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  1. StreetTruckinTitan

    Seahawks at Cardinals gameday thread 1-7-24

    Prater deserves an extension!
  2. StreetTruckinTitan

    Seahawks at Cardinals gameday thread 1-7-24

    Pefect game and outcome!!!!
  3. StreetTruckinTitan

    Gigantic 'hole' in the sun wider than 60 Earths is spewing superfast solar wind right at us

    Black hole sun Won't you come And wash away the rain? Black hole sun Won't you come Won't you come
  4. StreetTruckinTitan

    Gannon's Role

    I think this season is a glorified preseason for evaluating players for next year. Gannon doesnt care about wins and losses and neither does Monti. Nobody's on the hot seat. Havent even seen Mike at all this season. IMO theyre playing for the #1 or 2 pick and possibly trading Kyler. Monti will...
  5. StreetTruckinTitan

    Cardinals at Texans gameday thread 11-19-23

    Can't wait for Monti to rid us from Keims secondary.
  6. StreetTruckinTitan

    Tune it up

    Meh, I was ready to have Dobbs gone the last few games for us. He'll look good for the Vikes like he did when he beat the Cowgirls here but he'll regress going forward also. The Vikes line let alot of rushers thru today but Dobbs was able to allude them. DCs will see what he did today and will...
  7. StreetTruckinTitan

    Tune it up

    I think Dobbs would have looked equally bad today as well. The line was atrocious and Petzing didnt do him any favors with play calling today.
  8. StreetTruckinTitan

    Cardinals at Browns gameday thread 11-5-23

    The officiating is Bull pucky today. I dont mind that they lose but call a clean game!!!!!
  9. StreetTruckinTitan

    Dobbs to the Vikings

    He beat the Cowgirls thats worth an extra pick to me.
  10. StreetTruckinTitan


    Yeah but the good news is the Cards have the #1 and 12 pick in the first round next draft at this point!!! Winning!!!!
  11. StreetTruckinTitan

    Cardinals at Seahawks gameday thread 10-22-23

    I thought I saw the Broncos lost so 3rd pick? Kyler coming back ruins any decent pick. Got to have something positive to look forward to.
  12. StreetTruckinTitan

    Cardinals at Seahawks gameday thread 10-22-23

    Good news, we have the 3rd pick at this point. Bad news, Kyler is coming back soon.
  13. StreetTruckinTitan

    Quick Assessment of Bengal Game

    The game turned when Connor left with his injury. It felt deflating to the offense and they lost all their momentum and confidence. Take away his rushing, receiving and blocking its a different offense and it showed. It'll be nice if JG and Rallis figure out how to play middle zone without...
  14. StreetTruckinTitan

    State of the franchise after 5 games of Gannon and new GM era

    I feel good about the direction but injuries are killing the momentum.
  15. StreetTruckinTitan

    QB 1 (?) Josh Dobbs

    Judging by the height of the mic stand they were expecting Kyler. ;)
  16. StreetTruckinTitan

    Cardinals at Niners gameday thread 10-1-23

    GO CARDINALS!!! :newcards:
  17. StreetTruckinTitan

    Beating the Niners

    Win or lose as long as the we come out and punch them in mouth and play physical on both sides of the ball I'll be happy. Id be much happier if we shock them and win though.
  18. StreetTruckinTitan

    The Expendables 4

    They should have named this last movie The Expirables.
  19. StreetTruckinTitan


    Bye lazy A :wave:
  20. StreetTruckinTitan

    Buckle Up Buttercup it's about to get rough

    If you dont expect to win then you shouldnt be disappointed. All I want this team to be this season is competitive and if the Cards do win I want to finish the season on a winning streak. Thats enough for me this year.
  21. StreetTruckinTitan

    Giants at the Cardinals gameday thread 9-17-23

    LMAO!!! Another exciting win win game for me. Who wants a team who wins maybe 4-5 games this season. Keep your eye on the prize Cards! :cool:
  22. StreetTruckinTitan

    Giants at the Cardinals gameday thread 9-17-23

    Budda injured already? Not off to a good start after extending a undersized injury prone safety. Hopefully not par for the course this season...again?
  23. StreetTruckinTitan

    Cardinals at Commanders gameday thread 9-10-23

    For some reason Dobbs had tunnel vision on Ertz. Needed to spread the ball.

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