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  1. SactownSunsFan

    Thunder @ Suns Friday game thread 2-24-2023

    On Friday vs the Thunder the jumbotron had a slogan that I can only describe as "Native American pidgin" and then showed that slogan in English. Anyone recall what that was?
  2. SactownSunsFan

    Suns @ Grizzlies Friday game thread 4-1-2022

    Pretty embarrassing to lose such a classic trap game, but as those have been few and far between this season, it's not terribly worrisome.
  3. SactownSunsFan

    Buyouts / Waivers 2022

    Maybe. Maybe not. Neither is the solution to the Paul problem, but I like Carter's tenacity on defense, and he can get hot from behind the line from time to time. Obviously if a guy like Schroder becomes available, it's a no brainer who we should go after.
  4. SactownSunsFan

    Buyouts / Waivers 2022

    Bring back Jevon, waive Elf.
  5. SactownSunsFan

    Chris Paul out 6-8 weeks, fractured thumb

    Why the hell was he even checking in for a minute or two in the All-Star game? Uggh. We'll see what Holiday can bring under Paul's tutelage, and hopefully Payne's return is right around the corner. I have no faith in Elf doing anything consistently well.
  6. SactownSunsFan

    Suns updates and discussion for the 2021-22 season

    ^ And still have a better Asst:TO ratio than Russell Westbrook.
  7. SactownSunsFan

    Jalen Smith

    I was really hoping we'd flip him for Thad Young, but now I hope we pump the brakes and see what this kid can do, at least until Ayton and McGee get back. He could have a bright future in this league.
  8. SactownSunsFan

    Suns plan to sign Bismack Biyombo to a 10-day contract

    This is a guy that we need on this team. We don't need another scorer. We need an active, interior defender and BB fits the bill. Love ya but bye, Frank.
  9. SactownSunsFan

    Suns @ Lakers Tuesday game thread 12-21-2021

    Listening to Candace Parker drop excuse after excuse for the Lakers poor play without giving the Suns any credit was a hard watch.
  10. SactownSunsFan

    Warriors @ Suns Tuesday game thread 11-30-2021

    What a fun game last night. Bridges with maybe the most dominating performance ever for a guy putting up a meager 2/2/3 stat line. Ayton stepped up in Booker's absence. This team just plays amazing, unselfish basketball on both ends of the floor. It's beautiful to watch.
  11. SactownSunsFan

    Suns @ Kings Monday game thread 11-8-2021

    I was thinking about going to the game tonight, but kind of a spur of the moment thing. Think I'll pass and make plans for the March 20th game.
  12. SactownSunsFan

    Robert Sarver is in Big Trouble (ANNOUNCES SALE PROCESS)

    Who knew being a penny pinching miser was one of Sarver's better qualities as a human being?
  13. SactownSunsFan

    Preseason: Suns @ Kings Monday game thread 10-4-2021

    I'm not even sure why I bothered watching last night's game. lol, preseason.
  14. SactownSunsFan

    Finals Here We Come!!!

    Not gonna lie, I had some watery eyes tonight. It's been a long 28 years, and all those heartbreakers during the 7SOL years. This team is gonna pull it off. I can just feel it!
  15. SactownSunsFan

    2020-21 Around the NBA Thread

    Bridges got robbed, but screw it. We aren't here for individual awards, but to win it all. Let's hope the lack of Suns on the all-defensive teams serves as motivation for them to play even harder on that end of the floor for the rest of the postseason.
  16. SactownSunsFan

    Magic Numbers for Playoff Seeding (Suns Clinched at least 2seed)

    Just thinking to myself, with 8 games left, how many could the Suns stand to lose and still maintain the #1 seed? Does 6-2 do it? Interestingly we both still play the Spurs twice, as well as Blazers and Warriors once. Where are the wins and losses for both teams? Let's play this out: Suns...
  17. SactownSunsFan

    Suns @ Thunder Sunday game thread 5-2-2021

    I don't think there's anyone who could watch today's game and be happy with the effort of Ayton. He did the bare mimimum. 3 blocks is nice, but 5 points on 3 shots, and 7 boards, non offensive, in 31 minutes of play is just out there to collect a paycheck. Thankfully these kind of efforts from...
  18. SactownSunsFan

    Suns @ 76ers Wednesday game thread 4-21-2021

    Monty HAS to give minutes to Frank at this point, right? Saric is the biggest liability on the team now, especially defensively. Give credit to the Sixers for making it much closer than it should have been in the last minute. Two tough threes and then that heave at the end that still gives me...
  19. SactownSunsFan

    Suns @ Bucks Monday game thread 4-19-2021

    Give credit to the Bucks defense, and also in large part to the Suns' plan to dribble down the clock, they didn't leave Book much of a window to deliver a passable ball to an open teammate. It was get the shot off or 2OT.
  20. SactownSunsFan

    Suns @ Bucks Monday game thread 4-19-2021

    On the plus side, great scorers don't let those that kind of cold streak last for long, and hopefully he's due for a hot streak during this tough stretch of games.
  21. SactownSunsFan

    Suns @ Bucks Monday game thread 4-19-2021

    You can't underestimate Ayton's tie up for the jump ball with Giannis in that 4th. That's something he doesn't do his rookie year, last season, or maybe even in January. The kid's confidence is growing noticeably in the last two months now.
  22. SactownSunsFan

    Suns @ Bucks Monday game thread 4-19-2021

    He barely even got a 2nd season in, with that 25 game suspension, and then the short run before the shut down, and then the 8 game bubble stretch. He still has a lot to learn, but you can see his progression. Making those mistakes he's prone to less and less.
  23. SactownSunsFan

    Suns @ Bucks Monday game thread 4-19-2021

    Playing against an old team seems to do wonders for most guys. Fingers crossed.
  24. SactownSunsFan

    Suns @ Bucks Monday game thread 4-19-2021

    Hopefully Ayton's shoulder is okay. Otherwise our interior defense is 100% screwed.
  25. SactownSunsFan

    Suns @ Bucks Monday game thread 4-19-2021

    Can this be the Finals??