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  1. Cardinal Bob

    Would you trade Murray for Prescott straight up?

    I'd do it tomorrow...unless there's still time to get it done today!
  2. Cardinal Bob

    OT:Rams Aaron Donald Announces Retirement.

    Next stop, Canton. To quote another poster, "I'm not sad about this" either. :D
  3. Cardinal Bob

    CBS Projecting Murray Trade

    PLease let his be true....please, please, please, please, please!!!!!
  4. Cardinal Bob

    New Uniforms for the Cardinals

    The whites totally look like Ohio State...hate 'em. Bring back the bird on the sleeve & lose the OSU silver, dagnabbit!
  5. Cardinal Bob

    Cardinals at Browns gameday thread 11-5-23

    Yeah he will! :eek:
  6. Cardinal Bob

    Cardinals Superbowl Odds 400-1

    Save yourself the time & just light a $20 bill on fire. Same result.
  7. Cardinal Bob

    NFL Sunday Ticket

    This is the best way to watch a game...and I was hoping I'd still be able to do this. Thanks to DCR & Diverdan for the helpful info!
  8. Cardinal Bob

    NFL Sunday Ticket

    Yes you can.
  9. Cardinal Bob

    NFL Sunday Ticket

    I bought the Sunday Ticket on YouTubeTV. I am not a YouTube Tv subscriber, and do not even have a smart TV (we hook a laptop to the TV with an HDMI cable). I haven't tried to figure out how it's going to work yet, & I am a moronic dinosaur when it comes to tech stuff. I got 3 weeks to figure...
  10. Cardinal Bob

    Commanders sold for $6 Billion Dollars

    ...and that loud noise we're all hearing is millions of 'Skins fans in the DMV rejoicing that Danny Boy is gone-zo!...loudly singling "ding dong, the witch is dead, the witch is dead, the witch is dead...ding dong the wicked witch is dead!!!
  11. Cardinal Bob

    2023 Arizona Cardinals Schedule

    Ya' know, the whole lips to God's ears thing... :stick::stick::stick:
  12. Cardinal Bob

    Your Day 1 Cardinals grade?

    I think he did pretty arguably the highest rated OL, moved up one spot in the 2nd, and most importantly picked up a 1st & 3rd from Houston next year. Let's hope Stroud struggles, the Texans flounder, go 6-11 or 5-12, and that 1st rounder is a Top-10 pick...which will pair nicely...
  13. Cardinal Bob

    Schefter Pranking Bar Stool with Lamar Jackson to Washington

    Are you kidding? He'd be playing 45 mins down the road from Baw-more, with the chance to stick it in their face every week playing with a pretty good crop of WRs, for a coach that players seem to love...and if Bienemy is what Reid says he is, Lamar will have a LOT of opportunities to show the...
  14. Cardinal Bob

    Jalen Carter: Arrest Warrant & Implicated in Fatal UGA Car Accident

    If Anderson goes #1, and Houston takes a QB at #2, I'd still take Carter at #3. At present, the charges are misdemeanors. Unless they are upgraded for some reason we don't know yet, he's gonna pay a fine...probably lose his license for a while, but I doubt he gets any jail time. And like...
  15. Cardinal Bob

    XFL returns - Will you watch?

  16. Cardinal Bob

    The Way Too Early 2023 Season Predictions Thread

    Murray misses more than 10 games & we're picking top 5 again next year.
  17. Cardinal Bob

    Is Kyler the one?

    In a word, 'NO' :confused:
  18. Cardinal Bob

    MNF: Damar Hamlin

    Meanwhile, hundreds if not thousands of Fantasy Football championship games sit in limbo, as frustrated owners counting on Bills and/or Bengals players, wait to see if the game is resumed... Not that THAT really matters...just sayin'
  19. Cardinal Bob

    Seriously, Wouldn't Kyler bring at Least a 1st R Pick

    The contract extension makes him any team, IMO.
  20. Cardinal Bob

    Murray (likely) injured on last play

    I think he just knew it was the last play of the game & he was p**sed....
  21. Cardinal Bob

    Film study

    100% Stout! And if he fails, the Kyler apologists on this board - and we all know who they are - will still blame the OL, the WRs, KK, Keim, the rest of the FO, Mike B, the defense, the weather, the ball boys, the cheerleaders, the parking lot attendants, etc, etc, etc. Who won't they blame...