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  1. Outerlimits

    $35.5M in cap space

    I agree with this if Kyler plays well overall this season. If Kyler plays poorly then Monti is obviously going to have to start over at QB. It would be foolish to run the GM out of town before he has an opportunity to choose the player at the most important position on the team.
  2. Outerlimits

    3 Concerns the Cards Have About the Upcoming Season

    My main concern is the absolutely brutal schedule to start the season. The team could easily be 1-4 after 5 games.
  3. Outerlimits

    NBA Players to the NFL?

    Probably a heck of a lot easier than putting 30 soccer players into the NFL.
  4. Outerlimits

    Zay Jones to Cardinals

    Why only a one year deal though? Injury history? Regardless, glad they signed him. We needed some more quality players at the position.
  5. Outerlimits

    Steve Keim Opens Up About Mental Health Issues

    Hopefully he is getting the help he needs. The orginization(Bidwill) enabled the guy for far too long though in my opinion. I do have a tad bit of sympathy because I watched a sibling become a hardcore alcoholic for 8 years yet often functional somehow.(not always of course) She woke up one...
  6. Outerlimits

    Falcons Penix/Cousins Debacle. What say you?

    It is not a huge factor at the moment, but Penix has suffered four significant injuries already in his late teens/early 20s. The odds seem lower to me that he will be one of the QBs that is successful a decade from now.
  7. Outerlimits

    Season Starts TOMORROW: What's your record prediction??

    if the Cardinals finished 12-5 or 13-4, they would almost certainly fall in the real contender camp, not the fake one. Kyler would likely be having a phenomenal season if the Cards are winning 12+ games. Plus the NFC West is a tough division.
  8. Outerlimits

    Desmond Ridder to the Cardinals (Traded Rondale Moore)

    Hard to criticize the kid too much for that one. I think pretty much every RB was injured that game, and it was on the road against one of the best defenses in League. Horrible situation for a first start. I'm glad Cards won't be going into the season with him as #2 though.
  9. Outerlimits

    OT: Britt Reid, Chiefs assistant coach, involved in crash that seriously injured child

    Heck, President Andrew Johnson a southern Democrat from Tennessee who remained loyal to the Union during the war pardoned/declared amnesty for every former Confederate on Christmas 1868. Which included Jefferson Davis, who was about to go on trial for treason and other charges a month later...
  10. Outerlimits

    Super Bowl LVIII (58)

    I guess it would have been an amusing scenario if the 49ers had scored a TD instead of FG on first drive in OT. Many 49ers players would be celebrating thinking they had won the game.
  11. Outerlimits

    Super Bowl LVIII (58)

    As a Cards fan I agree. If I was a 49ers fan, losing 3 Super Bowls and several NFC Championship games in the last three decades would be a major gut punch. Especially since the SB losses were heartbreaking ones much like the Cardinals-Steelers Super Bowl. Having numerous opportunities of...
  12. Outerlimits

    Super Bowl LVIII (58)

    Both were not great. However, angrily shouting and bumping(hard enough to knock him off balance) a 65 year old overweight guy with previous health issues is far more idiotic and dangerous.
  13. Outerlimits

    Disney, Fox and Warner Bros. Discovery to launch massive new sports streaming service this fall

    Honestly, I find myself watching the free streaming service Tubi more than some I pay for. They tend to have some quality movies/shows from 10+ years ago that you often don't get on Netflix, Prime, etc....
  14. Outerlimits

    Super Bowl LVIII (58)

    Some on social media want to blame the missed Xtra point but he did make two very long FGs. The play calling by Kyle right after the half was the bigger problem. Going completely pass happy and putting up zero points the entire quarter.(plus the missed opportunities in first quarter.) Wilks...
  15. Outerlimits

    Week 3 of the Arizona Cardinals off season. 1/22/24-1/28/24

    We should probably accept that the defense is still going to be pretty awful. If it can improve to just somewhat bad, we are in good shape I guess. The fact the Cardinals are becoming a strong rushing offense that can chew up clock can certainly help though. My realistic expectations are...
  16. Outerlimits

    Weirdly Positive

    Agree Stout. The optimism for me is simply because the Cards seem to have a solid coaching staff in place. We aren't 4-12 with Kliff( or one of the many other dreadful coaches we have seen over decades) which requires straight up hopium heading into following seasons. Bidwill finally...
  17. Outerlimits

    What a difference a year makes.

    My expectations for next season are the team hovering around .500 much of the time. The offense could be quite dangerous, but the Cards will still be a year away from being a major threat because of defense. Granted, if the offense is doing really well, even a middling/mediocre defense could...
  18. Outerlimits

    Is Kyler Murray the answer at QB for next year and beyond?

    Kyler record against NFC West teams in 5 years: 5 wins, 17 losses. We really need Kyler to figure out how not to be atrocious against the Rams especially. If they lose to the Seahawks Sunday, they finish 0-6 in division. Has that happened before? the really good Kyler needs to show up in...
  19. Outerlimits

    The Positive Kyler Murray News Thread

    I agree with most of this except the Eagles are a very good team part. They are currently imploding and the defense is a complete dumpster fire with Patricia as DC now. The OC isn't much better. The play calling by Eagles after the Gannon onside was laughably bad, and the Eagles fans in...
  20. Outerlimits

    Bears Current Posture

    I certainly wouldn't mind. It is just a shame our SOS kills us. Probably a 1% chance Titans or Chargers win. Giants beating Eagles wouldn't be shocking though.
  21. Outerlimits

    Bears Current Posture

    Decent chance Cards beat the Seahawks this week and end up with #6 or #7 pick.
  22. Outerlimits

    The Murray TD Pass to Conner

    A+ play by Kyler. A+++ catch by Conner
  23. Outerlimits

    Cardinals at Eagles gameday thread 12-31-23

    Monti excitedly congratulating everyone was fun to watch. Especially because he probably had some seriously mixed emotions watching the team in the 4th quarter. I have been critical of Kyler, but he was stellar today. One of my favorite plays was actually early in the final drive when he...
  24. Outerlimits

    Michael Carter RB

    Agreed. It is strange seeing a Cardinals team with a solid rushing attack. Which we have seen fairly often this year. The OLine deserves credit as well. The offense has the potential to be quite good as early as next year. Especially if we see Kyler like he was today more often. I...
  25. Outerlimits

    Losing the lower pick surely sucks.

    Eh. While dropping a bit in the draft is a bummer, the performance today increases the optimism about the coaching staff.(HC, OC, and DC) This wasn't some fluke lucky win either as the Cards dominated many aspects of the game.(with a far less talented roster) Plus, watching Eagles fans have...