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  1. RedStorm

    The Killing (AMC)

    Where did you get season 1?? Sent from my HTC EVO using Tapatalk 2
  2. RedStorm

    Hatfields and McCoys

    My wife's side is from WV and they were filling in all the little details...
  3. RedStorm

    The Killing (AMC)

    I have wanted to watch this show but I don't want to jump in mid stream. If anyone hears when they might do a replay starting from season 1 let me know.
  4. RedStorm

    Hatfields and McCoys

    Try watching the show with people from West Virginia. Talk about history coming alive. Lol.
  5. RedStorm

    Hatfields and McCoys

    I had that same impression. Sent from my HTC EVO using Tapatalk 2
  6. RedStorm

    Justin Blackmon arrested for aggravated DUI

    I grew up in Detroit....The only thing to do there at night is to NOT get shot. Exciting....maybe.... But I can live without that excitement.
  7. RedStorm

    Unreal Fitz catches yesterday

    Fitz is remarkable to watch. Glad he is a Card for life.
  8. RedStorm

    Skelton or Kolb pt. II

  9. RedStorm

    Hot Dogging

  10. RedStorm

    Hot Dogging

    Want to bet Rositas on it? I'm hungry for some enchilladas. :)
  11. RedStorm

    Hot Dogging

    Lol. Probably so. Lol
  12. RedStorm

    Hot Dogging

  13. RedStorm

    Hot Dogging

    After I tell him NEXT TIME u high step it and almost get caught, u betcha. I'd sit him for a series or two then tell him to not test me. Celebrate all you want after you score. The keyword is AFTER. Now, hit the showers, your done.
  14. RedStorm

    Hot Dogging don't know me very well. BTW...your benched. Lol
  15. RedStorm

    Hot Dogging

    I had the same thought. If I were coach I would congratulate him and tell him if he high steps it again he would be benched.
  16. RedStorm

    2011 Diamondbacks Thread

    They come close to losing a 100 games... 95+...
  17. RedStorm

    Who is the new #1 pick in the draft?

    An engine doesnt run with out a Cam.....
  18. RedStorm

    Max Hall

    He was not the reason we won the game BUT I am excited to see him play. He brings a spark. Scrappy kid.... He will only get better. The kid seems to be teachable..
  19. RedStorm

    The Official Derek Anderson Dump Thread

    Aren't there like 10 threads saying the same thing that DA (pronounced duh) is terrible.
  20. RedStorm

    The Official Derek Anderson Dump Thread

    After three game I am not impressed with our offense and his leadership so far.
  21. RedStorm

    Post game thoughts - cards vs rams

    Early "Exit" Ducet
  22. RedStorm

    Week One: Cardinals at Rams (game thread)

    i mean i love this defensive alignment.:)
  23. RedStorm

    Week One: Cardinals at Rams (game thread)

    I don't like this defensive alignment

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