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  1. EnglishCardinal

    Sunderland AFC

    the mags have made a few decent signings - i think Butt is a winner and a great addition - PK is ok and played today for you in a friendly against sporting Lisbon and looked well short of match fitness Milner is good and will get better - he is actually the yougest scorer in the Prem lg (he...
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    Sunderland AFC

    for all you soccer lovers the new english season starts next Sat 7th see for details first game is one Sky Sports 1 if any of you can get that over there
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    crowd for Pats game

    what are we looking at? :shrug: i know that season tixs are meant to be up a few thousand but what are we expecting for this one?
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    Allow myself to introduce… myself.

    hello mate a pint of Stella and ham & peas pudding stottie cheers
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    In ten years, which league will be more successful, NFLE or MLS?

    ihave p[ostedmy views about the US football (round) team in the past and as to NFLE i hope thati stays around as even though most of the US thinks it awful and to be honest compared to NFL it is!! but its the closest most of us get to the real thing on a regular basis so its got to be a good...
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    Kendal's Cards!(It's a Girl!)

    nice one mate
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    Stadium Update- Roof to be installed soon

    anyone got any recent pictures of the stadium?
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    Home Opener-No Excuses

    what time are the flights from England then :wave:
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    Do you let your girlfriends/Wife watch Cardinals games with you??

    i would love to, if it meant i could ever see a game! though the odd time i have taken my wife to watch Sunderland (soccer) i aint been too bad - though she has no idea whats going on
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    Just can not wait for the season to start

    its only 2 months and 6 days until Vikes preseason i know its early but i just cant wait - the kick offs are much better this year too, it means im not up all night trying to finding dodgy vegas internet radio broadcasts last year i though we might do something but this year its a whole...
  11. EnglishCardinal

    how much will freddie jones be used next year ?

    what with Green telling him to prove himself and lots of three WR sets ?
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    Jets new stadium plans

    2 things is it being built as part of olympic bid and they get it second hand (ie does it depend on NY getting olympics)? whats the capacity ?
  13. EnglishCardinal

    Shipp in my FF

    it keep thing ticking over till the season starts on the NFLUK board - this ones just a freindly one between 10 of us do you have one on here - or is that a stupid question (if so count me in)
  14. EnglishCardinal

    Shipp in my FF

    him or Eddie George (errrr) or Boston is left on the WR's board :hulk:
  15. EnglishCardinal

    Shipp in my FF

    i am doing Fantasy Football and need 4 RB's and thought about taking Shipp worth the risk - what do you think ?? its the lack of TD's that is the concern !
  16. EnglishCardinal

    Cards to be on receiving end of TD's with class

    anyone have a picture of Boldin and Fitz standing together ?
  17. EnglishCardinal

    I just found out that I won the giveaway, the Pete Kendall jersey

    nice one mate :thumbup: though i am sure i win every month but they cant afford to send jersy/helmet to England ;)
  18. EnglishCardinal

    Forget a 3-WR set....

    going back to Shipp - do you not think he will be a better player next year for having a half season as a starter and a year working with Smith, add this to better calling and improved OL that we all hope we will see this year it could be good for the Tug Boat.......if hes fit !
  19. EnglishCardinal

    is Starks fit ?

    i noticed he was not training on Tuesday - any ideas how far off he is ?
  20. EnglishCardinal

    Jersey Sales at Cards on line store

    and ideal for washing the car with !
  21. EnglishCardinal

    Jersey Sales at Cards on line store

    either way its bad - my brother like the Raiders and although this is one of the few jerseys you can get in England (thanks to Mr J Rice) i looked at here web site to get him something for xmas and they had about 10 named jeresys on there !!!! I post on nfluk website over here and the amount...
  22. EnglishCardinal

    Jersey Sales at Cards on line store

    just looking at the cards shop and still no #81 when will they pull their fingers out their arses and sell some gear that people actualy want (#16 is still being sold), i look forward to the Fitz shirts coming out in 2007 to be fair i have #22 Smith at the moment and it cost me about £65...
  23. EnglishCardinal

    Kerry Collins to Arizona?

    im up for it !!! every team should have 5 QB's :( in fact bring back Blake and let him start (just as long as the other 5 play OL :) )