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  1. Sweet D

    Devin Booker is the greatest player EVER in Suns history

    I'm not sure that he is even in Amare's league right now. I can't recall Amare bombing like this in the playoffs.
  2. Sweet D

    Most Famous Player You´ve Randomly Run into out in Public

    I met Jessie Owens while trick-or-treating . . . and then went back in the day-time to see his trophy/medals wall. Flew with Jim McMahon. Had him sign my Private Parts book by Howard Stern (only thing I had with me). I met Walter Davis while on the beath in North Carolina.
  3. Sweet D

    R I S E ___ U P ___ D A R K ___ S I D E (2022)

    I wasn't aware that there was another way to be a Cards fan.
  4. Sweet D

    Chris Paul enters COVID Protocol

  5. Sweet D

    Murray may not run at Pro Day Today (3/13)

    Rebound girlfriend? Murray broke up with baseball. Not the other way around. The person breaking it off isn’t on the rebound.
  6. Sweet D

    Keim on signing players with injuries

    Kevin White vs Golden Tate. End of argument. Plenty of healthy players to sign. Kim likes to try to steal players coming off of injury. Blue-light specials are lit because no one else wants the product.
  7. Sweet D

    Suns Reputation

    That's not a ringing endorsement of the Suns organization.
  8. Sweet D

    Suns Reputation

    I think you are all fooling yourselves. Doncic and Ayton don’t “want to be Suns,” they both want to be the #1 pick. It has very little to do with the Suns, and everything to do with status and ego. The Suns under Colangelo was a destination franchise, where top free agents agreed to play for...