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  1. Red Air Force

    2009 Arizona Cardinals Cap Spreadsheet

    Graves has SO MUCH money tied up in this years salaries to make it APPEAR that we spent to the cap that I can see an additional 8-10 million that could be freed up by simply restructuring a few contracts with a modest raises. There is no reason what we couldn't give Dockket, Dansby, Wilson...
  2. Red Air Force

    Programs... Get your programs here!!!!

    I'd like one 100% That place looked like it was rocking. Joe Buck was pretty much screaming just to be heard over the roar of the crowd
  3. Red Air Force

    We Did It !!!!!!!!! Omg Omg Omg!!!!

    Wow! I turned into a blubbering idot. My wife cant stop laughing at me. :D:beer::bday::cheers::newcards:
  4. Red Air Force

    Post Quotes of Disrespect

    The latest group of bandwagon-jumpers is in Arizona,134260
  5. Red Air Force

    Post Quotes of Disrespect

    From USA Today I guess he came back to be the only player to play on both playoff teams :D
  6. Red Air Force

    Post Quotes of Disrespect

    Darnell Dansby Oh! And someone make sure the new guy Darnell Dansby from the UNIVERSITY of Florida was getting props from Chris carter on ESPN.
  7. Red Air Force

    Cardinal Fans Near Cambridgeshire UK

    If there are there any Cardinal fans near Cambridgeshire that want to get together at a pub and celebrate the Cards making the playoffs, let me know. I've got a couple of cigars, and would hate to smoke alone. 1st Ale is on me! :beer:
  8. Red Air Force

    Watching MNF in the UK

    We'll be moving to Huntingdon in Cambridgeshire about 10 days from now. I'm not really familliar with the country yet, but I'd like to get together with other fans to have a pint and watch the playoffs.
  9. Red Air Force

    Niners game - Halftime roll call

    I'll be there! :cheers::beer:
  10. Red Air Force

    ASFN Logo Patches

    Thanks Skkorp Hey Mike, I tried to PM you, but your box is full. Can you help me out?
  11. Red Air Force

    ASFN Logo Patches

    I'm having a jersey and a couple of patches made before I leave Korea. I'm gonna do the "No Cowbys", and I'd like to make an ASFN one as well. If someone could upload the file of the ASFN logo, I would really appreciate it. Thanks Also, if anyone else is interested, I can have him make...
  12. Red Air Force

    Coming Home from Korea in 2 WEEKS!

    One last bump before I grab 'em online... I found four tickets in sec 438 for $50, but I would rather not pay a $15 service fee per ticket and another $15 in shipping on top of it.
  13. Red Air Force

    Coming Home from Korea in 2 WEEKS!

    That is some SERIOUS Engrish right there. Classic!
  14. Red Air Force

    Coming Home from Korea in 2 WEEKS!

    Thanks guys, but I'm no Hero...just a guy doing his job. I can speak for most of us though and say that the support we receive is overwhelming and very appreciated. :thumbup:
  15. Red Air Force

    Coming Home from Korea in 2 WEEKS!

    Four if possible :)
  16. Red Air Force

    Coming Home from Korea in 2 WEEKS!

    Coming Home from Korea! Looking fot Tix to MNF I cant wait to be able to watch games at a decent hour! ...well at least two before I ship out London. I either have to get up at 2am on Monday morning for the early games and hope its on AFN, or at 5am and then miss the 2nd half while I'm at PT...
  17. Red Air Force

    Pro-Bowl Voting Has Begun - Vote Here Vote Early and Often! Get our guys the respect they're due.
  18. Red Air Force

    ESPN & FOX Sports STILL using Old Logo FIVE years Later! WTF!

    Can someone tell me why MAJOR sports outlets are STILL using the old logo nearly FIVE years after it changed? I know it's trivial, but it is SO insulting because you know they know its wrong, but just don't give a S#!^. Do you think it took them 5 years to get the Bucs or Eagles logo...
  19. Red Air Force

    Confirmation of Wiring or Device in Boldin's Mouth
  20. Red Air Force

    question, who designed the pat tillman t shirts on here?

    Glad to hear ppl are still wearing them, its been a few years now. I had organized and distributed the shirts, but the design was submitted by someone else. I used to make the shirts. The quality was great, and the price was right, especially with the more you buy...
  21. Red Air Force

    Leinart pouting?

    That was as far as I needed to read.
  22. Red Air Force

    My day today.......

    . .
  23. Red Air Force

    Watch Cards Free Without DirecTV...

    Anyone know why my TvAnts video colors are reverse negative?
  24. Red Air Force

    Hasselbeck has injection for bulging disk They sure go through a lot of effort to downplay it, almost too much in my opinion
  25. Red Air Force

    Cardinal Draft Grades 2002 - 2005

    Since apparently we cant offer opinions about this years draft class, lets grade Graves first 4 as VPFO Here was my Criteria Pro-bowl caliber = A Starter = B Backup = C Contributed somehow or cut short due to injury = D No Contribution = F Additionally I realize the later rounds are a...