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    Can a Rookie Revamp the Cards’ Safety Lineup

    This team needs their own fist pumpin..They'll respond. I'm willing to eat crow...I was there in 2009 watching the Cards win the NFC. The fans willed the team to victory. Loudest I've ever heard that stadium. I had a guy say calm down it's not the NFC Championship man...No, it always has to...
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    Can a Rookie Revamp the Cards’ Safety Lineup

    Very true..But is the MB handing it off to MO going to be historic..all the teams draft from the same pool so why not the Cards. I was a pessimist until I realized the players truly want the fans to believe. They act like they don't care; claim they don't read the posts. But I think they do...
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    NFL offseason power rankings: No. 25 Arizona Cardinals have renewed hope with Jonathan Gannon and Marvin Harrison Jr.

    I was really down on this team for a while until the last few months. I feel like they feed off the fan energy even tho they deny reading the papers. The big thing is the last 2 drafts and MB letting MO run the personnel and make big decisions. Also the HQ improvements, Kyler and the team's...
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    Can a Rookie Revamp the Cards’ Safety Lineup

    Yeah, whatever Kerouac9. Tired of you disagreeing all time. You have a crystal ball into the future? Just go ahead and think the worst; it's easier, safer.
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    Can a Rookie Revamp the Cards’ Safety Lineup

    This Cards regime and team has a high ceiling and low floor. They could surprise as there is a lot of buzz going on. Also the NFC west teams other than the Cards aren't as healthy as they look for the future. The Cards are a team that the 49ers, Rams and Seahawks could be worried about...
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    Gandhi mock draft

    The 4th rounder has to be significant if he plays well. Budda being 30 also is a factor. It's still a 4th round pick replacing a 2nd rounder.
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    NFL offseason power rankings: No. 25 Arizona Cardinals have renewed hope with Jonathan Gannon and Marvin Harrison Jr.

    Every schedule is a tough schedule. Murray has talent but will have to study hard. He would leave stuff underneath, intermediate, not check into a run play when JC was rollin...
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    NFL offseason power rankings: No. 25 Arizona Cardinals have renewed hope with Jonathan Gannon and Marvin Harrison Jr.

    25 is way too low. This team could explode to 10-2. But it's all predicated on Health. Year 2 D, pass rush, OL, and Benson, Carter will be the difference. Can Kyler get to 10-2 and hand the ball off at a 50 50 rate? Year 2 pass rush? Interior OL. That's a big jump, but noone predicted...
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    Hollywood Brown thread?

    Andy Reid and company will get a lot out of Hollywood if he stays healthy. Chargers are trying it, Chiefs did it last SB. Cut ties with players and still won. Harbaugh promptly drafted Alt without blinking. That's guts, but it's the players belief that truly allows the success. The...
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    Camp starts in less than one month!

    When I go to TC practice, I'm always in awe of these NFL players and their athleticism especially now with 2 drafts under MO. I'm so glad total control was given. I feel like MB has grown as an owner the last couple years. He's putting a lot into this team.
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    Cardinals RB Michael Carter hits salary escalator for 2024

    I think they'll get it worked out. Benson knows he landed on the right team with a shot his rookie year.
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    Cardinals RB Michael Carter hits salary escalator for 2024

    I saw an interview where Benson said he thought he was going earlier in the draft. He should sign because he has to prove it. He could end up being one of the most important rookie rbs because of Connors injury history. But still...
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    Raiders unveil new way to lose $20,000 in Las Vegas: A tailgating 'party shack'

    Just doesn't seem the same having Raiders in Vegas. I hear there's a lot of visiting team fans on GameDay there. Couple that with gambling, and bad behavior by Raiders fans and it doesn't sound as fun as I once thought it to be. I would not mind seeing Cards/Raiders there. It seems games...
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    Camp starts in less than one month!

    Hopefully everyone is buying in, studying and ready. So far the mini camp was impressive. Some good work ethics and attitude. Get that interior OL fixed..keep bringing them in. Get that pass rush back. That will help keep Kyler on the field. Not as much panic, better momentum, game script.
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    No Context Arizona Cardinals

    I never realized how biased but yet hard to ignore height is. But a lot studs are tall, not all but.. I like the height on this team now. Rooms are looking good.
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    Two Long Snappers, Two Stories, One Spot With Cardinals

    I saw a show where a LS would just drive the football into a tree trunk in his backyard to practice. It's a competitive field, with a lot of competition out there. Lotta guys off the couch cranking footballs into trees in their backyards.
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    No Context Arizona Cardinals

    I always felt Rondale needed to back off the weights just a tad and focus on who he is; a speed guy. He reminded me of Tyreek Hill but he doesn't work out like Hill. Maybe some people aren't special I get it, but some of it is accepting who you are too.
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    3 Concerns the Cards Have About the Upcoming Season

    Gannon and his D make jumps. That has to factor in getting better year 1 to year 2. His D in Philly is missed, had a lot of sacks. It's easy to say they suck but decisions are so big whether offensive or defensive. How many times has Murray just simplified and methodically made a play. How...
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    What’s Wrong with Murray?

    So much of it is taking what the D gives him, studying film, making the plays he supposed make, having a clean pocket and being unselfish and just making the throw or running if that makes sense to do, sacrifice like checking into a run and missing a Sportscenter highlight while Connor or Benson...
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    Arizona Cardinals Voluntary OTAs week 3. 06/03/24-06/09/24

    The pressures on D, the Running game on offense will prove to be important. If the playoffs are going to happen, the Cards need the game script to be in Kyler's favor. When your D can get after the quarterback and you can hand the ball off; the game is under more control. Part of Murray's...
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    Waiting and seeing

    Pressures on D could be the difference maker if the offense plays well. It would help the secondary which looks better. It would help the offense function better, be more balanced. We need that Max Crosby disruptor type to emerge. If we only had that player. I'm hoping some surprises...
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    way too early cut to 53.

    None of this matters right now anyways. It'll be the attitude of the players that have a chance that matters. It'll be the culture. If it's a locker room full of players not liking the top; front office, then their play will reflect that. They gotta like who they work for and that includes...
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    Zay Jones to Cardinals

    Zay Jones was a decent signing and the receiver room got better. Wilson is that young receiver that one wonders how good he can be. He showed flashes and then would disappear. But now the Cards have some size out there between the TEs, WRs, and RBs. I'm hoping they surprise this season and...
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    UNCENSORED 2024 Draft Thread

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    UNCENSORED 2024 Draft Thread

    That logic is whack completely. Cards tanked to get Kyler out more than likely giving him a small chance to succeed. This is the most dysfunctional organization in pro sports.

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