LOS is that way!"
  13. DakotaCardsFan

    Rackers on NFL Network Total Access...

    Rackers is in studio right now. Sounds like he'll be there for two segments.
  14. DakotaCardsFan

    What about front office personnel?

    Does anyone know that status of Rod Graves' contract? It seemed like last year Denny was always talking about what he and Rod where going to do in the off-season regarding free agency, etc. In his press conference today, I noticed he didn't mention Rod Graves once.
  15. DakotaCardsFan

    My first NFL game!

    I attended my first NFL game last weekend when my wife and I flew to Dallas for the [email protected] game. I’ve had the Sunday Ticket for several years, but never made the trip to see the Cardinals live. My wife and I were in full Cardinals gear and received the expected amount of heckling. We...

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