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  1. Jetstream Green

    Something Controversial!

    Ok, Neil Rackers was the most brutal tackler in Cardinal history... hey, that kicker actually had some swag hits
  2. Jetstream Green

    Draft - one week out - what do the Cardinals do with #4?

    If Marvin Harrison Jr is the top ranked prospect on their draft board and they have the option to draft him at four and trade out for an added 1st rounder who will then be less of a qualified selection just to add to the crap shoot which is the draft... then Monti need not be the GM
  3. Jetstream Green

    My Biggest Draft Worry

    And his name is Adonai Mitchell
  4. Jetstream Green

    Desmond Ridder to the Cardinals (Traded Rondale Moore)

    Rondale cannot stay healthy. Brown cannot stay healthy. Wilson so far cannot but at least has size. To argue about a sporadic entry onto the playing field is not worth the energy anymore... let's make a reliable WR group
  5. Jetstream Green

    CBS Projects Vikes Trade Up Costs Including W/Cards

    Towards the twighlight of his career with Warner and Boldin, Fitz was granted an appearance. But tell me how many Super bowls Andre Johnson and Calvin Johnson saw respectfully. Carry on guys
  6. Jetstream Green

    OT:Rams Aaron Donald Announces Retirement.

    Add Deacon Jones to that list :)
  7. Jetstream Green

    Wish me luck

    Yeah, include cell phone breaks :)
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    WR Rome Odunze

    Actually, I am tired of having to search for direct comments on certain players lumped into one, having to filter through one thread just to make a comment on a specific player and even when it does address a certain player the current situation of that player is different than when the thread...
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    Cards sign OL Hjalte Froholdt

    He is average and better than in space, secure him
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    The Positive Kyler Murray News Thread

    Coaching staff and QB are in place. I like Kyler as a Cardinal fan because we never won the big dance and with the right guys around him, he can do that... though I doubt with any consistency because scrambling QBs do not establish dynasties (even if that can exist anymore, paging Purdy if you...
  11. Jetstream Green

    Is Kyler Murray the answer at QB for next year and beyond?

    All of which was not enough to win a championship and winning it all is the goal. I have not posted here for a while because it is like a soap opera, one can leave for ten years and still see the same story line with posters and the Cards still being mediocre no matter what is done lol
  12. Jetstream Green

    Is Kyler Murray the answer at QB for next year and beyond?

    Wasted what, I asked a question. We were left with trash and maybe the new regime did not see the existing players from Keim being part of how they wanted the team built for the money they needed. Now it is up to them to prove they do not provide more thrash but stacking a rebuilding team with a...
  13. Jetstream Green

    Is Kyler Murray the answer at QB for next year and beyond?

    He wasted nothing as of yet because the story has yet to be told, tell me what he wasted and you have to remember this is the first year of a totally new regime and leftover players from the past who maybe did not adhere to their vision and what they feel they need to do in the future. They did...
  14. Jetstream Green

    Is Kyler Murray the answer at QB for next year and beyond?

    I agree and there was a divine stroke of luck, because anyone saying them or anyone knew Purdy would turn into what he is is a liar and full of themselves wanting to win a social media award. As with Tom Brady and the Patriots, if the Niners knew Purdy was all that and a bag of chips, they...
  15. Jetstream Green

    What’s Wrong with Murray?

    Yes, I can. Jackson has one playoff win and no Super Bowl ring. I am referring to a style of QB play, some better than most, but does not seem a consistent style for winning in the NFL
  16. Jetstream Green

    What’s Wrong with Murray?

    It's like this, I think the Murrays and Jacksons of the league have a chance at winning a championship, if you surround them with the proper players and scheme. But, you will have no prolong success with this type of QB
  17. Jetstream Green

    What’s Wrong with Murray?

    Like I said, I would imagine, but I accept him being a luxury deep threat too. Again, this team has no elite WR and no elite pass rusher. Without that, not even a competent game managing QB would be able to win anything
  18. Jetstream Green

    Reshuffling the Cards; Part One, Defensive Needs

    Easy question, a pass rusher who does not need schemes to get to the QB. Somebody upfront which changes how free the offense is to attack the defense. The Cardinals do not have this, and successful teams do, and some have more than one
  19. Jetstream Green

    What’s Wrong with Murray?

    I think he is very serious about being a franchise QB, and that is what is concerning because he has not shown this while having the proper attitude. Is it recovering from the injury, or adapting to a more traditional offense... or is it fitting a square peg in a circle
  20. Jetstream Green

    What’s Wrong with Murray?

    Whoever the QB is, this team does not have a #1 WR. Brown, if healthy, is a good #2 I would imagine, but can only say I imagine because one cannot judge the rest of your WRs without a legit #1. A #1 WR changes the entire coverage of the defense and if not you would need #1s across the board to...
  21. Jetstream Green

    Marco Wilson waived

    This, an ongoing this and probably other players did not appreciate his behavior either
  22. Jetstream Green

    CBS Projecting Murray Trade

    Then Murray can throw to Fitzgerald... wait, that trade never happened either and Fitz is retired, my bad lol
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    "Lack of execution"

    I hear this often now from athletes and coaches when they lose. The Steelers are saying it now, and the Cardinals say it when they lose. Let me tell you something which all of us know regardless of our profession, that really means stupid and lazy and those are traits as much as any other...