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  1. wa52lz

    Chicago trip advice needed

    Spartan Pita and Gyro here in phx, 46th st and Thomas, has a really good burger with gyro meat. Well at least they did, heard the ownership changed recently and the food might not be as good.
  2. wa52lz

    Seahawks game balls

    Not even stitched right?
  3. wa52lz

    Cardinals @ Seahawks postgame thread

    And a high draft pick
  4. wa52lz

    Is Murray a wuss?

    Didnt you tell us at 12:15 today "There is no doubt he could have played."?
  5. wa52lz

    Importance of Seattle Game and #1 seed

    BTO's Let It Ride or something else? I remember the place going nuts for the lead in, don't remember a song or maybe couldn't hear it
  6. wa52lz

    Week 9 Snap Counts and Thoughts

    How did he not take the protocols seriously?
  7. wa52lz

    Dave Pasch opinion.

    He's no Tom Dillon, but he does a great job in my opinion
  8. wa52lz

    Week 9 Snap Counts and Thoughts

    Did Garcia get hurt or were they just rotating him and Jones?
  9. wa52lz

    Inject positive Cards media into my veins

    Looking better and better..... Arizona Cardinals 2021 NFC West Division Winner+650 NFL BOOST NFL Futures Boosts - Max $100 Bet Wager: $50.00 Odds: +650 Return: $375.00 ref: 384c4d90 | Sep 09, 2021 @ 08:47am
  10. wa52lz

    Trivia: Can you name the 3 starting QB’s for the Cards in 1994 without looking?

    1994, first year of season tickets for me, Buddy had me believing there was a winner in town
  11. wa52lz

    Cards Superbowl - Who was there?

    We had to pick up one set of tickets at the Cards hotel Sunday am, buddy got them from a friend that worked for the Cards. I stopped shaving and cutting my hair on 12/7 when we clinched the west. Had the lucky 1998 Centers jersey on under the #11 through the playoffs.
  12. wa52lz

    Cards Superbowl - Who was there?

    I was there, we stayed in Orlando and drove to the game that morning. Went to a sports bar in Orlando Saturday night that had a big Cards meet u. I think Madjack was there and I met a couple people from the board but do not remember who. What a crappy drive home from Tampa that was. We did have...
  13. wa52lz

    Place Your Bets!

    I got too much going on tonight. Cards money line $1 +15000 new player promo at Twin Spires, Cards -6, Murray 4tds +450, Parlay- Cards -3.5 and under 50.5 +260, Parlay- Cards ML, Green 30 rcv yds, Edmonds 30 rsh yds, Hop 50 rcv yds, Murray 230 yds, Hop TD +600, $5 on Kirk first td scored +1300...
  14. wa52lz

    JJ Watt possibly out for the season

    I don't know, Seattle might not want to trade him within the division!
  15. wa52lz

    Place Your Bets!

    Probably, I have player props on everyone but him.
  16. wa52lz

    2020 3rd round pick is Josh Jones T

    So not as bad as we think??
  17. wa52lz

    Have you received these incentives to gamble? (on Cardinals)

    Twinspires ,, has a promo this week, sign up, deposit $50 and get a $1 money line bet on the GB/AZ game at +15000, so $1 wins $150, promo code TNF150. The parent company is Churchill Downs.
  18. wa52lz

    Some players to focus on if you watch Saturday football

    What do you think Rattler transfers out?
  19. wa52lz

    Texans at Cardinals gameday thread 10-24-2021

    Love this F'ing guy!!!
  20. wa52lz

    False report: Chandler lost 15lbs with Covid

    20lbs is what I lost when I had it last year in about a week. Once i got better I could never satisfy my appetite, I'd never been hungry like that before, and that is saying a lot coming from a 47 year old big fat dude. Needless to say that 20lbs was back in no time.
  21. wa52lz

    17.5 point favorites over the Texans

    Houston lost their last 2 road games 31-3 vs Indy and 40-0 vs Buffalo, so makes sense if you're trying to get some money in on Hou
  22. wa52lz

    Home field advantage.

    This exactly. I dropped my tickets this year, but I would've been in this boat if I had them. The older I got, the more attending night games lost it's luster.
  23. wa52lz

    Cards trading for Zach Ertz

    Hey he had that game tying TD vs Car in 2002!
  24. wa52lz

    Cards trading for Zach Ertz

    Its 5th and a practice squad CB, yes i know he was a draft pick, roster seems to have much greater issues then where these two pieces would make an impact.