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  1. itlnsunsfan

    The Miracle of Technology - Booker's Game 2 TO

    The miracle of technology has created an issue. Every time a player has the ball in his hand/s, and the defender knocks it out of bounds, it's going to be a turnover by the letter of the rule. It's kind of a lesson in physics. The defender applies a force to the ball, which then applies a...
  2. itlnsunsfan

    CP3 vs Rubio

    My eye test has told me Chris Paul hasn't been any more effective this year than Ricky Rubio was for us last year. But eyes can deceive. What do the numbers say?
  3. itlnsunsfan

    The Impact Of Foul Generation On 3pt Shooting Efficiency

    Take two players. We’ll call them player X and player Y. These two players shoot the exact same 3 point percentage. So, what if I told you player X’s three point attempts are worth significantly more points than player Y’s? How is this possible? What is the most valuable shot attempt in...
  4. itlnsunsfan

    OT-Clarke stakes Grizzlies to summer league crown

    Brandon Clarke had 15 points and 16 rebounds to lead the eighth-seeded Grizzlies to a 95-92 victory Monday over the third-seeded Minnesota Timberwolves in the championship game of the NBA summer league. Clarke, who was named overall MVP for the summer league, also had three blocks and four...
  5. itlnsunsfan

    NBA Best Young Core

    Suns rank 6th in the NBA's best young cores.
  6. itlnsunsfan

    Booker To Lead Off-Season Workouts

    Booker to take a leadership roll in organizing off-season workouts. I wouldn't trade him for anyone in the league. He has all-time great written all over him. If anyone disagrees, I'll just point out Booker's jersey is already hanging in the Hall of Fame...
  7. itlnsunsfan

    OT-Can an NBA team win a championship with IT?

    I am wondering if you can win a championship with Isaiah Thomas. You need him to score a lot to off-set the value lost on the defensive end and he's very ball dominant anyway. He almost requires being the number one offensive option on a team. Boston is the perfect place for him. He led them...
  8. itlnsunsfan

    Who/What would you trade for Booker?

    I'm just curious how untouchable he is at this point.....
  9. itlnsunsfan

    Proposed Trade Package

    This year's first (looking like a top 3), next year's first, Alex Len, and Brandon Knight for Demarcus Cousins. I think this would really interest the Kings. I think this would interest just about any team. Would you do this trade? Do you even want a headcase like D. Cousins? Would we be...
  10. itlnsunsfan

    Coach Hornacek mistakenly calls out Delly With all that's been going on, not a good look for Horny....
  11. itlnsunsfan

    Rockets trying to deal for Dragic per ESPN What do you think they're offering?
  12. itlnsunsfan

    Goran Dragic Injury

    Dragic hurt. Questionable to play Friday.
  13. itlnsunsfan

    Is Mike D coming around?

    This is not meant to be a Mike D bashing thread, but an honest inquiry. D'Antoni, known for his spread-the-floor offensive system, said that too much attention was being paid by his players to how his team was scoring rather than how they were struggling on defense. "The frustration always...
  14. itlnsunsfan

    OT-"He is beginning to believe"

    I was just wondering if, while watching Lebron these days, anyone else felt like they were watching The Matrix. The first one. Every time I watch Lebron these days, I have this flashback to The Matrix, where Neo first steps up to Agent Smith in the train station. Trinity is watching from the...
  15. itlnsunsfan

    Knicks coming apart Is anyone else getting such sick satisfaction from all the discontent going on in Amareland? Muhahahaha
  16. itlnsunsfan

    Acquiring Kevin Love

    This might have no foundation in reality but I'm bored and it's intriguing to me so WTH. I was reading online (sorry I don't have the source. It was on bleacher report I think) that Kevin Love doesn't get along with Kurt Rambis, has refused to play behind Beasley, and could be had for the...
  17. itlnsunsfan

    Lance Blanks Takes Charge "It's pretty obvious that there's a great infrastructure in place to have success," Blanks said, "so part of my job will be staying out of the way and not messing this thing up." This part made me lol.
  18. itlnsunsfan

    Who do you want to acquire at PF

    I think our starting line-up needs a quality, natural 4 to be complete. We have the assets to eventually bring one in. The question is: Who? Realistically, who do you want brought in and for what cost? You have JRich's valuable $14,444,443 expiring contract, other fairly priced, mid level...
  19. itlnsunsfan

    The Riley Amare Job

    My conspiracy theory on why it seemed Amare humped his way through the playoffs: He's going to the Heat. Riley's already got something worked out for him. Riley convinced Stoudemire to give less than a hundred to keep his S&T value down so there'd be less league interest and Miami wouldn't be...
  20. itlnsunsfan

    TWolves, Warriors talk trade for Anthony Randolph

    Trade talks between Warriors and T Wolves for Anthony Randolph Report: Timberwolves and Warriors discuss Anthony Randolph trade Fri Jun 04,2010 8:58 AM ET By Kurt Helin Anthony Randolph is young and...
  21. itlnsunsfan

    Petition to the Suns

    I want everyone in the arena at our home games, especially the people behind the basket, to have a picture of Kobe's goofy modeling shots, specifically the one in the hat. Can you imagine a sea of those things while Kobe is at the line. Absolutely legendary. Talk about a home crowd giving our...
  22. itlnsunsfan

    Step on their throats

    A win tonight all but seals the deal. Half a decade of demons exorcised by this series, and, by all intents and purposes, can be accomplished tonight as no team has ever come back from 3-0. I expect San Antonio to come out desperate, but I say, we need to come out even more desperately...
  23. itlnsunsfan

    Lopez doubtful for spurs series Terrible news. Without Pez I don't see us winning this series.
  24. itlnsunsfan

    Amare is a dirty "master of psychology"

    Guys, check this out and give me your thoughts. According to this writer from the Oregonian, Amare has been baiting and roughing up the Blazers, perhaps to the point of genius. What??? To me, it has looked like the exact opposite the entire series. Do I have homer glasses on? Do they? Can...
  25. itlnsunsfan

    Insider Report by Hollinger on the Suns

    Remember Us? The Phoenix Suns are en route to one of the best offensive seasons in NBA history again. But this time with a twist. John Hollinger Don't know what it says but would love to hear about it and get a discussion going by those who have insider.