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  1. Redsz

    Waiting and seeing

    Apologies got mixed up!
  2. Redsz

    Arizona Cardinals Voluntary OTAs week 3. 06/03/24-06/09/24

    Yup and then we will see running the ball becoming prominent again. The NFL is cyclical.
  3. Redsz

    Waiting and seeing

    Agree could take until the middle of the season before the defence fully gels. I just hope the new personnel give us a step change in the level of play before then.
  4. Redsz

    Waiting and seeing

    It will be great to have him back but returning from an ACL injury takes time.
  5. Redsz

    Arizona Cardinals Mandatory Mini Camp Week. 06/10/24-06/16/24

    This. Hopefully the white pants come into the rotation this year now that uniform debut is done.
  6. Redsz

    Arizona Cardinals Voluntary OTAs week 3. 06/03/24-06/09/24

    Great player who isn't recognized enough.
  7. Redsz

    $35.5M in cap space

  8. Redsz

    $35.5M in cap space

    This is true. Micheal Carter certainly showed it with less carries. But just to be clear, I am a big fan of Conner. Dude is a leader and tough as nails.
  9. Redsz

    Arizona Cardinals Voluntary OTAs week 3. 06/03/24-06/09/24

    Now that is an interesting quote! He feels primed for success.
  10. Redsz

    The 2023-24 league year

    Careful, you might get me starting to post pictures of Derek "Scud" Anderson.
  11. Redsz

    Waiting and seeing

    I'm with you K9. Cautiously optimistic for this team. Hope the trend continues.
  12. Redsz

    Arizona Cardinals Voluntary OTAs week 3. 06/03/24-06/09/24

    He looks alot more at ease and reassured of himself. Big change from the SK/KK era where he was quite defensive. It's been a fresh start for him. Hope the positive trend continues.
  13. Redsz

    Murray and Leadership

    Agree. This will be Kylers best chance to succeed in a long time. The team has been built to maximise his abilities and take pressure off of him to win every game with hero ball.
  14. Redsz

    Murray and Leadership

    I have been pleasantly surprised by what Kyler has demonstrated since returning from injury. He seems focused and in tune with the teams coaching staff. He is working his butt off based on sound bites from his team mates, etc. However, while all the vibes are positive so far, that does not...
  15. Redsz Cardinals Projected Starters

    Yeah definitely see edge and cb as our weakest position group. Edge is probably the weakest given the lack of proven players.
  16. Redsz Cardinals Projected Starters

    Wilkinson isn't getting that LG spot IMO. Too much competition.
  17. Redsz

    2024 1st round pick #4 is Marvin Harrison Jr

    I will eat crow on this one. I thought the lack of agent would lead to shinagins. I was wrong and happy about it.
  18. Redsz

    Arizona Cardinals Voluntary OTAs week. 05/20/24-05/26/24

    The switch of PJJ to LT is great from a resource management perspective. It's also great to have Jonah play RT where he had his best season to date.
  19. Redsz

    2023 2nd round #41 pick is BJ Ojulari LB

    Even getting a pretty *mid* season of 8 ish sacks from BJ would be huge for this defense.
  20. Redsz

    2015 3rd round pick is David Johnson RB

    Man, we've had flashes from guys over the years but have never had a consistently great RB.
  21. Redsz

    David Johnson retires

    Was a star for a short period but then faded over time due to injuries and other issues. Enjoy retirement DJ.
  22. Redsz

    Zay Jones to Cardinals

    Great job Cardinals. He probably chose AZ as he thinks he can beat out Wilson or Dortch.
  23. Redsz

    2024 3rd round pick #66 is Trey Benson RB

    Generally 30 is when RBs start to decline. So I think it's a good call by the Cardinals to start considering options for the future.
  24. Redsz

    Week 17 of the Arizona Cardinals off season. 04/29/24-05/05/24

    Kinda like that he will rocking the same number as Anquan Boldin. He's in good company.