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    NBA Finals Boston vs Dallas (poll)

    I dislike both teams but the last thing I wanted to see in the NBA Finals is a sweep.... Disappointing way to end the season
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    Mike Budenholzer - Officially Suns new Head Coach

    No Surprise,,,,,ESPN officially,,OFFICIALLY this morning announced that Budenholzer has signed his Sun's 5 year contract for the $ figure mentioned previously on this thread. All of the ESPN annalists stated that they didn't think that Budenholzer can deliver a NBA title with the Big 3 and...
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    The Official "I wish Ron Wolfley would retire from Radio" thread

    I'm tired of the Buttermilk stuff as well. Last year did business with one sponsor he swore was great. Took one right up my azz from them. Never again listen to backed sponsors...... doing my own homework.
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    Timberwolves @ Suns Sunday Playoff game thread 4-28-2024 - Game 4

    Didn't I hear that Beal has a 'no-trade contract'? Maybe he will want to stay here, or not? With $50 M owed him next year, what teams would want him? Right now I see the same starting five being here next season. Same team, same result?
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    Timberwolves @ Suns Sunday Playoff game thread 4-28-2024 - Game 4

    After game 3, I mentioned our bench played 60 minutes and only contributed 12 pts. Game 4, same 60 minutes of bench player time but only 10 pts produced. Glad we added those late season additions to help out > Young, Roddy, IT :sarcasm: As Barkley said in the post-game segment > the Suns...
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    Timberwolves @ Suns Friday Playoff game thread 4-26-2024 - Game 3

    Add to this Eubank's 9 pts makes it to 12 pts total for 61 minutes played. That doesn't cut it at the NBA level. I've been a Sun's fan since 1970, through highs and lows, but this team is embarrassing. If they are going lose at least make it a completive game giving it all. Many here are...
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    Timberwolves @ Suns Sunday Playoff game thread 4-28-2024 - Game 4

    Phraz,,,, You may be able to sell these tickets to some Minn fans who will bring their brooms to the game? Otherwise, they are worth about 10 cents on the dollar, sorry to say. It's a 48 minute game but the Suns seem to go full-blast for 24-30 minutes and then run out of energy, and pizz-away...
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    Devin Booker is the greatest player EVER in Suns history

    I agree,,,,, Book has a ways to go until he joins Nash and Barkley to a NBA MVP award. I'm not sure he will ever reach that plateau during his career.
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    Suns @ Timberwolves Saturday Playoff game thread, 4-20-24 - Game 1

    Looking over game stats, starting 5 total was less than 80 pts. Frankie only basically playing 6 guys, O'Neale added 14 pts. Rest of bench watchers, one FG. Seven seconds or less was more fun to watch if they are only going to play 6 guys. [ Mike D'Antoni era ]
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    Suns @ Timberwolves Saturday Playoff game thread, 4-20-24 - Game 1

    Is it a EV? If Suns are eliminated in first round,,, E V should stand for EJECT VOGEL
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    CP3 not retiring

    Thanks for the love... ;) Source,, Common sense Dire Straits,,,Brothers in Arms
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    CP3 not retiring

    CP did well and was a asset as a Sun, but his age, contract dollars, and injuries don't play well into the Suns' plans. CP has played for six NBA teams and is 38 years old. He isn't going to play for minimum contract money, so forget that. IMO, its time for CP to retire,,,,make a few more SF...
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    2024 WNBA Draft - April 15th

    Thanks for the correction Chap... To error is human,,,to forgive is against ASF policy,, ;)
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    2024 WNBA Draft - April 15th

    LA ended up with a Mercury pick, and selected Cameron Brink. Mercury should have taken her....great defensive player. 6'4" She is the gal in the New Balance TV commercials with K. Leonard.
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    The Grayson Allen thread

    Today,,, Grayson's wife started looking for a new house to purchase. :thumbup: Good signing...didn't want to see him go elsewhere
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    Suns @ Kings Friday game thread 4-12-2023

    A wasted roster spot like most of their bench players, and money not $pent well. After this season ends, I hope Matt I puts on his ass-kicking shoes.
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    OT: OJ has passed

    OJ's family confirmed on social media of his passing, yesterday. 1. Sports hero,, many years playing for NFL Buffalo and San Fran. 2. Heisman trophy winner and inducted in NFL Hall of Fame 3. First running back to go 2,000 yards rushing 4. TV commercial spokesman and sports annalist reporter...
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    Suns @ Clippers Wednesday game thread 4-10-2024

    4 of the 5 Clipper starters aren't playing tonight,,,a real test for the Suns (not) Very unimpressive win,,,Suns beating the Clips' bench players only. This game tells me its just a matter of days before the Suns can clean out their lockers to 'go fishing'
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    The Grayson Allen thread

    You are right as Grayson had a horrible shooting night on 3 pointers > 0-8,,,,, but he, O'Neale, and Beal were the only Suns that did hustle with some energy.
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    Clippers @ Suns Tuesday game thread 4-9-2024

    One minute before tip-off I heard the above and was ready to mark this game as a W. WTH was I thinking. Fan Appreciation night, the Suns displayed how they reward their fan base by laying a fat freaking egg.
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    Clippers @ Suns Tuesday game thread 4-9-2024

    Will this be the same for tomorrow night's game? After watching this pile of poop,,,Suns are set to go 0-4 the rest of the way. Falling fast in the division standings...
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    Clippers @ Suns Tuesday game thread 4-9-2024

    Suns down by 33 at the half... I'm sure Frank will have a new game plan for the second half. Time to put in IT and see if he can recharge the energy that they say he is capable of doing while sitting on the bench. Embarrassing. At least the Lakers-Warriors game is more exciting to watch...
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    Name your top 3 problems

    1. Coach Vogel doesn't cut. Let him go,, 2. Weak bench for the most part. Royce, EG, and Bol are acceptable. 3. Tend to get a good lead and then take the foot off the gas.
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    Pelicans @ Suns Sunday game thread 4-7-2024

    Pelican bench played 82 minutes and scored 34 points. Suns bench played 56 minutes with only 7 points scored. Frank could have thought this out more and put in a bench sub to take a stand to draw charging fouls with the wide body Zion driving down to stuff a bucket.
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    Suns @ Pelicans Monday game thread 4-1-2024

    SUNS lead was 27 pts at one point, and let the pelicans chip it down to single digit. I read some of you call that a Pelican run, but I seen it as a Pelican wallop with big Z driving his lard butt down into the paint to score and many times got the foul call. Other teams in the west are...

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