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  1. gmabel830


    Pretty good start for USA. Should have scored a couple more.
  2. gmabel830

    The Official Brighton and Hove Albion Thread

    It is indeed the 31 year old Fabian Hurzeler.
  3. gmabel830

    2024 Free Agency thread

    Calais to Miami
  4. gmabel830

    The Official US Soccer thread

    Yeah, defense is still a little shaky and we were definitely not the best team on the pitch (nor will we ever will be against Brazil), but we had several chances and were right in the game the whole time. Definitely takes a lot of the sour taste from Colombia out in advance of when the games...
  5. gmabel830

    The Official US Soccer thread

    I’m ready to be hurt again.
  6. gmabel830

    Cardinals Flight Plan 7PM Today

    The thing that struck me most was when another GM called about us trading out of our pick a couple of spots ahead, and Monti was firm that we were staying put. That gave me an indication that there were several players that they liked still on the board, with Robinson obviously their biggest target.
  7. gmabel830

    2024 1st round pick #27 is Darius Robinson Edge

    Time will obviously tell, but I would have been inconsolable on draft night had we traded up only to take Robinson over Jared Verse!
  8. gmabel830

    Sweet Tooth (Netflix)

    I tried but couldn't get into season 2
  9. gmabel830

    The Official US Soccer thread

    Nice start boys… ugh!!!
  10. gmabel830

    The Official Brighton and Hove Albion Thread

    Manager search appears not to be the smoothest process for sure.. McKenna was supposed to be the guy, then a Potter return, now the buzz is on a 31 year old who just led a German club to promotion to Bundasliga. Would be the youngest EPL manager ever if appointed.
  11. gmabel830

    David Johnson retires

    One of my best friends was on the board of his foundation, and I went to almost all of their fundraising events. They are good people.
  12. gmabel830

    JJ Reddick

    Every time JJ Reddick comes up, I can't help think about this picture...
  13. gmabel830

    The Official US Soccer thread

    I should clarify that I go out of my way to thank referees after games/as I pass them at the parks and have even apologized to some for yelling after the game, but the few times I let my emotions get the better of me are still a few times too many.
  14. gmabel830

    The Official US Soccer thread

    I try really hard to not get on the refs at my kids' youth soccer games.. even am part of a FB group/watch Youtube videos that show how ridiculous it looks, but unfortunately I at times have my moments when the officiating is really bad. At our tournament in Cali two weekends ago, the ref was...
  15. gmabel830

    Cardinals Get Dadrion Taylor-Demerson Under Contract

    He wasn’t high on my radar prior to the draft (Hicks from Wash St is who I had my eye on at the position), but I am excited for this pick and what he can do.
  16. gmabel830

    Pro Wrestling

    Gable Steveson signing with the Buffalo Bills was definitely not on my bingo card!
  17. gmabel830

    Premier League 2023-2024 Season

    A lot of Seagulls fans don't love it based on how he left for Chelsea and the fact the next guy did even better than he did, but we could definitely do a lot worse!
  18. gmabel830

    Premier League 2023-2024 Season

    McKenna staying at Ipswich, and Potter is now the betting favorite to return to Brighton. Russell Martin (from Brighton and just led Southampton to promotion) has also been in the mix on the betting line since day 1, and Henrik Rydstrom (who led Swedish side Malmo to the domestic title) is an...
  19. gmabel830

    Premier League 2023-2024 Season

    De Zerbi (who left Brighton) is favorite for Chelsea, and McKenna (currently at newly promoted Ipswich) is the favorite for Brighton job - but also in the mix for Chelsea.
  20. gmabel830

    The Official Brighton and Hove Albion Thread

    It is more him wanting to leave and the two just mutually deciding not to have a prolonged cloud hanging over everything after the season. He was frustrated the team didn’t invest more after selling all those players, and the guys they did bring in flopped (Dahoud, Ansu Fati loan) - which...
  21. gmabel830

    THE Newcastle United FC thread

    Correct.. I didn’t realize ManU was actually that low!
  22. gmabel830

    THE Newcastle United FC thread

    Yes 7th gets the Conference League. If Coventry would have beat ManU in the FA Cup Semis and somehow upset City in the finals, then only 5th would have gotten Europa and 6th would have gotten Conference (with Coventry getting the other Europa spot).
  23. gmabel830

    2024 schedule release

    Cards @ Bills week 1 screams one of those “well no one saw that result coming in week 1” games that seem to happen every opening week. I like our chances given their roster turnover.

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