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    Damn a tank

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    I'm sorry!!!!

    Colt must study & watch film.
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    Alright, Let's Win This Thing!

    F&A, get this win!
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    How Do Opposing Beat Writers View The Cardinals in 2020

    Then poop big... Day complete.
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    Cardinals at Seahawks - How is it going to game in Seattle

    Agree, I live in Spokane area too. Flying to Phoenix for a game is fun and less cost for game tickets, compared to Seattle.
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    Report: NFL, Chargers interested in team possibly moving to London

    New England Patriots vs. United Kingdom Redcoats...
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    Rosen back to the bench

    He’s receiving a healthy paycheck, I’m sure he will survive.
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    deuce lutui is vegan

    Vegan... Got Gas? :D
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    Cardinals at Ravens - Official Game Thread

    Please flush the toilet...
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    So, what is it about Zack Randolph?

    He finally grew up.
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    Who will win the west?

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    Cavaliers @ Suns 1/9/11

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    Rackers Hurt!?

    Twisted cherries... Just the thought of that :shocker:
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    Watch online for Suns vs. Knicks?
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    101 things better than Dragic's shot

    90. A scorching case of the clap. :shock:
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    Artest already regrets decision to stay with Kings

    Artest... Such a tool!
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    Grizzlies @Suns 7 PM Tuesday

    Link is back up! Titz on a ritz!
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    Grizzlies @Suns 7 PM Tuesday

    I lost the link too...
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    Games online

    Right on Hawaiiansun, the link works well here! Mahalo cuz!
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    Suns at Pacers Game Thread 7:00et MY45HD

    Nash is the Ballz of the team!
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    Josh Howard is DIRTY

    Very funny clip!
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    Suns fans in other states?

    Grew up in Phoenix but now live in San Diego. Moving to Spokane, Washington this summer. Go Suns!!!
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    The Silent Game

    I usually go to "silent game" when Bill Walton is running his cake hole on the tube.