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  1. Jim Otis

    PP Feels Appreciated in Minnesota

    Good , we will see how Min. feels later.
  2. Jim Otis

    Putting My Best Knee Forward

    Good luck with the knee rehab Harry .
  3. Jim Otis

    Wirfs vs Simmons

    To me , this is a classic example of what is done is done , and nothing any of us can ever Think , Do , or Say changes that . We need to be worried about our Coaching than what could of been .
  4. Jim Otis

    If Fitz does retire, where does he rank among all time WRs?

    Not to mention all those seasons with a savy innovative HC / OC named Bill Walsh ! Considering all factors , I can't see how anyone could put Rice in front of Fitz !
  5. Jim Otis

    WK 9 Miami Dolphins @ Arizona Cardinals Pre Game Thread. 11/08/20

    I'm sure that our guys have heard that we are top ten in offence in the league , well you are not as good as your last game , you are as good as your next game in the NFL ! Vince Lombardi once said No team ever wins a game one team will lose the game , Cards , less bring our A game and win this...
  6. Jim Otis

    WK 9 Miami Dolphins @ Arizona Cardinals Pre Game Thread. 11/08/20

    We need Focus and Discipline from our Cards , and I hope that the Rams losing to the Fins is the fuel they need to come out with high intensity level , especially in the trench battles . If I have learned anything from all these decades of loving this game , it is that no QB can Win with a...
  7. Jim Otis

    Le’Veon Bell released

    All teams need talented players to win , the guy proved he was an NFL talent in Pittsburg , he couldn't help a pathetic Coached Jets Team , could he help our Cardinal's Team , I think yes ! The RB Bell could be as important as the WR Hopkins , I am for winning . I watch our Arch enemy take on...
  8. Jim Otis

    If Kyler Played in the Late 80’s/Early 90’s...

    This , absolutely this !
  9. Jim Otis

    Hot Take: The Real Reason We’ve Lost 2 In A Row

    I'm a guy that believes ever road leads to the Head Coaches Desk . Who puts a winner or a loser on the field , the Head Coach !
  10. Jim Otis

    Let’s Check In on Carson Palmer

    One of my all time favorites , second only to Warner in best QBs the Cardinals ever had . I wish he had come to us earlier in his career , if so he might have been in the HOF with Warner ! I say this as a guy who remembers Charlie Johnson as our starting QB , that was a while ago !
  11. Jim Otis

    Kliff said "this is not our standard."

    Yes , to Quote the Big Tuna Parcells , You are what your record says you are ! I'm getting that sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach that Horizontal Kliff is not our answer at the Head Coach / play caller position , 2 and 2 is making me think of Jeff 8 and 8 Fisher . I wonder how much it...
  12. Jim Otis

    WK 3 Detroit Lions @ Arizona Cardinals Pre Game Thread. 09/21/20-09/26/20

    I expect it to be that kind of score !!!
  13. Jim Otis

    Marcus Gilbert LT $8 million for zero plays

    The signing doesn't look near as bad if you compare it to the Bradford signing , so I hope this was helpful !!!
  14. Jim Otis

    WK 3 Detroit Lions @ Arizona Cardinals Pre Game Thread. 09/21/20-09/26/20

    I look at this Lions Team , and they look a lot like the team we played last year . I look at our Cardinals , and I see a team that has made great strides , and looks nothing like the Cardinals team that played the Lions last year . Our Cardinals look hungry , and Coach KK needs to feed the...
  15. Jim Otis

    Perfect name for Washington

    My choice ------- THE WASHINGTON RED HERRINGS !
  16. Jim Otis

    When the Preseason Games Start

    As TC time is closing in , I wish for the confidence I had just a month ago that we would have a season , but doubt is closing in on that confidence , or should I say reality instead o f doubt ? Texas - 2 teams , surging corona , Fl.- 3 teams surging corona , Calf . - 3 teams surging corona ...
  17. Jim Otis

    What have you replaced Sports with during our pandemic?

    Pacing the floor , wringing hands , having another Bud Light Platinum !!!
  18. Jim Otis

    Mid-Life Cardinals......errr,...crisis

    I'm just glad Sissyboy didn't say the sky is falling , that would have been a downer !
  19. Jim Otis

    Gambo says it will be...

    Oh My , My --- My !
  20. Jim Otis

    Let's talk about Simmons

    Simmons -- Incredible Athlete , but if he has football savy , why would he be there at Pick # 8 , scares me . Give me Wills or Thomas . Simmons looks like an Octagon Peg in a round peg -- in round peg hole -- square peg in a square peg hole world . Wish I could read Vance Joseph"s mind !
  21. Jim Otis

    Prayers please...

    From someone who has endured the loss of his son , I send prayers to Dan , You and your family . If Dan didn't have a strong constitution , he wouldn't have made it 5 years ago , hold your family close , and stay strong !
  22. Jim Otis

    Signature win for KLIFF

    To every negative there is a positive , and to every positive there is a negative , the sea-hags had a load of neg's , which amounted to a load of positives to us , but I wouldn't count on us doing the same to the Rams ! I am not confident in Keim 0r 2 K ! So far we our 5 -- 9 -- 1 , last time...
  23. Jim Otis

    If not Lamb, Who?

    If not Lamb who ? The center Creed Humpreys , The middle of our O-Line needs help in a big way !
  24. Jim Otis

    Lost my friend over the weekend, huge Browns fan.

    True close friends are hard to come by in this life , I'm glad you had Chris Seiler in your life , may he RIP ?