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    Conference Championships

    Great match ups! Also the last 13 of 15 super bowls have had Peyton, Big Ben or Brady in them......
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    Bruce Arians: The NFL's Ultimate Quarterback Whisperer

    Great article!!
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    David Johnson vs. Zack Zenner

    David Johnson 2014 stats since not in bio Zack Zenner 2014 stats since not in bio...
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    OT- NFL Helmet Concept Designs Link at bottom to all NFL teams. Some look great others not so much. I doubt any will make the field but still neat to look at.
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    Peter Gammons.... Not Good

    Longtime ESPN Baseball analyst Peter Gammons suffered an aneurysm in his brain Tuesday morning near his home on Cape Cod, Mass. He was airlifted to a Boston hospital, where he is currently undergoing surgery. AP Gammons was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2005. Gammons, 61...
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    D-Back implicated in steroids probe.

    You could say the same for Bonds?????
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    D-Back implicated in steroids probe.

    Gonzo before and after pics.
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    Okay. Young will do.

    I dont know? Looks like Vick did in college. And Vick is way overated and cant get it done in the pros.
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    We want Navarre, We want Navarre!

    3rd string QB's cannot play unless the first two are injured.
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    Sheffield attacks fan

    The fan reached out on to the field. Nice way to lay the blame though. :shrug:
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    My response to Reineking bashing Cards!

    Change the subject though.... If he sees cardinals he will probably not open it after reading a couple.
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    My response to Reineking bashing Cards!

    This guy could care less if you write him. He probably feeds off it. You would be better off writing the network and telling them you will no longer read or watch anything related with Fox sports....(which I bet you can not due) They still could care less. Its the writers opinion vs. yours...
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    Do you still think Mondesi was a good trade?

    He is hitting .257 only has 1 HR and 3 RBI. He was brought in to be a big bat from the right side. Do you think he was over hyped or is it just a slump?
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    Congrats to Chandler's Little League team

    Good for them I hope they go all the way!!! The funny thing is when they played on ESPN2 for the regional bid to Williams Port not a single one said a D-back was their favorite player. Then the next day or so Schilling was on Gambo and Ash's show and Schilling said he watched the game and was...
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    I am so disapointed.

    I am not calling him nor anyone here out. The point was the cowboys are not wining so there fans will not come out. Just like the cards, all teams have their far share of bandwagon fans. I too go to many cards games and I see allot of fans there for the visiting team. Sometimes more than the...
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    I am so disapointed.

    If thats not the pot calling the kettle black?? in the '98 the fans came. Heck last yaer when the cards were 4-2 the fans came out. You gotta win to put fans in the seats. No matter what sport or town.
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    Caption the Photo...

    "They paid you what???? Oh -well I guess beggers can't be choosers" "Wow Emmit, The fans packed in toinight see NFL's leading rusher." " How do you expect me to pay for those three sets of ankles you broke."
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    blake better than jake

    Your right dallas is much better!!:rolleyes:
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    blake better than jake

    Yup, but Jake didnt have a bad game himself.