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  1. clif

    Modern Warfare Reboot

    Anybody on Warzone?
  2. clif

    How did you become a Cardinals fan?

    1998 when I moved here. Growing up in the south i was a 49ers fan but had never been to a game until the saints and cardinals. All allegiances to the home teams after that.
  3. clif

    Is DJ upset with the Cardinals FO?

    There is no one wrong or no one who was done wrong. If DJ is mad he was traded for a HOF and or mad people are excited we got something for him, so be it. This is a win now business. Due got 40 million to play ball. They gave him every chance and he still made out good. Watson and the Texans...
  4. clif

    20 mil a year for Cooper?

    Seems excessive. I guess that’s the going rate. Nuk is going to get 23 a year.
  5. clif

    2020 NFL Draft Almost was Live in Las Vegas.

    Obviously a no brainer for the NFL, but I was looking forward to being in Vegas for this.
  6. clif

    Thank You David Johnson

    Leading rusher in Cards Arizona history. Great guy. I wish like hell it would have worked out better. Good luck.
  7. clif

    Can the Texans back out?

    God I hope not. Someone settle me down.
  8. clif

    DJ traded to the Texans for DeAndre Freaking Hopkins

    Bill O’Brien is drunk.
  9. clif

    DJ traded to the Texans for DeAndre Freaking Hopkins

    Quick. Get this to the league office before the Texans wake up.
  10. clif

    Rumor: Cards have made a trade

    Is this thing on!?
  11. clif

    Rumor: Cards have made a trade

    I’ll admit I’m intrigued.
  12. clif

    Rumor: Cards have made a trade

    Has this been resolved yet?
  13. clif

    Jeudy or Lamb for Cards??

    I’m not even kidding. I would take this guy as a backup any day.
  14. clif

    NFL Combine 2020

    After day one, Lamb is the leader in the clubhouse. Of course we need to see the defenders work.
  15. clif

    Would you sign Vontaze Burfict?

    I used to want to even debate stuff like this, but there is no question he would never be signed by this team.
  16. clif

    Help me identify these players!

    I believe the one on the right is your starting right tackle Murray.
  17. clif

    Old Games.

    Just watched Barry Sanders NFL debut against the cardinals. He was electric from the start. 18 yards on his first carry. The went 90 yards. Cards won though.
  18. clif

    Old Games.

    The game against the saints was my first live nfl game.
  19. clif

    Old Games.

    I watched that one again last night. To be honest I don’t think Plummer played that great. Yes the pass to sanders was great but he missed a bunch.
  20. clif

    Old Games.

    So I’ve been YouTube binging on old games. Mostly 80’s and early 90’s. Anyone have any suggestions for something I might have missed?
  21. clif

    Kyler Murray is named OROY

    I literally love the fact that I have no idea what most of this thread is about. I’m too drunk off 49er tears to care.
  22. clif

    Kyler Murray is named OROY

    Man twitter has never looked more pathetic. Just scrolling through posts crying about KM winning and others getting robbed. So many posts with zero replies and no real facts to back up hollow hate. Twitter is where people publicly talk to themselves.
  23. clif

    Kyler Murray is named OROY

    I am drowning in all the other fans tears. Lmao