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  1. goldseraph

    NBA Assist Leader Nash and Suns against Kings Game Thread

    i guess we might as well tank now, playoffs are not happening. its a shame cause we'd get a very banged up spurs team in the first round and I think that series could be winnable. Why can't life be like the NBA 2k11 franchise I started today. In this offseason, a team offered me the #7 pick for...
  2. goldseraph

    Suns at Lakers 3-22-11

    Amazing that a few of you guys would tank the rest of the way to get a teens pick instead of 20s, rather than sneak into the playoffs and play the Spurs WHO WE SWEPT LAST YEAR. Obviously we aren't as good as last year, but Duncan is hurt now and Parker/Ginobili could easily get hurt too as...
  3. goldseraph

    Suns at Lakers 3-22-11

    way to set the bar high :lame:
  4. goldseraph

    Suns at Lakers 3-22-11

    oh yea the Suns got almost zero calls as usual. that one three where Gasol came out to contest, he basically high-fived Nash - no call. Frye and other got roughed up on jumpers as well, but the refs couldn't find a whistle.
  5. goldseraph

    Suns at Lakers 3-22-11

    I haven't posted in a year or so, came back just to express how much I hate Vince Carter. Why do they ever put that piece of excrement in the game. Once every 3 months he hits a clutch shot, and comes up empty every other time. Dude is done in this league, a role player at best. How is Pietrus...
  6. goldseraph

    LB and TPE for Turk and Childress

    I'm loving this move! Barbosa has some skills but never developed into a playmaker or good defender. He also doesn't seem to have the killer instinct I'd like in a primarily scoring player. I am from Orlando and was a fan of Turk when he played here. I ran into him actually on Mother's day...
  7. goldseraph

    Is it time to blow up the team?

    i think we should give it one year with Nash and the new pieces, if we are out in first round or miss the playoffs, its definitely time to shed the old players and rebuild.
  8. goldseraph

    Stoudemire agrees to five-year deal with Knicks

    what makes you guys think we can/will get David Lee?
  9. goldseraph

    Stoudemire agrees to five-year deal with Knicks

    Im kinda sad, been a big fan of Amare since we drafted him. He was so exciting the first season or two, I loved his ferocity and manchildness. I thought (wrongly) he would become a great defender and shot blocker in addition to his scoring. Thanks for the great years Amare, we gotta be happy...
  10. goldseraph

    Twin Towers - Amare and Robin

    22-32 FG, 18-22 FT, 62 PTS, 2 TO. If we could get this kind of strong inside game the rest of the series and Frye starts hitting, we could become dangerous..
  11. goldseraph

    Who do you want to face in the 1st round??

    Sorry about that by the time I realized it I could no longer edit. I meant the poll question to be who would you like to play in the first round.
  12. goldseraph

    Who do you want to face in the 1st round??

    Obviously the best scenario now is beating the Nuggets and Jazz, taking the 3rd seed vs 6th seed Portland who are going to be without Brandon Roy!
  13. goldseraph

    Who do you want to face in the 1st round??

    I personally would like to face the Thunder or Mavs, I think the Jazz, Spurs, and Nuggets would give us more problems with their defense.
  14. goldseraph

    Suns @ Trail Blazers Game Thread

    Too bad Dragic can't make a layup and we can't get a rebound on Bayless' last miss, if we do either we likely win.
  15. goldseraph

    How to watch Suns - Mavs online?

    how can Suns-Spurs not be on tv tonight.. ugh! if anyone finds a good link with english commentators I'll name my first son after you
  16. goldseraph

    How to watch Suns - Mavs online?

    ugh the connections are either very laggy and/or in chinese thanks tho
  17. goldseraph

    How to watch Suns - Mavs online?

    Hey guys, I really wish this game was on tv but alas NBA TV brilliantly has decided to show the Grizzlies - Cavs game. Does anyone have a link for where to watch this online?
  18. goldseraph

    Shaq doing more good
  19. goldseraph

    Suns #1? Wow

    If we beat the Lakers tonight I am officially on the bandwagon :)
  20. goldseraph

    Goran Dragic has arrived

    He's a decent backup, that's it. He definitely seems more confident this year which is good, but I hope he's not our PG of the future.
  21. goldseraph

    OT - Hornets to Fire Scott

    Not a fan of this move. It's funny to me how coach of the years in the NBA usually are fired a year or two later. Carlisle, Doc Rivers, now Scott have all been bounced soon after winning COY - I guess they suddenly can't coach anymore? The reality is that the front office often screws things up...
  22. goldseraph

    Not Enough Firepower!

    november games != playoff race/postseason games unfortunately
  23. goldseraph

    Not Enough Firepower!

    how many times do I have to say it had nothing to do with the loss to the Magic overall, it just was a game that exemplified how bigger, deeper, defensive teams are going to handle us easily when it counts, and that our roster is not really built to contend in any kind of slow it down defensive...
  24. goldseraph

    Excellent Appraisal of Current Suns Roster

    Would trade him in a heartbeat for any of those obviously. Maybe even for Ty Lawson or Jeff Teague.
  25. goldseraph

    Not Enough Firepower!

    yes in the long run it is pretty meaningless. ie we are a one and done or non-playoff team win or lose that game. RE: Brewer sucking - he had 13 pts, 3 rebs, 3 assists, 2 stls, 1 blck, and 2 3-pointers made last night in a game where the team only scored 72. He's averaging 13 pts, 5 rebs, 3...