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  1. Passepartout

    Will be updating ASFN forum software.

    No problems here just saying! Thanks keep up the good work!
  2. Passepartout

    Happy fathers day!

    Hope it was on that of a great and a safe Father's Day!
  3. Passepartout

    PP Feels Appreciated in Minnesota

    Well if he is happy then so be it. Better to be happy. But wished he was in Arizona.
  4. Passepartout

    Chase Edmonds "now or never"

    Indeed now or never to produce.
  5. Passepartout

    Navy veteran, blogger etc

    Thank you for your service to your country and world. Welcome to the forums. Hope you enjoy there.
  6. Passepartout

    Path to the draft....trades, rumors, etc

    Yeah as really trade ups can be in the knowing that the TE could be very handy for Muray.
  7. Passepartout

    Police contacted after Ohio State's Liddell receives threats

    Really people can cross a line and go overboard sadly over a game. Just that! Not life!
  8. Passepartout

    Oprah Winfrey Interview with Prince Harry & Dutchess Meghan

    Anybody going to watch this? As really would love what they have to say since leaving the UK. Heard the tabloids there can be very brutal then in the USA. Really heard Buckingham Palace can be controling there. And one of themany reasons they had to leave. It is two hours BTW!
  9. Passepartout

    OT: Russell Wilson frustrated with Seattle, might be available

    He really needs to think about the team. As really if he left. It would really kind of damage the team, A huge blow. Before he leaves if he does.
  10. Passepartout

    Super Bowl LV Chiefs vs Buccaneers gameday thread 2-7-21

    Glad that Buccaneers won. As really Tom Brady 43 years old. Still breaking records there!
  11. Passepartout

    Happy Birthday, thirty-two!!!

    Better late than never. Have a great blessed birthday!
  12. Passepartout

    RIP: Phil Niekro (1939-2020)

    May he RIP there. Cancer is such a pain in the rear!
  13. Passepartout

    Nugent in Gonzalez out

    Well he is 16 out of 22 this year. So so!
  14. Passepartout

    Roster moves 11/28

    They are going to New England and on top of that, they are going to be playing in the snow. From what I heard. But really hate Zach has such a promising career but it is been for the past couple of them including his rookie season hurt by injuries. Hope he can find a way to overcome that.
  15. Passepartout

    The KM post game press conference

    Well at least KM is mature for his age. And really you have to give him credit for being mature there.
  16. Passepartout

    Borat Subsequent Moviefilm (Amazon Prime)

    Really Sasha Baron Cohen a great actor but when he disguises himself into something he is not for real people, really that is an embarassement to say the least.
  17. Passepartout

    OT: Melvin Gordon busted

    Either they will suspend him or cut him that the latter is unlikely. But still he will be fined. Just how much are they going to put up with him. If Chargers couldn't stand him.
  18. Passepartout

    Kyler's inability to throw on the run is a real issue

    Yeah as maybe he needs to fix on that. As tha tis a weakness but other than that, this team has potential there. But should had won over the Lions last week.
  19. Passepartout

    Why Kyler Murray And The Cardinals Are REAL Super Bowl Contenders

    Kyler has a go to WR in DeAndre Hopkins now!
  20. Passepartout

    DJ Humphries Re-Signed

    Yeah as PP will be back as really he is not washed up!
  21. Passepartout

    The Umbrella Academy (Netflix)

    As it is the beginning of the year, just need to get used to the show as a season will begin slow but it wants to build up.
  22. Passepartout

    2020 1st round pick is Isaiah Simmons

    Simmons has a future that is so bright. Good luck and all for him. As really hope for the best for the kid
  23. Passepartout

    CJ getting some love

    Yeah as like his attitude. And being a team guy!
  24. Passepartout

    OT: Cam Newton signs 1 year deal

    Yeah as Kyler is the future indeed!
  25. Passepartout

    NBA approves its return plan.

    Yeah as wonder if the NBA will suspend games and go right to the playoffs like that of the NHL is doing it?!

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