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    The 2024-25 NFL league year

    Best of luck in Miami. Loved this guy as a Cardinal.
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    Just for Fun: Things that Drive Me Crazy about Football

    When Kliff was coach, and the Cardinals ran an unsuccessful play, they always ran that play for the entire game! :D
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    The 2024-25 NFL league year
  4. Metcalf Rules

    Zay Jones to Cardinals

    Good signing! The only thing that concerns me is his eyesight. Before each game, people sing, "Oh Zay, can you see?"
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    Week 18 of the Arizona Cardinals off season thread. 05/06/24-05/12/24

    Is the schedule coming out this week? Its got to be soon right? Will the Cardinals return to prime time? I bet they do at least once, even if against SF or Seattle on a Thursday.
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    2024 NFL Draft Thread - Round 4 (no spoilers)

    Drafting 4th in 4th round means perfect timing for ESPN to go to commercial break when Cards pick is in.
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    Draft Lesson Learned

    That’s good because if I remember, the Cardinals charge the players for meals!
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    OT: 2024 NFL Draft Rumors

    Something great or terrible happens every 20 years when the Cards draft a wide receiver. In 2004, the Cards drafted Fitzgerald. That worked out great. In 1984, the Cardinals drafted Clyde Duncan, who has to be one of the biggest busts in team history. 2024, if they draft MHJ, and I hope they do...
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    2024 Free Agency thread

    Looking closer at the numbers, Boyd might be a safer bet. Sadly, I see more Cowboys games than Bengals. But from what I've seen Gallup has always performed well. I know he had a bad injury awhile back. I was surprised he only had 34 catches this past season. I really expected the Cards to target...
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    2024 Free Agency thread

    I thought I saw Michael Gallup was available after being cut by Cowboys. He'd be an upgrade.
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    Khyiris Tonga welcome to AZ

    Golden Corral restaurants in the Phoenix area endorse this signing.
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    OT:Rams Aaron Donald Announces Retirement.

    Aaand we signed Chris Moore! Win win!
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    Chris Moore WR Signed

    Give him jersey #4!
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    Desmond Ridder to the Cardinals (Traded Rondale Moore)

    At least they'll always have their "fleecing" of the Cardinals! :D
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    Desmond Ridder to the Cardinals (Traded Rondale Moore)

    Maybe this has been posted already...
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    2024 Free Agency thread

    Absolutely. 3 years at 100 mill is a bargain in this day and age.
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    OT: Jaguars trade for Mac Jones

    Pair him back up with Nick Nolte and you’ve got something!
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    Future of Hollywood Brown as a Cardinal

    Early Doucet says hold my beer!
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    The 2023-24 league year

    Some weird trades in NFL history but few as bizarre as the Saints giving a whole draft for Ricky Williams.
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    Trade speculation: Justin Jefferson to Arizona Cardinals

    That's good for at least another 3 or 4 pages.!
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    Draft Noise Going Around - QBs

    I’m as big of a Notre Dame fan as there is and I’m sure Joe Alt will have a fine career, but if Marvin Harrison is there at 4 and the Cards don’t take him I might just throw a brick through my tv.