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  1. Sunshooter

    Center wish list

    Jaxson Hayes anyone? maybe a steal if the courtside problems are solved.
  2. Sunshooter

    Does James Jones get a Red Rose

    Ishbia can spend, JJ has more choices.
  3. Sunshooter

    All Star Weekend 2020

    That's a ridiculous dunk. I'm sick.
  4. Sunshooter

    Tyler Johnson to the Suns

    An unused bench leader for an overpaid player, nothing to lose anyway.
  5. Sunshooter

    Will Suns make a move before the trade deadline?

    Big name FA won't come to the mess suns. The cap space is for Holmes and Oubre, isn't it? I guess Suns may throw out Anderson and TJ Warren, or some expiring for some garbage contract.
  6. Sunshooter

    Suns @ Wizards 12-22-18

    Suns should win if their FT is better. TJ miss 5 and Booker miss the most important one.
  7. Sunshooter


    We may just throw Bender and Daniels, and Sixers will do it. Sixers need cap space to grab super-stars. Ariza and Crawford will get traded, let's see
  8. Sunshooter

    Suns @ Pelicans 11-10-18

    Devin is awful today, should the coach deduct his playing time? Or he fear to do so?
  9. Sunshooter

    Suns Shaq Harrison to a ten-day contract.

    Ulis done?
  10. Sunshooter

    Suns @ Grizzlies game thread 2-28-18

    It really hurts his FT%
  11. Sunshooter

    NBA All-Star Weekend Feb 17- Feb 19

    Skye is HOT!
  12. Sunshooter

    Bucks @ Suns 2-4-17

    Bucks well use the mismatch and plays easy tactics...
  13. Sunshooter

    Gambo: There is little to no trade market for Brandon Knight

    PJ's future is in doubt when Suns sign Dudley. I will appreciate if any team offer a 1st rounder for PJ, but the real situation... His real value is not that high.
  14. Sunshooter

    Gambo: There is little to no trade market for Brandon Knight

    Knight + Tucker = Derrick Rose ??? Suns can waive Rose after the trade, they have more stupid money to spend next season.
  15. Sunshooter

    With the 4th pick, the Phoenix Suns Select

    I don't mind this pick for Jahlil Okafor.
  16. Sunshooter

    Suns @ Warriors 3-12-16

    the team must learn how to draw the foul
  17. Sunshooter

    Jazz @ Suns 2-6-16

    Just one feeling - why they make hard shot? Jazz ball movement is better then Suns. Neto can link up all players. Can Suns do that? Goodwin has great energy but not a PG answer.
  18. Sunshooter

    Hassan Whiteside Trade Idea

    Whiteside is a younger Chandler only. Suns won't get any benefit in these trade.
  19. Sunshooter

    76ers @ Suns 12-26-15

    I don't know why Jeff likes Ronnie Price. Offense no good, defense is bad.
  20. Sunshooter

    Is Jeff Hornacek the right choice for the Suns?

    don't forget Bogdan Bogdanović. McDonough must make a big move before the deadline.
  21. Sunshooter

    Gambo: Kieff wants out, won't talk to players or coaches

    dump him to Pistons for Ilyasova, is that work?
  22. Sunshooter

    Jon Leuer

    2015-16 is not guaranteed if waived before June 30, 2015. this is the answer.
  23. Sunshooter

    Gentry: "Tell Mike D'Antoni he's vindicated!'

    Kerr WELL use his bench and have different strategy but D'Antoni... Gentry, I don't agree with you.
  24. Sunshooter

    Where's the Portland Game Thread?

    rank 5th in scoring but 25th in assists per game. they have good street-ball skills but lack of cooperation.
  25. Sunshooter

    Do you think the Suns will make playoffs?

    playoffs can help youngsters grow up rapidly