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    Ex-Cardinals VP Terry McDonough accuses Bidwill of cheating

    I guess the original 2018 press release didn't help.
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    New Uniforms for the Cardinals

    They won't change the logo because it's pressed into every seat in the stadium. Yellow is obvious based on new draft hat and branding.
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    Korey Cunningham traded to Pats for 6th Rounder

    There's nothing lucky about being the last guy to make the team. Because he's also the first guy to get cut when other teams cut players and the Cards think they have an upgrade.
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    Korey Cunningham traded to Pats for 6th Rounder

    I agree. The only thing this means is that he wasn't going to make the team. There will be some additional cuts/pickups but now the Cards have a 6th when they wouldn't have had one if they cut him.
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    Darius Philon Arrested for Aggravated Assault

    1. Gets arrested and brings negative attention the Cards 2. Already paid $4M signing bonus - salary is fully guaranteed. 3. Counts $3M against the cap which Cards cannot recover. 4. Creates $2M in dead money in 2020. This is more than just cutting some dude with legal issues and finding a...
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    Welcome to the NFL draft thread April 25-April 27, 2019

    What's gonna happen with Josh Rosen?
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    Josh Gordon - To Be Released

    Showed up late to practice and was "not himself" and reporting "there was concern that perhaps he was struggling again with his sobriety or on the verge of relapsing, sources said." Otherwise known as he probably showed up high or drunk, or both.
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    Warning: Not 4 the glass-half-full people

    It's Deja Vu. I feel like I'm getting ready to go to SDS and watch newly signed Jeff Blake or go to UOP Stadium to watch newly signed Derek Anderson . . . Another one of those seasons. No expectations and a boring team.
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    HB has been cut

    It's getting a little tough to get excited for this season . . . and deposits are due by Monday.
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    Daryl Washington has been cut

    If I understand this correctly, since he was suspended, the years he sat out of football didn't count against his contract. So technically, once reinstated, he was only in the 2nd year of the 4 year contract? Regardless, he's not worth that money...
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    Daryl Washington has been cut

    When I saw this news, I figured it was tied to money. Like perhaps there was unsettled payments or Washington wanted to play under his existing contract. Seems that was the case. Cards wanted to pay him the minimum and he had to still be under contract otherwise it wouldn't require a release...
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    University of Phoenix Stadium To Get New Name

    I'll bet it's a car manufacturer. Maybe Toyota or Hyundai. Hyundai is one of their sponsors.
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    Coyotes Search For A New Arena

    I think the real issue here is that most teams in the NHL are losing money (Forbes report said all but 3 teams lost money in 2012). There just aren't any deep pocket owners here in Phoenix who want to buy and invest in sports teams. I'd argue that Suns, D-Backs, and Coyotes fall in this...
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    Michael Floyd sentenced to 120 days

    I'm sure his goal was to agree to a sentence immediately and start serving so he can be free prior to any mini-camps later this spring. Regardless, his stock has really fallen. New England only played him a couple of times and we all know they were in it for the compensatory pick.
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    Is "deflategate over"

    If you don't want to read the whole story above, here's the summary: But league insiders knew that Deflategate didn't begin on the eve of the AFC Championship Game. It began in 2007, with Spygate. Interviews by ESPN The Magazine and Outside the Lines with more than 90 league officials...
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    Is "deflategate over"

    Well it was technically over after Brady served his suspension. The way I look at it, repeated cheating by the Patriots (read the ESPN story on the video taping scheme that went on for years), the NFL had to send a message and suspending Brady for 4 games was the message. Let's hope they don't...
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    OT: It Pains Me To Say This But The Following Are Facts

    Tom Brady. Can you believe he's 39 years old? Seems like he can play at least another 5 years.
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    One of the Greatest Bowl games ever shows off next great NFL QB

    Most QBs fall flat on their face once the hit the NFL. We are lucky to get one or two QBs a year who can last in the NFL. Just happens that USC provides more QBs into the mix than most any other school because they play more of a pro style offense.
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    One of the Greatest Bowl games ever shows off next great NFL QB

    USC quarterback was phenomenal for a Freshman.
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    Floyd DUI video

    Well I learned something. I didn't know Arizona had a Super Extreme DUI law. I knew the standard DUI (.08) and the Extreme (.15). What you should know about the Super Extreme DUI...
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    BA = Toxic

    I blame this season on "All or Nothing". In that video the Cardinals clearly thought they were better than they were, and then in the offseason they became celebrities. Well last season was "All" and this season is "Nothing."
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    Antron Retires

    Thanks Brian Billick.
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    Antron Retires

    Thanks for the memories, Antron.
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    This Preseason = Pure Trash.

    Only a real optimist will think the Cards will be fine. They have not looked good this pre-season.

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