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    How many of you ASFNers live in the Los Angeles area?

    San Bernardino Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    New Year's Thoughts

    Mitch. In my way of thinking a DB is of top priority this coming offseason. Of course so is a left Tackle. I would rather address the Tackle position in FA and draft a higher DB in the draft. Why couldn't PP be the Tight End cover, or draft a safety with that ability high in the draft.
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    Monday's Ten Thoughts Week 2

    Mitch. awesome thoughts on yesterdays game. I have a question for you. Last year defensive secondary's would creep up and not respect our ability to go over the top. Has that changed this year? I live here in southern California and only get the raiders and don't have Sunday ticket. I used...
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    NFL Playbook Video Cardinals Steelers Preview/Video

    Nice prospective on the Game on Sunday.
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    Top 20 moments in Arizona

    Im surprised that they did not include the Roy Green catch to beat the 49rs, after trailing 21-0 at halftime????
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    Cards claim Wide Receiver from Pittsburgh

    Who will the Cards Cut to make room for this guy? Is Morey in danger?
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    Cards claim Wide Receiver from Pittsburgh According to Adam Schefter the Cardinals claimed a 3 yr Receiver from the Steelers. Walter Young. I just wonder if thats true who will we now cut???
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    Okeafor Done; Moses, Urban are Cards

    I was just browsing;s adam scheifter colum and found that the Cardinals have claimed another wide receiver from Pittsburgh. Walter Young. A third year wide receiver. I wonder who we will cut. Maybe Morey???? Check it out.
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    cardinals highlight video

    Its just nice to see some hitting again. I'm just tired of talking about the draft.
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    If we want to beat Green Bay

    We know we are not going to run against them so what do we do? What ever happened to the quick out to the wide receiver which is usually just as good as a run. Why do we never use screen passes, or draw plays when they are going to blitz us hard. Why is it we have to throw down the field 15...
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    Why the Cards can't Run

    sorry here is the link
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    Why the Cards can't Run
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    Why the Cards can't Run

    I am new to this forum. I have followed this forum for some time now, and with everything going on with the Cards OL, I just thought this article by Aaron Schatz, about the last 9 minutes of the Bears game. Who's at fault the OL or James? I have not seen this posted, if it has i apologize.

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