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  1. Duckjake

    Fanaika Out? Coop May Start...

    Would anyone notice if Fainaka didn't play?
  2. Duckjake

    I aint out

    If we haven't checked out after 25 years of 5-11 why would you think we'd quit now? :D
  3. Duckjake

    For my Cardinal friends feeling a lil' discouraged...

    Imagine the baseball Cardinals going into the NLCS without Wainwright or Lance Lynn, Molina, Peralta, Carpenter, Holliday or Adams and having to start Tyler Lyons in game one. That's close to what we are looking at as Cardinal football fans.
  4. Duckjake

    Defensive Snap Counts @DEN

    0-1 And now we've lost Shaughnessey!!'
  5. Duckjake

    You win some and you lose some

    Trouble is we have been winning some and losing players. If Calais is out for any length of time our Defense is toast. The game didn't get out of hand when Stanton went down it went south when Campbell was lost.
  6. Duckjake

    Cardinals at Broncos Official Game Thread 10-5-2014

    It's getting so bad it's going to have to be "next woman up". I know the Koolaid flows freely here but you can't lose half your top players on defense and expect to continue to compete. Tired? No just ran out of top level talent.
  7. Duckjake

    Cardinals at Broncos Official Game Thread 10-5-2014

    Dang. Peterson! Do we have a AAA team to get new players? Defense is just decimated. Can't believe how they are hanging in there.
  8. Duckjake

    Cardinals at Broncos Official Game Thread 10-5-2014

    This game so far shows how football savvy ASFN posters are. The knock in the team to date is the lack of a pass rush and Stanton's propensity to throw high and behind receivers. And that is exactly what is hurting the team. Of course it would help if the WRs would grab some of those wide...
  9. Duckjake

    Cards W/L Prediction As of Today??

    Glad to see there's at least one person who really understands Cardinal football left on the Board.
  10. Duckjake

    Whiz wins opener.......many more to come!

    Which begs the question. Why didn't Denny have any great years in the desert? Eating too many hot dogs? Fishing instead of game planning? You gotta luv Cardinal football.
  11. Duckjake

    Apple unveils iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, Apple Watch

    Why is my iPhone always so hot? If it's some rouge app can I download it into my wife?
  12. Duckjake

    C Palmer didnt practice 9-29-14

    No I actually believe the master of deceit, Arians, when he says if you have two QBs you don't have one.
  13. Duckjake

    Not to get cocky, but the Broncos are beatable.

    Hard to believe but Peyton Manning has been in the NFL since 1998 and this Sunday will be only the 3rd time the Cardinals have played against him.
  14. Duckjake

    MNF Chefs vs. the Brady Bunch

    They never have recovered from when we whipped them in Foxnoro.
  15. Duckjake

    Not to get cocky, but the Broncos are beatable.

    Ken Whusenhunt is to only Cardinal HC to have his team beat Denver in a regular season game. :p
  16. Duckjake

    Is Todd Bowles the new Russ Grimm

    Had similar threads about Horton.
  17. Duckjake

    Can Someone Define the "Situation" that this Organization Found Itself In?

    The thread that needs to be bumped is the one(or several) about the Cards trading for Palmer. That changed everything.
  18. Duckjake

    Whiz wins opener.......many more to come!

    The Titans fans need to be patient. Whiz started 3-5 in AZ then went 28-18 including 4 playoff wins and an NFC Title. :D
  19. Duckjake

    Palmer shouldnt play v Denver.....

    Well then comment on the absurdity of that instead of just writing that it's the coaches job to worry and therefore we don't need to talk about Palmers injury
  20. Duckjake

    A quick review....then and now...

    You know these guys have millions of dollars why don't they hire PR people to work with them on how to conduct press conferences? Me, If I were a high profile athlete I'd hire a comedy writer like Larry the Cable a Guy to get me one liners. So when a reporter asked me what I was thinking...
  21. Duckjake

    Nice article on Cards success. Some all-22 gifs included

    Thesmel gets grief because his posts are on some weird language. And of course for jocking Leinart. As for a balanced attack I don't think teams can do that anymore. 60-40 pass run seems to be the norm. But what the heck do I know? Whatever I post the opposite always happens. :D
  22. Duckjake

    life after Bowles

    I'm just happy I don't have to see those Dave McGinnis is a great coach threads anymore. And the "he just needs more time posts" Those drove me crazy. :D
  23. Duckjake

    A quick review....then and now...

    Good post. Since the stadium opened the Cards have had 5 seasons of .500 or better. 5 of 8. Before that the Cards had two seasons .500 or better in the previous 18 seasons in Arizona.
  24. Duckjake

    Palmer shouldnt play v Denver.....

    So what are we supposed to discuss? The coaches and front office know more about everything relating to the team. I guess the only thread each week should be Rugby's "We Won/We Lost??? This is what fans do. I'm not "worried" about Palmer but I enjoy discussing/reading takes like when Palmer...

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