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    End of an Era - MadJack is out.

    I'm not a troll. I have been a fan longer than a few here but not most them so-called official forum that is no longer so I'm here. I said what I said and I meant it.
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    The Larry Fitzgerald Thread (post football)

    As much as I enjoyed the chants Larry exiting the stadium I'm done with him. He is still my second favorite Cardinals player of all time but announce your retirement are just simply go away.
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    Cardinals sign DL Carlos Watkins on a one-year contract

    This stuff irritates me. This guy is worth a 1-year contract is worth whatever is left in his playing career. You might not get him to sign all of it but let's get past these one year deals and get to three or four year deals.
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    End of an Era - MadJack is out.

    Yes I do as much as most.
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    End of an Era - MadJack is out.

    I don't know him like a buddy but I've met him several times. The fact is times have changed. No franchise is going to let a single fan hang up a banner. Quite frankly the banner he was allowed to hang was a kiss ass banners. If I was him I would have told them to stick it as far as the banner...
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    End of an Era - MadJack is out.

    This team and organization sets us all off. 5,10,15,35 years doesn't matter. I wish it was better. But I won't give in ever. His sing thing was outdated. Just like the original board got dumped. A lot of things have changed. We almost wanted in 2008 and I don't care if they have a losing season...
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    End of an Era - MadJack is out.

    No it's not. Met him several times. Times have changed. Be a fan or don't.
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    Arizona Diamondbacks @ LA Dodgers series thread. (3/30/23-4/2/23)

    Love this team just wish we had the money.
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    End of an Era - MadJack is out.

    Dude I don't know him like a buddy but I have been on the great lawn with my family looking at the banner and talked to him. He gave in so bye!
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    End of an Era - MadJack is out.

    Well don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.
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    Zach Allen Signs with Denver

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    Zach Allen Signs with Denver

    That sucks!
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    Lamar Jackson gets non-exclusive tag - Edit, New Deal!

    Trade Murray for him if they would do it. Even give them our 2nd.
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    Cardinals come tied last in NFLPA player poll

    I call BS on all of it.
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    Michael couldn't close at the chicken ranch

    Lol move on. Just Maybe the new GM told JR we finish our team with our draft capital. If skinny jeans hand them at 7-0 we need players not a 18 million dollar coach and half a team.