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    The Little Mermaid (live action reimagining)

    Frog Thor is the best timeline
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    Kelly Oubre...

    :lmao: Young people.. ruining things since the Greco-Roman era regardless of what era Oubre was born in, dude can ball. Resign him
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    Kelly Oubre...

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    Gregg Popovich is breaking new ground...

    I don't know how you define deeply in debt but we owe China about $1 trillion out of our total debt which is down from 2013 when it was roughly $1.3 trillion. The majority of the federal debt is owed to Americans or the Federal government itself. In fact, I believe Japan holds more of our...
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    D'Backs claim C Juan Graterol, DFA Peter O'Brien With Castillo gone and O'Brien released it looks like the new GM is putting defense as the priority for our catchers..... Not that O'Brien was a threat to play much if any Catcher...
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    Dbacks @ Dodgers series thread.

    Greinke's obsessive personality affecting his starts, Shelby Miller unable to cope with massive price he cost his new team affecting his starts, Daniel Hudson unable to deal with being on the trading block and imploding...Good lord! Sounds like the team needs a few psychiatrists on speed dial...
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    2010 MLB Draft

    2009 was a pretty good draft. But other than that I agree.
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    2010 MLB Draft

    Apparently not far. Harvey and Whitson both already picked and Sale will come off the board soon. I will be interested to see how much they sign for compared to Loux.
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    2010 MLB Draft

    Chris Sale and Karsten Whitson were both more talented pitchers with better stuff than Loux. I would even go further to say that Harvey is a better prospect. The Diamondbacks organization dropped the ball on this one. When the pick was made John Hart on MLB network said, "'IF he develops a...
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    2010 MLB Draft

    We went cheap over talent. Unreal
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    2010 MLB Draft

    Draft starts at 4. Right now on MLB network they are doing a preview and they said that Deck McGuire is almost MLB ready but he will be nothing better than a #4 or 5 starter in his career. Ouch.
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    2010 MLB Draft

    I would be very unhappy if we draft Barrett Loux with the sixth overall pick. With a low 90s fastball and three off-speed pitches Loux has managed to produce good numbers in college. However, I think he is exactly the type of pitcher this organization has recently targeted. None of his...
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    2010 MLB Draft

    I agree 100%. The college arms we took in previous years were low risk low ceiling guys... meaning that they have a great chance to make it to the majors but as low impact guys (i.e. back of the rotation arms). Drew Pomeranz is the second best pitcher in the draft (behind Jameson Taillon)...
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    A blown perfect game in Detroit

    I was watching it live on the MLB network. Live it looked like a bad call, but in replays it looked horrendous. The throw clearly beat the runner. Not even close.
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    Dontrelle Willis

    Same here. Would have prefered Mulvey for Willis but Buckner never really impressed while he was here. Guess that means the D-Train is going straight into the rotation.
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    Dontrelle Willis
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    Diamondbacks 2010 Season Thread

    That is the problem. With Jarrod Parker being unavailable until 2011 because of Tommy John Surgery our best minor league pitching options are Billy Buckner, Kevin Mulvey, Bryan Augenstein and Cesar Valdez. Currently, Buckner looks like the best option (if you can call it that). Bryan...
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    D'Back Release Bob Howry
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    D'Backs Sign RHP Luis Ayala Ayala hasn't had a good season since 2007 and didn't perform well in Triple-A this year. At this point why don't we just ask Joe Borowski to come out of the announcer’s booth and try to help out?
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    Diamondbacks 2010 Season Thread

    New faces, same results. Saul Rivera in his first apperrance with the Diamondbacks gives up two homeruns, five runs, four hits and two walks.... I wonder how hot Mel's seat is right now...
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    D'Back Release Bob Howry

    I would not even put Jon Rauch or Byung Hyun Kim on my top five most hated Diamondbacks pitchers. Really I cannot understand why any D'backs fan would hate Kim, if we had lost that World Series he would be hated, but that is not the case. Jon Rauch had a down first half of the year last season...
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    D'Back Release Bob Howry About time something was done to address the bullpen. In separate move, the D'backs aquired RHP Saul Rivera from the Indians for cash...
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    Diamondbacks make a trade for a reliever

    Rosa was ranked #7 on the Royals top 30 prospects in Baseball America's 2008 Handbook (However, Billy Buckner was #4). He moved to the bullpen full time in 2009 while with Triple-A Omaha with mixed results (2-8 with a 4.56 ERA). This year he has gotten off to a better start at Omaha going 2-1...
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    Congressman asks Selig to move 2011 All-Star Game