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    You might be an Arizona Cardinal fan..

    You end your 3-year ASFN hiatus to see how badly the place is burning...
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    Eating a whole box of Girl Scout Cookies?

    Congrats. Now I must think of a new challenge to restore my bad name.
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    Online banking

    Does USAA allow for unlimited sub-savings accounts? I loved ING until Capital One bought them (evil! evil! evil!), so I am looking to move my backup checking and 15 or so micro-savings accounts.
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    Up in the Air

    Sick baby and open Internet at home. :)
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    Up in the Air

    :yeahthat: Just watched it and liked this movie a lot.
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    The 2010-11 Los Angeles Lakers thread

    And again, in it until the end. Pau is getting a TON of miles on him this season so far. Not. Good.
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    Fan Feedback

    The sound is still terrible. Still no full-time out of town scoreboard/fantasy ticker.
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    ASFN Wedding Tailgate Reception. Sun Nov 14th vs Seattle

    I'll bring the Flip. It is high time that our tailgate made it onto Youtube for the out of towners.
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    OT: Veterans Roll Call

    Awesome! Thank you!
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    Same Ol' Cardinals.

    I texted my buddy when the Cards were up 14 and said "Cards will lose this game". Man, I'm tired of being right!
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    ASFN Wedding Tailgate Reception. Sun Nov 14th vs Seattle

    I might be there. :D (Put me down for a +3 (Kim, Brett and Erin))
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    Same Ol' Cardinals.

    Co-sign. Time to start cleaning our garages during Cards games Donald! :D
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    Grandson's 1st Cardinals Game

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    Sunday Ticket Free this weekend?

    Yep! Thanks!
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    Officially jacked up!

    Same here except replace husband with wife. :)
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    Eating a whole box of Girl Scout Cookies?

    Bump. Suck it 'bee. :P
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    Kurt Warner: HOF EGO

    Funny that people are killing Kurt for exhibiting the same attitude and behavior that Leinart sorely lacked. Oh sweet irony!
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    Custom nameplates for jerseys?

    Any response?
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    West Coast offenses, Cover 2 fading away

    Great article, thanks for posting. :)
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    1 of the main reasons why the Cardinals are getting rid of Leinart..

    Derek Anderson got three times as many balls for his token and missed the machine entirely on several throws. :P
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    So, exactly what is the standard for Whiz & DA?

    The ceiling on this team going in (IMO) was nine wins and that hasnt changed. That being said, I dont see the team winning fewer than 7-8 games.
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    The Official "Let's Go Derek Anderson" thread

    :thumbup: So basically, it is time to ride or die with DA? :)
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    Luciano Pavarotti and James Brown - It's a Man's World

    *chills* Thanks for the link O!
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    Remember Jeff Blake??

    We called him Leon because of his me-first attitude. He did however help but Anquan on the map in 2003 by throwing some bombs. :)