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  1. Totally_Red

    Chandler Jones requested a trade

    When the Cardinals signed J.J., Chandler lost some leverage IMO. At this point I don't see anyone taking on a $15.5 million salary AND giving up anything of value. He's a Cardinal in 2021 and depending on how well he plays, he gets a new contract, gets franchise tagged, or leaves as a free...
  2. Totally_Red

    Bucs to fine unvaccinated protocol violations!

    Right on! If you're unwilling to take the jab, your NFL life is already more challenging. Now if you are a Buc, your wallet may get thinner. Bruce Arians...
  3. Totally_Red

    Who has the most pressure this season

    most pressure
  4. Totally_Red

    PFT on Kliff

    Kingsbury has to be better this season and the Cardinals can't lead the league in penalties again and make the post-season IMO
  5. Totally_Red

    Which guys are you looking forward to the most this season?

    J.J. Watt on defense. Rondale Moore on offense. Hoping David Prater returns to form, but hopefully not watching him unless its a game-winning kick.
  6. Totally_Red

    Budda Baker has COVId

    Haven't heard a real scientific reason for NOT getting the Pfizer/Moderna vaccine (after determining that it is safe for 99.999999% of those getting it.) Excuses yes; reasons no.
  7. Totally_Red

    Total Dark-Side Thread

    The chances of Matt Campbell leaving the Cyclones any time soon are slim and none. And I don't think he aspires to the NFL; If one of the top five college jobs opens at some point he might leave ISU, but he not money-driven in any way. The fact that almost all seniors, something like 20 of 24...
  8. Totally_Red

    Cards re-sign Xavier WIlliams

    Classic case of a veteran player and a veteran coach (DL Brentson Buckner) feeling they will be better with each other. Hopefully Buck can help X rejuvenate his career into at least a decent backup nose tackle. :koolaid:
  9. Totally_Red

    RIP: Jim Fassel (1949-2021)

    "Push all the chips to the center of the table."
  10. Totally_Red

    Player you expect to surprise this season?

    Matt Prater will absolutely help the Cardinals win a game or two this season with clutch kicking. More a hope than an expectation, but one guy that would be huge plus with a solid season is Robert Alford. He is at a turning point in his career. Given the Cardinals lack of depth and relative...
  11. Totally_Red

    Interesting story about Fitz and Hump

    The most important consideration of who the team leaders are is who the PLAYERS elect as team captains. Fitz was elected a team captain in 2020 and for many, many, many seasons before that. What he may or may not have said to a rookie tackle in his rookie season doesn't change who the team...
  12. Totally_Red

    Level of interest in acquiring Zach Ertz?

    How much interest do you have in the Eagles tight end as a potential Cardinal (he is due an $8.5 million salary this season)?
  13. Totally_Red

    Kerryon Johnson waived

    He's got an injury history and he's a running back. Thumbs down. We already have James Connor in that category.
  14. Totally_Red

    Greetings from Austria

    Welcome! Your English is waaaaaaaay better than my German. Always nice to have the international perspective especially with our new tight end. P.S. I love Vienna. Or at least I did when I visited in 1983. Maybe there have some changes since then?!?
  15. Totally_Red

    Legal Tampering period thread and Free agency.

    Adam Schefter @AdamSchefter · 1h Cowboys are waiving starting defensive tackle Antwaun Woods, per source. They drafted two defensive tackles last weekend, and now Woods is a salary-cap casualty.
  16. Totally_Red

    Cardinals GM: If Larry Fitzgerald is ready to play, ‘we’ll have a spot for him’

    He's lost a step or three. That doesn't diminish the quality of hands, the fact that he almost never drops an accurate pass or that he has been the best blocking receiver on the team for several years. Didn't B.A. try to recruit him to Tampa Bay or was that 'fake news'? I don't care what he gets...
  17. Totally_Red

    Cards can sign vet free agents now and not lose Comp Picks

    I may be the only one, but I'd sure like to see what the new WR coach can do with Isabella. The possibility of an improved Isabella and Rondale Moore on the field together intrigues me. Both Isabella and Kirk are so inconsistent it is frustrating. They are the wide receiver versions of Zane...
  18. Totally_Red

    2021 1st round pick is Zaven Collins

    I had the same take over the weekend.
  19. Totally_Red

    Post draft rankings

    Are they including Rodney Hudson and Rashard Lawrence in their grades? With those two included, it should be a solid B, if not a B+.
  20. Totally_Red

    2021 4th round pick is Marco Wilson CB

    Love this kid's potential. If he realizes his full potential, he will far-and-away be the best Cardinal pick of the draft. athleticism, speed, intelligence, the agility to play inside or outside, He was the guy I was most excited about initially and still am. :D
  21. Totally_Red

    Tight end?

    Steve Keim indicated the Cardinals will look to free agency to add depth at the position. Are there any still out there that you like. Google yields the following: Trey Burton, Indianapolis Colts. Tyler Eifert, Jacksonville Jaguars. Jordan Reed, San Francisco 49ers. (Retired) Jesse James...
  22. Totally_Red

    I don’t get the hate

    IF the player is elite and an alpha(see Ray Lewis) it is a good start. I'm interested in seeing how his 'alpha' tag, which Keim emphasized during the presser, translates on the field and in the locker room. I'm not excited, but willing to wait before passing judgment.
  23. Totally_Red

    2021 1st round pick is Zaven Collins

    I had the reaction of a kid to the vegetables on his dinner plate. But in the long run they were good for me; hopefully the Z-Man turns into the second coming of Brian Urlacher.
  24. Totally_Red

    Would We Have Selected AVT At #16?

    yes. Very disappointed when Jets jumped us.
  25. Totally_Red

    I don’t get the hate

    "Haters gonna hate" ~Steve Smith Sr. I'm not exactly excited about the pick but realistically the Cardinals were in No Man's Land - too low for either a trade down or a premium player. It is a slight reach for a player that most had in the mid 20s but if he's the second coming of Karlos...

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