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    2021 2nd round pick is Rondale Moore WR

    LOL.......the Raiders saved us from taking the best S in the draft. Instead, we draft a munchkin with 28" arms who has about as much chance of contributing long-term, as I do.
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    Draft Day 2 Thread

    If I weren't laughing, I'd be crying right now.
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    2021 2nd round pick is Rondale Moore WR

    If at first you don't succeed, try, and try, and try, and try, and try, and try, and try, and try, and try again........until you realize 5'7 receivers with average hands and a catch radius rivaling a mini pinscher aren't the answer.
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    2021 1st round pick is Zaven Collins

    This weight thing is completely blown out of proportion. A guy that's 6-5+ and 270 can hold 10lbs of water.......he could be 255 in 2 weeks if he wanted to be. The fact that it's already 'remedied' proves this.
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    Oh Well. On to round TWO

    How many 'holes' do you have to fill with turds before you realize it's just not worth it? As if a draft turd is better than a FA turd....... JOK and Moehrig are by far the best players still available. Draft the playmakers and find a way to make it work.
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    Farley Injury

    As someone who has suffered back injuries and whose own career was ended by them, I would proceed with extreme caution. It's not often the initial injury, but the slow, steady growth in severity and side-effects of the injury. 10 years later, I can't run, jog, or bend over repeatedly without...
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    Currently, What do you Fear most regarding the Cards and the Upcoming Season?

    We have no depth and are hell-bent on mortgaging our future replacing draft busts with ancient veterans. This is the course for teams that want to be competitive, but are incompetent in the draft. The fear isn't this season, it's 2-3 years from now when we have 0 hope of ever sniffing the...
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    Rodney Hudson is a Cardinal

    Under the current regime, I'll trade picks all day long for proven talent.
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    Reddick agrees to sign with Carolina

    Here's to hoping he has a 15 sack season. Always a great guy and wish him nothing but the best. Excited to see what our glacial front seven has in store. We may be 5-10% better at stopping the run next year, but it won't make a damn bit of difference for our secondary. I'm predicting a season...
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    Welcome back Markus Golden. 2 year deal

    Get ready for 5-6 predictable PA/bootlegs per game that completely fool the edge.
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    2020 1st round pick is Isaiah Simmons

    Exactly.....and how many times do we see people clamoring for position of need. "We need OL. We need a CB." You get disappointment year after year. On the flip side, drafting BPA relies purely on player evaluation, which our front office fails at continually. As long as this FO is drafting...
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    Our Wrs...

    As long as we continue the streak of drafting: (a) small, fast receivers with bad hands/ball skills (b) small, slow receivers with average ball skills (c) small, soft receivers with average hands and no ball skills I think I'll pass on drafting a WR.
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    Could we use a 4.27 40 WR with our 7th round pick?

    Because the last decade of drafting sub-6' blazing fast receivers hasn't been enough of a lesson for us.
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    The rich get richer...

    What makes you think they didn't hire the best candidates, successful or not? The NFL is a zero-sum game......
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    The rich get richer...

    So what we have is one profession, coaching, that has relatively equal representation as a % of the population. Meanwhile, the profession of playing has a demographic that is overwhelmingly over-represented against the general population. How then does the logic flow, that the same...
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    I want to believe in Vance, but this is tough to overlook.

    I don't know how hard to be on aspects of the coaching because I think we seriously lack talent/athleticism. In regards to VJ, I hate the "bend don't break" defense. I don't know if that's a byproduct of our lack of talent and him doing the only thing he can, OR that's at the heart of VJ's...
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    *SOME* were fooled by the receiving room. Of course, all of this goes away if we don't **** ourselves on the Isabella pick. That one is simply inexcusable. Anyone who lobbies for a short, fast, body catcher with small hands and terrible ball skills should be openly ridiculed at this point...
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    Cardinals at Rams gameday thread 1-3-21

    Fire Kingsbury. A monumentally stupid end to a season interspersed with stupid clock management and stupid play calling.
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    Cardinals at Rams gameday thread 1-3-21

    Get Cole out of many snaps at the ankles are we going to have to watch?
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    Cardinals at Rams gameday thread 1-3-21

    Bench Cole.....
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    Cardinals place Chris Banjo on COVID-19 list

    With starters or backups, I have full confidence that we can make any no-name opposing player look like a future HOF'er.
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    Early Draft Cardinals 1st Round Big Board

    The two players that have stood out to me, from those I've seen: (1) Justyn Ross - WR Clemson (2) Trevon Moehrig - S TCU I'm a sucker for smooth, natural athletes.
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    I think you just made his point for's perfectly fine on this board to call Murray (or any other coach/player) a "diva", "loser", "trash", "baby", "garbage", "poor leader", "stupid", etc.... and generally malign their character. But the guy calling BS on the emotional insanity and...
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    What the Hell was That?

    I'm still trying to come to grips with the multiple false starts in multiple games by a starting center in the NFL......