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    Cardinals pick at #35

    Who out the remaining top 10 guys did we have in for visits? Could be telling, no?
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    Your 3 bold draft predictions!

    1. A 3 way trade between Vikings, Cards and LAC is in place resulting in Vikings receiving pick 4, Cards pick 5 plus some draft capital and LAC at 11 - however ONLY if Maye slides and is available at 4 (Vikings not willing to send 3 1sts and more for JJ but they’re in love with Maye) 2. There...
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    The Pointless Draft Game

    Brock Bowers (2) - 13 Olu Fashanu (4) - 7 Cooper DeJean (6) - 15 Amarius Mims (6) - 24 Keon Coleman (6) - 26 Bo Nix (6) - 37 Michael Penix Jr (6) - 46 T'Vondre Sweat (6) - 42 Ja'Tavion Sanders (6) - 58 Edgerrin Cooper (8) - 52 Kalen King (10) - 80 Xavier Legette (10) - 40 Cooper Beebe (10) - 40...
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    Cardinals at Texans gameday thread 11-19-23

    Sorry guys, couldn’t make the game - hence why we lost
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    Some thoughts following first home game…

    Very generous offer. Must say, the Arizona generosity and hospitality is top notch. Tailgating isn’t really a thing for football games (maybe because of our lovely weather?). Prematch buildup will usually be had at a local pub surrounded by other fans. There’s usually a home fans and away fans...
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    Some thoughts following first home game…

    Well, that was one fine American experience. As you may have read from my previous post, this was my first home game since following the cardinals. I have some thoughts post match that I wanted to share with you guys. Firstly, thanks for all the advice and tips - it was greatly appreciated. Me...
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    First time attending a home game!

    Cheers guys, was a very good experience!
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    First time attending a home game!

    I’ll be sporting my David Johnson 31 jersey. Looking forward to the tailgating and everything that’s been recommended. I have a sneaky feeling we will win today. Go Cards!
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    First time attending a home game!

    Dare I ask how you found the haggis? Personally I love it but appreciate it’s an acquired taste. I’ll do my best!
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    First time attending a home game!

    Thanks all for the suggestions - will keep them in mind! Very excited for it! Where would be best to find cardinals merch? Would it be in the stadium itself?
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    First time attending a home game!

    Hi there, fellow Card fans! I’m asking for a wee bit of advice if you guys would be so kind. I am Scottish and live in Edinburgh with no ties to AZ - odd that I’m a cardinals fan but hey ho. I’m finally after all this time supporting the team will be making the trip over the pond and will be...

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