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  1. KenobiOne

    OT: Fields to Steelers

    So they get Russ on a "kick the tires" vet minimum and Fields on the end of a rookie contract? Kind of half-smart.
  2. KenobiOne

    The Greateat QB in Cards History is Now an OC

    *Laughs in Derek Anderson*
  3. KenobiOne

    Cardinals at Seahawks gameday thread 10-16-22

    When does Kyler, "take over the game?"
  4. KenobiOne

    Christian Kirk?

    I've always felt like, for Kilff, KM is the hot girl that turned him down for years, before finally agreeing to be with him. "Sure, whatever you want, babe! (please don't leave me)"
  5. KenobiOne

    Cardinals at Raiders gameday thread 9-18-22

    Probably not as bad as the Cardinals fans who decided to go back to the casino at halftime.
  6. KenobiOne

    Now the story can be told . . . (kinda long)

    The more things change, the more they stay the same.
  7. KenobiOne

    Caption This!

    Whiz: "Yes-way, dude! Jenna free-kin Jameson! Its right there on Scottsdale Rd."
  8. KenobiOne

    BE HONEST when answering this poll question

    Racist, never. Crippled? Outside of "break his effing legs!", no. Sexist... yeah. Gotta admit, I dont give a squirt about cheerleaders and for some reason vehemently despise female sideline reporters.
  9. KenobiOne

    Thoughts on Memorial Day...

    To all of my brothers and sisters in arms, both past and present, thank you for your service. As you kiss your child, flip a burger, or knock one back today, please take a moment to think of those who selflessly allow you the freedom to do so.
  10. KenobiOne

    FSN AZ stream

    Second on firstrow. You may find some of their other channels useful for future use as well... Just be sure not to touch anything while you're in there.
  11. KenobiOne

    Making Changes - Whiz speaks...

    "Don't tell me what you're going to do, show me what you've done" Ill believe it when I see it. Whiz's words have lost their weight with me.
  12. KenobiOne

    Thanks for a wonderful year !!!!!

    Thank you for a wonderful season! This is the first time that I have ever felt good after a loss. I am disappointed yes, but I am so proud of this team and this organization! They faught to the bitter end and left it all out there. You can't ask for anything more than that!
  13. KenobiOne

    Brown: 3rd Worst LT in League

    *cough* Adrian Peterson *cough*
  14. KenobiOne

    Our new WR is.... Chansi Stuckey

    Can also be read as Because It Matters. Which, depending on what kind of forum you're on, is used sarcastically when pointing out spelling/grammar errors. Back on topic, Chansi has a career average YPC of over 10 yards. The man can find holes and will be a great option for Kolb if the line...
  15. KenobiOne

    2011 NBA FINALS: Dallas Mavericks Vs Miami Heat

    Congrats, Marion, Kidd, House and all the other former Suns!
  16. KenobiOne

    JETS @ Steelers

    JETS BAYBEE! Got em at 20-1 in Vegas before they made any moves in the off season... :p
  17. KenobiOne

    Cards targeting LeBeau?

    I like the idea of LeBeau here. Let him lay down some groundwork, put his system in place, draft his guys for a couple of seasons, and then hand the D off to a new successor. At 73, I think that length of contract and responsibility will probably matter more than the money. Hell, I'd even kick...
  18. KenobiOne

    Asomugha a UFA with no chance of being tagged

    lulz I don't even think he'd consider us unless we hire an agressive DC.
  19. KenobiOne

    Broncos just fired McDaniels

    Lords yes! Spygate aside, if he could bring in one iota of that 2007 Pats season it would be unreal! The man has three rings (one as an OC) and fell about 30 seconds short of a fourth. Add in Luck or Newton and we'd be back in it by next season.
  20. KenobiOne

    Did we ever find out ......

    It sounded like "Fun Katy" from KTAR. I think she even started out saying something about what was being talked about on social networks.