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  1. Bert

    Suns @ Bucks Tuesday Finals game thread 7-20-2021 - Game 6

    So much good feelings, civic pride, reconnecting with old friends and fans.... Man this has been the one bright spot for me the past couple of months. I sure hate to see them lose 4 straight after going up 2-0. Gonna have to think about giving up sports after this. I love these two teams too...
  2. Bert

    Media Reacts to Game 1

    Skip could grow crops with all those he's still shedding for the Clippers. Plus he misses his bestie Lebron. I heard Lebron hand feeds him a gummy bear everytime Skip praises him on TV.
  3. Bert

    My Wife

    All the good mojo in my heart is pouring out to you and your wife my friend. She will beat this!
  4. Bert

    I need the spanish call of that play in my life...

    Yeah it was good but I miss Gabby... Thank you for posting the link! GO CARDS!
  5. Bert

    I need the spanish call of that play in my life...

    Is Gabby still doing the spanish broadcast? Anyone have it?
  6. Bert

    Enjoy your "Phoenix Fluke"

    Guys we should really show more respect to Bills fans after all they are the only team to lose 4 superbowls in a row. :) They totally have the right to be smug... :P
  7. Bert

    Enjoy your "Phoenix Fluke"

  8. Bert

    The Play

  9. Bert

    CP3 Rumored Trade

    I'd just hate to lose Ubre, he's such a sparkplug
  10. Bert

    RIP: Sean Connery (1930-2020)

    That is freaking awesome. Like many my age who were a bit young for his James Bond roles I remember him most as Marco Ramius from Red October. I remember thinking he did such a great job. Later in life people would point out the flaws in his accent but it never bothered me at the time. I...
  11. Bert

    Let Him Go

    Definitely had a slow pace but the ending was satisfactory forsure. Diane Lane was incredible as always. Costner at the top of his game as well. Worth a watch IMO.
  12. Bert

    The 2019-2020 Around the NBA thread

    Feels like a very long time since I have said this but; I'm very proud of this Suns team and can't wait for next season!
  13. Bert

    Mavericks @ Suns Sunday game thread 8-2-20 (season restart)

    What a game! So frustrated by the refs but also so IMPRESSED by the bench! The way they took control in the 3rd was beautiful. Then we finished even without book! Not a perfect game, lots to dissect and be critical of but the most important thing is that we found a way to win and we are 2-0...
  14. Bert

    Cardinals at Seahawks - How is it going to game in Seattle

    It's fine dude. For all the out of state "12's" bluster about their ferocious defense of their home turf, the people of Seattle are perfectly polite most of the time. The game I went to there it was just friendly conversation along with the smug Seattle attitude. Buch of teddy bears, just...
  15. Bert

    To what degree have you ever hated our Cards?

    I've never been done with them. My Dad used to say he worried about how loyal I was to the Cardinals in the 80's and 90's when I was a kid lol. I was just the eternal optimist. These days I'm more of a realist; hope for the best, expect the worst. But maybe I've just matured. Several family...
  16. Bert

    Timberwolves @ Suns Monday game thread 12-9-19

    I know it's the Wolves but, we look like such a different team with Banes on the floor! Stay healthy big guy.
  17. Bert

    Kyler Murray v. Joe Burrow

    Honestly, in the extremely unlikely event we were were to do that I would not be surprised in the least if Burrow flat out REFUSED to play for the Cardinals. Talk about a place rookie QB's go to die.
  18. Bert

    Frozen 2

    I've been walking around singing that Lost in the Woods song all week. lol That was so freakin funny. I'm so proud that I've exposed my kids to enough 80's stuff that they got the humor in that scene.
  19. Bert

    Deandre Ayton facing 25 game suspension

    How many more games? I guess I could do the math in my head, but I dont want to hurt myself.
  20. Bert

    OT: Yea Jordan was the best and this seals it lol

    Wait, did JR just throw down on the record that not only did Jordan bet on a basketball game he played drunk, in but also that JR had a "bookie" while he was an active player? lol Snitches get Stitches JR!!!!
  21. Bert

    Nets @ Suns Sunday game thread

    We shall see, but hey, how great is it to be excited for an upcoming "Big Game" for the Suns? LOL Been a while before we've gotten to feel this! BEAT LA
  22. Bert

    Jojo Rabbit

    I thought it was brilliant, would highly recommend.
  23. Bert

    Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Episode VII)

    Sadly I am not the least bit interested after how bad TLJ was.
  24. Bert

    Niners at Cardinals gameday thread 10-31-19

    I know emotions are high but I mean, if you told me 2 weeks ago that we'd be competitive for most of the game in NO and then play the Niners down to the end, I'd have been pretty surprised. Definitely see some positives with this team but man Kliff has really got to get out of his own way and...