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  1. Buckybird

    That FG attempt

    Shows the stupidity of Kliff as a HC. I called it to the wife before he kicked it. Dumb dumb dump!!!
  2. Buckybird

    JJ Watt

    Is the guy done? Outside of a couple of good plays in the run game in weeks 1 & 2 he’s been non existent & not a factor imo. So far, I’m unimpressed other than reputation & leadership. Does he have anything left?
  3. Buckybird

    Cards cuts

    Notable names Draft pick Michael Menet KeeSean Johnson. Obviously Andy Isabella has made this team. wow! Double wow!
  4. Buckybird

    WTH Kliff

    Has anyone EVER seen a worse sequence of play calls with 6mins left down 11? With a teams playoff life on life support? Kliff are you drunk on drugs or just don’t care? Runs, substituting personnel, screens, burning 2 timeouts & even an option run on 3rd & 18 with your dinged QB on a running...
  5. Buckybird

    Bucks Bird Takes

    1) Most of the Cards players looked lifeless, drained & not ready to play until Dhop got drilled with a PF for whatever reason 2) The Oline picked a bad time to have its worst game of the season 3) The “Eraser” is going to be a very good LB. 4) our defense is really poor on opening drives &...
  6. Buckybird

    Chandler Jones injury

    Torn bicep. Out for the season ugh
  7. Buckybird

    For those who doubt how much coaching matters

    Kliff 7-12-1 Adam Gase 7-13 Let that sink in! Ugh :bang: This week could be Fired Bowl I Coaching & scheme matters! It’s the difference between short term success & long term success at the pro level
  8. Buckybird

    Philadelphia bans fans at Eagles games get ready folks this is just the start imo. I still think it will be a miracle if we see more than 1-2 NFL weeks if any. Ugh.
  9. Buckybird

    Be prepared, not good news for our Redbirds

    Another person I know who has scoops on our franchise has said those hated Cowpies have a deal in place to move their TC to somewhere in northern Arizona in the coming years. :bang: It sounds like a long term deal since it includes an airport & huge complex being built & an agreement with some...
  10. Buckybird

    Who do we draft now at #8?

    Now that the WR room is full & stocked, Keim must add playmakers to the defensive front seven or the Oline. With that said, our defense the last 2 seasons has been very poor & the worst in the NFL last season. My list in order of preference: 1) Isiah Simmons, ILB. This dude has HOF skills for...
  11. Buckybird

    Rumor: Cards have made a trade

    I have a good source outside of the organization that has said he’s be informed by a friend inside the organization that a trade between the Big Red & another team have a trade. He was not told most of the details by this person, pending finalization. No idea whom the teams or players/picks...
  12. Buckybird

    Everson Griffen anyone?

    He voided his contract & becomes a FA. His production has dwindled the last couple of seasons & probably gets $10+ a year. I’m quite sure he will be high on the Hawks list with their need
  13. Buckybird

    Talk about laughable

    #21 nominated a finalist on the 100 greatest players of ALL TIME at his position? Lol I’m sorry but that’s comical imo. Roger Wehrli was a better ALL AROUND player.
  14. Buckybird

    Is this pass defense as atrocious, poor, inept & embarrassing

    if Bellichik, Phillips, Carroll or any other good DC is running it with the same exact personnel?
  15. Buckybird

    Fire Joseph right now!

    I’ve been saying it all year & stick by it!!! He’s undermanned, but he doesn’t understand situational football. He’s either too conservative with his soft zones, or asks players to do something they simply aren’t capable of. That winning TD proves it time to fire his sorry clueless ass...
  16. Buckybird

    Bottom line is

    these defensive players & it’s coaching is just dumb! The same mental errors EVERY week:bang::bang::bang::bang::bang::bang: 1) Can’t stop 3rd & 10+ 2) Soft off zone coverages that a HS kid could complete passes against. 3) dumb penalties 4) can’t cover a TE if he had 2 ACL injuries Over &...
  17. Buckybird

    Has anyone else noticed?

    The last 2 games Murray & Mills have rotated like every 2 series at RT, particularly last week. Regardless of the reasons why I don’t like this & it’s not a good move whomever is making this decision on this staff. Neither maybe be good or serviceable, but continuity is a big key to a...
  18. Buckybird

    CB Robert Alford

    out an extended period of time with unspecified leg injury. Per KK after game. :bang::bang::bang: Well I guess it doesn’t matter if you can’t stop the run lol
  19. Buckybird

    Cardinals acquire RT Marcus Gilbert

    from Stealers per Sirius radio. Don’t know the compensation yet
  20. Buckybird

    Coryell gets screwed again

    HOF inductees: Champ Bailey Pat Bowlen Gil Brandt Tony Gonzalez Ty Law Kevin Mawae Ed Reed Johnny Robinson I just don’t get it. Oh well
  21. Buckybird

    Stump Mitchell?

    Speculation is that Keim & Kitchens are battling it out to sign the former Big Red RB for their staffs as either RB coach or as OC. Go get him fellas!!! Offer him the OC position & lots of ca$h, KK is going to call the plays anyway. This would be a huge addition imo. He’s been a tremendous...
  22. Buckybird

    Andre Smith released

    I guess the threat of my voodoo doll next week for the Lions game worked! Lol 2 for 2 now. Fat boy now Levi Clown :mrgreen::cheers::lol:
  23. Buckybird

    Anything else needing to be said about this staff?

    I hated to be right but everyone was counting on a guaranteed W today except me. This team is the worst in Cardinals history. The staff, the players etc. Well fellas & gals we got beat by a team that has players fighting with coaches & was considered dead & tanking by most. ******* embarrassing...
  24. Buckybird

    My final take on today

    Coach Wilks you have 9 games to prove you’re an NFL HC!!! If we don’t see dramatic improvement on both sides of the ball, Michael Bidwill must fire you! 9 games...
  25. Buckybird

    If Rosen is named starter

    I think the Cards should release Checkdown Sam immediately. I’m dead serious. 1) Naming #3 the starter signals the franchise sees the reality of the inevitable (a poor losing season) & the future is now. 2) takes some pressure off of Josh to succeed at a high level because we all know rookie...