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  1. Dan H

    Fallout (Amazon Prime)

    He was fantastic on The Unicorn. Still bummed that got canceled.
  2. Dan H

    Around MLB 2024

    Hmm. Feel like watching Major League for some reason.
  3. Dan H

    Alien: Romulus

    Lot of talk online that this looks more like an homage to Alien: Isolation than a remake of the first movie. There's even rumors that one of the characters is Amanda Ripley from that game.
  4. Dan H

    MCU: Blade (reboot)

    Just re-release the first one and modify the stinger so that Blade’s in the MCU. Bam, done.
  5. Dan H

    Twisters (aka Twister 2)

    I’m debating on upgrading to the 4K, it’s supposed to be a fantastic remaster.
  6. Dan H

    Alien: Romulus

    Ridley would know. I’m still pissed Alien 5 got booted to the curb in favor of Covenant. The only thing saving that movie from being total trash is Fassbender’s performance.
  7. Dan H

    Terminator Zero (Netflix animated series)

    Hah, nice choice on the release date.
  8. Dan H

    MCU: Captain America: Brave New World

    Winter Soldier vibes with a Hulk twist. I dig it.
  9. Dan H

    Gladiator 2

    I'm just happy we're keeping Ridley Scott away from the Alien franchise.
  10. Dan H

    A Quiet Place: Day One

    It was neat that they expanded the lore - not sure if should avoid spoilers, but the scene in the construction site.
  11. Dan H

    A Quiet Place: Day One

    What?!? When did you leave?
  12. Dan H

    Will be updating ASFN forum software.

    Cert issue fo sho.
  13. Dan H

    The Sandman (Netflix)
  14. Dan H

    Will be updating ASFN forum software.

    Is there a cert expiring or anything? Seeing some weird page responses on mobile.
  15. Dan H

    A Quiet Place: Day One

    Fantastic movie but that cat was not good for my blood pressure.
  16. Dan H

    $35.5M in cap space

    I would much rather have Micah than Ceedee.
  17. Dan H

    A Quiet Place: Day One

    In all seriousness, they are very good movies.
  18. Dan H

    Monty Williams Fired (Hired by Detroit)

    Title needs to be edited. :p
  19. Dan H

    Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads

    Before I became “dude” or “bruh.”
  20. Dan H

    2023-24 Around the NBA Thread

    LOL! F-T-L
  21. Dan H

    $35.5M in cap space

    I like the names bandied out for extensions. Thinking outside the box, you wonder if there are any players we could pick up for lower or conditional picks for teams tight on cap space.
  22. Dan H

    The Garfield Movie (2024)

    RIP, Lorenzo Music. The voice of my childhood in many ways. Garfield just isn’t the same without him.
  23. Dan H

    Anyone else’s theaters suck these days?

    It’s a neat mix. I’m half-convinced one of the board members is a cinema geek and he talked everyone else into building his dream theater. Digital projection, one of the best sound systems I’ve ever heard, great seating …
  24. Dan H

    2024 NBA Draft talk: Suns own pick 22

    Especially since it came at the expense of the MF’n Yankees!

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