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  1. Carolinacacti

    Who plays like Booker? What other player in todays game reminds you of Bookit

    Just asking so I can you tube then and look
  2. Carolinacacti

    Will Paul win it

    Paul's been talked about In every outlet. I want to know what this board thinks. Loved him last week hate him now. Want to love him again so I picked yes
  3. Carolinacacti

    When will OKC use the future first rounder

    OKC will trade it but when I say 2024 and the Suns will have a PG of the future in place
  4. Carolinacacti

    2020 season

    Tates gone and it can't get worse. Wait I say that about my job and believe me things can get worse. Anyway I see a much better season
  5. Carolinacacti

    What's Booker doing
  6. Carolinacacti

    NAZ tryouts Sept 29 Lunch will not be provided.
  7. Carolinacacti

    Next year

    I just wanted to say as bad as the Suns are I really enjoyed watching there struggles. I'm going to miss the 3 good QT's this team played and the improvement they made. I know I know this coaching staff is the worst we have ever seen but my god did they look better then the past 5 years. I'm...
  8. Carolinacacti

    Not One Rising Star

    Just pathetic for a young rebuilding team to not have one.
  9. Carolinacacti

    Bledsoe was on espn The Jump

    Good interview. Last half of show.
  10. Carolinacacti

    Jackson shoots Free throws like he throws baseballs