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  1. Diverdan

    NFL Sunday Ticket

    Yes you can DVR any game with Sunday ticket on YouTube. I cut the cord with DIRECTV and signed up for YouTube TV, I also have YouTube premium. I was a little bit weary but with YouTube TV they are no more boxes anywhere. Everything is streamed to your TV. Any show that you like, you can simply...
  2. Diverdan

    Peacock becomes home of first-ever exclusive live streamed NFL playoff game

    Been a customer of DirectTV since 1998, Sunday Ticket being the prime reason. I even bought my house with a clear line of sight to a satellite in mind! This year I doubt I’m going to pay for the NFL on YouTube. First of all, the Cardinals have been awful to watch for two years, not sure I want...
  3. Diverdan

    I'm sorry!!!!

    Nothing to be sorry about. It was finally nice to watch a quarterback stand in the pocket and see the field clearly and hit guys right over the middle. I almost forgotten what it was like.
  4. Diverdan

    Eagles at Cardinals gameday thread 10-9-22

    Rondell much more
  5. Diverdan

    Eagles at Cardinals gameday thread 10-9-22

    Batman again
  6. Diverdan

    Eagles at Cardinals gameday thread 10-9-22

    On that play he was Rondale Moore not Rondell less
  7. Diverdan

    Eagles at Cardinals gameday thread 10-9-22

    Finally a nice catch
  8. Diverdan

    Divisional games 1-22-2022

  9. Diverdan

    These need to happen soon…

    I like them. The Grey face mask should stay, bring back the old Cardinal and I agree, put in on the sleeves also. Put the stripes back on the pants too.
  10. Diverdan

    17.5 point favorites over the Texans

    I don’t know if there is a way to find out, but I’ve been a fan since 1970 and cannot remember any Cardinal team favored to win a game by this large a margin.
  11. Diverdan

    Cardinals at Rams gameday thread 1-3-21

    Romo out, Covid...
  12. Diverdan

    How did the Cards never win a playoff game in St Louis?

    The ‘74 Viking loss wasn’t as close as the box score. We scored late to make it appear so, but we were dominated.
  13. Diverdan

    Is it confirmed (DirecTV)

    Dr. Jones I have given it a lot of thought. The kicker was seeing Drew Brees and the other players taping the name of an accused rapist on the front of their helmets. This is lunacy. I have enjoyed reading this board over the years, even if I posted infrequently. I wanted to express my sadness...
  14. Diverdan

    Is it confirmed (DirecTV)

    Been following the NFL since 1968. I hated doing this but I called Directv and cancelled the ticket. Been with them since 1998. I don’t care to watch accused felons names on the back of helmets or BLM stenciled in the end zone. Hurts but I’ll find something else to do.
  15. Diverdan

    The Great Eric Swann

    Back then, I could only watch a limited number of Cardinal games, pre Sunday Ticket and all. What I remember is that he seemed to go through an entire line like a hot knife through butter.
  16. Diverdan

    A Few Thoughts on the Dollar Bill Years

    Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.
  17. Diverdan

    A Few Thoughts on the Dollar Bill Years

    I liked the post and learned from it. Thank you Harry.
  18. Diverdan

    Just ugly

    Silly is exactly what the newer cardinal looks like compared to the older one with sharper lines.
  19. Diverdan

    Just ugly

    I miss the old bird, serious, stoic and determined. The new one looks way too cartoonish, kind of goofy. I also miss the old stripes and the bird head on the sleve. But hey, I’m a traditionalist.
  20. Diverdan

    Ouch - Bickley Eviscerates Keim

    Until this team shows it can stop the run, it will continue to loose. It begins and ends with the lines. Obvious I know, but it bears repeating.
  21. Diverdan

    If you don't think KK can figure out NFL defenses? Think again

    That was awesome! Thank you.
  22. Diverdan

    So do you think Cards will lose in a blow out?

    If we score first, or get an early turnover, we have an excellent chance of winning. Momentum should carry over from the overtime game and Baltimore might be a little over confident from last week. My prediction: Cards 33, Ravens 24
  23. Diverdan

    NFL Sunday Ticket

    I called today, no dice. Refused to give a 25% discount. Will try again this weekend.
  24. Diverdan

    NFL Sunday Ticket

    ok, that time of year again. I have had Direct TV’s NFL Sunday Ticket since 1998. I cancelled several weeks ago when they auto renewed at full price. I was hoping there would be some discounts as the opening week got near. Has anyone had success in getting a lower price?
  25. Diverdan

    Cardinals Uniform Concept

    I miss the old ones, especially the Cardinal on the helmet. The new one looks too cartoonish, not grim and serious. I like the all white ones you have and prefer the striping you have put on the pants compared to the clownish lines that presently exist.