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    Why we shouldn't tank (good reason)

    Tank the season?????? That is assuming that we can actually win??? We suck!!!!!!
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    Screw the tank

    I 100% agreed
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    What the Cards Lack

    We are an incomplete team
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    Would U Participate in a Class Action Suit against the Cards?

    Stupid boy floyd The lack of intellect is beyond comprehension
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    The Cardinals Are Trash

    I wonder myself I can never give up on them I get really pissed and embarrassed, but i wont give up
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    Cardinals at Raiders gameday thread 9-18-22

    I think that was a late hit
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    Cardinals at Raiders gameday thread 9-18-22

    This is bad Very little effort Thanks Steve Keim!!!
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    Trey McBride Mic'd up

    I know WTF
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    Game over, man. Locker room talk. 9/11/22

    He sucks! Didnt he used to be good????
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    OT: Chiefs starting WRs

    Don’t forget kelce
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    We need a vet CB now, or just forfeit the season

    Is chris harris jr still available!
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    Rondale Moore

    Have you seen him this year? He is in great shape, and gained more muscle. I am predicting he will a pro bowl caliber perfomer!
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    Let's Remember Some Wins

    Good post All great wins Leshon was a very fast rb from No illinois Who had a lot of talent My favorite win was 1988 when neil lomax led the cards down as time expired to beat SF SF went on to win Sb
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    Can everyone cool it?

    Your a typical loser
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    Can everyone cool it?

    Typical loser
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    Can everyone cool it?

    I didn’t say wait 3 years I said lets see how it plays out Id like to know how many if you bozo’s have watched these guys drafted? I can YouTube their highlights But I haven’t watched them. So if all you are here for is to look for an argument. You can leave too
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    Can everyone cool it?

    As uncle rico would say You can leave
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    Seahawks have killed it in this Draft

    How do you know they killed it? No one knows anything yet
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    Can everyone cool it?

    No one knows how any of these guys will translate, until we see them play. I wasnt jumping up and down when the cards drafted aneas willams or larry centers. I was excited when they drafted andre wadsworth and wendell bryant. So lets relax and let it play out! Peace
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    Eric Swann

    Swann was awesome
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    If the NFL is going to allow an alternative helmet...

    I love the white with red face mask