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  1. wembley88

    Cardinals at Rams gameday thread 1-3-21

    I have so had it with the Kingsbury experiment.
  2. wembley88

    2019 NFL Yahoo Sports You Pick 'em sign up

    I’ll try this- always good to discover something else i’m hopeless at How do theconfidence points work? Are they connected to scoring in any way?
  3. wembley88

    Crabtree signed

    heard anything?
  4. wembley88

    Welcome to the NFL draft thread April 25-April 27, 2019

    I didn’t want this - but i found myself excited at pick. Lets do it.
  5. wembley88

    JJ Nelson to Raiders

  6. wembley88

    No. 1 overall pick poll

    With Casserly now saying he was speaking to a College coach who rates Murray above Mahomes, I’m now all in on Murray. Am enjoying the rollercoaster.
  7. wembley88

    How long have you been a Cardinal fan?

    Probably about 85 or 86, just before move to Arizona. Picked up an nfl book when it first became accessible in UK and read about Cardinals being underdogs in their division. That was me hooked.
  8. wembley88

    The Whole Story

    Being from across the pond i really appreciate the insightful posters on here, to get a good feel for what is happening with the Cards. always appreciated
  9. wembley88

    MB is the #1 problem why this organization is where it is

    Agree it’s a good read and it’s hard not to align with the view that Keim is a problem.
  10. wembley88

    MadJack’s Banner Suggestions - Lions Game

    ‘Not all GM redundancies are bad’
  11. wembley88

    MadJacks Banner Suggestions - 49ers Game

    State Farce
  12. wembley88

    "Wishful Thinking" for MadJack's Banner - Bears Game

    Not sure where your flag is situated in the ground but what about: End Zone here Or - End zone this way With huge arrows pointing the way
  13. wembley88

    MadJack's Banner Suggestions - Home Opener Redskins!

    The golden jacket Fitz.
  14. wembley88

    Wilks and Coordinators: Clear and Concise

    This was very noticeable and something I picked up on too, re clearly being the HC. I think we could have found a keeper.
  15. wembley88

    Bidwill at a Crossroad

    Always enjoy your take on things Mitch. Makes me seem knowledgeable over here with minimum effort...! Keep rocking the tin helmet.
  16. wembley88

    Brandon Williams played 1 defensive snap in 2017

    And we only went for Johnson because the guy he was after, Abdullah, was taken off the board just before we picked.
  17. wembley88

    Any ASFN'ers going to London?

    I’ll be there too
  18. wembley88

    MadJack's Banner Messages - MNF Cowgirls Game!

    No Cowboys in the Western division
  19. wembley88

    Cardinals' 1st Pick: Your Prediction?

    Jonathan Allan
  20. wembley88

    Cubs and Cardinals

    I'm also a Cards and Cubs fan. Never believed I'd see either win it all, now I believe I'll see both The last few weeks of 3 hours sleep given time zone is taking its toll though.
  21. wembley88

    Super Bowl 50 Final Score Prediction

    Panthers 34 Broncos 21 Yards 730
  22. wembley88

    Colin Kaepernick

  23. wembley88

    I'm nervous....

  24. wembley88

    MadJack's Banner Suggestions - Playoff Game!

    I'd lean to the theme. Teams that know how to win, find ways to win. That's why I was thinking 'believe', a message to our players to take this wonderful franchise to the next level. yours is great though. Destiny is a good word to use. Ps it might just be a British spelling but Over here...

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