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  1. outcent13

    Nick Chubb Out

    I was just listening to Bob Kemp, and they’re reporting that Nick Chubb is ruled out for Sunday. It’s a big break for the Cardinals in my opinion
  2. outcent13

    Cards trading for Zach Ertz

    Looks like it’s ertz
  3. outcent13

    Keim, save your job AGAIN and do this!

    I’m sorry and I may be in the minority here but I would trade Kyler for Watson ASAP if it’s an option. My reasoning is Watson is all in and has a great (assuming here) relationship with Hopkins. Kyler IMO is not fully invested , again IMO. It may be his size or whatever but he just doesn’t...
  4. outcent13

    Best Cardinals Bar

    Hey guys and gals! Where is the best place in Phoenix to watch a cards game? I’m in the north valley and would prefer to watch with other Cards fans! Any suggestions would be appreciated!
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    Not much to say other than when he gets his opportunities he capitalizes. Love watching that dude play.
  6. outcent13

    Is this even possible?

    I know that trades in the NFL are much different than other leagues and I don't pretend to understand what can and can not happen. I am curious though if there is the possibility to trade multiple players in order to create some additional salary cap space. With David Johnson being discussed...
  7. outcent13

    Cordy Glenn

    Would this guy be an upgrade? I really have no idea but in the past I feel like there have been some proponents of his. Potential buy low guy?
  8. outcent13

    Dan Orlovsky

    Everyome talks about Romo being a great TV guy. I think Orlovsky , based on what I hear from him, is a solid TV guy
  9. outcent13

    Finally! Let's roll!

    Where ever you stand , they got more than they probably should have. Would not have been my direction but it's in the past! Let's roll!
  10. outcent13

    Michael Bidwill

    The only thing I can figure is he is running the show. There is no other way that a GM hires a coaching staff AND trades up in the first round to draft a QB , only to fire the whole coaching staff and draft ANOTHER QB only this time with the first pick overall, and keeps his job !? Right!? I...
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    Is there anything the Redskins can offer to move up to No 1 ? Sounds like they are trying to be aggressive. I don't think moving to 15 would be good regardless of the return but if you could get 2 future firsts they could be pretty high draft picks. Just curious what you guys think they would...
  12. outcent13

    Freddie Kitchens

    Why not Freddie Kitchens as HC? If he and Williams get passed over in Cleveland could be a solid combo here. Hes been coaching for almost 20 years but he is still only 44 so still pretty young, Williams may be one of those guys that has been passed over enough to not ever get a HC opportunity...
  13. outcent13

    Todd Bowles Question

    I feel like a lot of us would love the idea of having Todd Bowles back as the def coordinator. With Bruce Arians probably getting the Tampa job that is looking more and more like a pipe dream. Why not look to him as our head coach ?
  14. outcent13

    Dan Campbell

    Found this read on Dan Campbell. Intriguing and he seems like the kind of guy that Keim can work well with. This is important because I think its going to be Keim's choice this time around. His time in the league could mean that he has developed some good relationships with potential assistants...
  15. outcent13

    Appreciation for you guys!

    I gotta tell you guys , I've been reading this forum for cardinal news for a long long time. Many of those years I was living on random bases just wanting any news Cardinal related I could find. The early stages of the internet, prior to DVR and Sunday ticket made it almost impossible to get my...
  16. outcent13

    Internal 1st Base Option

    Why not try Tomas out there? Maybe his bat will come back around and regain some value. Just a thought .
  17. outcent13

    Korey Cunningham

    Was he solid today? I feel like I have not heard his name called. Usually a good thing .
  18. outcent13

    Dbacks aquire Matt Andriese

    Not sure what in the hell this accomplishes! Schaffer seemed to be a solid middle rotation guy in the making. Smh
  19. outcent13

    Should DBacks become sellers?

    I keep trying to think they are one bold move away from being a world series contender but in reality are they better off trading guys like *******, Jay, Corbin and maybe even Goldy for a rebuild?
  20. outcent13

    Jacob DeGrom

    With Machado off the market could the Dbacks counter with a much bolder move like trading for a controllable ace like DeGrom? What would it take to get a deal for him done? Do we even have enough to make that happen? Something like (based on meds percieved needs) Marte, Duplantier, Cron...
  21. outcent13

    Devin Booker gets in fight?

    Tyler Ulis was attacked and beat up by 2 guys in an apartment elevator fight in 2017....looks like devin booker and friends came back at em...wonder if the Sun's knew of this? Doing my best not to...
  22. outcent13

    Shelby Miller Idea

    Why not replace Salas with Shelby in the bullpen for the rest of the season? He seems to do alright in the first 20-40 pitches ...he could end up being a solid reliever and then let him get back in the rotation next season. Just a thought. But I think his stuff could play up big time for an...
  23. outcent13

    Jordan Mathews

    Man would I love if we added this guy! Perfect fit in my opinion. Pretty sure he had a good year with Bradford before.
  24. outcent13

    Ulis v Bledsoe

    Does Tyler Ulis have the ability to be a starting PG in this league? Does his performance make Bledsoe tradeable regardless of draft pick? Would a trade if Bledsoe and #4 get you Jimmy Butler? Would we want that to happen? IMO I would keep Bledsoe but after months of speculating on him being...
  25. outcent13

    MLB Draft 2017

    Does any one have any insight into the mlb draft from a Dbacks prospective? Based on what I've seen there are some talented prep arms around where the dbacks pick. My thoughts: With the amount of young pitchers they have making there way through the system(Clark, young, Banda, duplantier...